Dr. Carol Byrne: A Series on the History of the Dialogue Mass
Incidentally, Fr. Paul Robinson recommends the "dialogue Mass" and thinks it was a great development, and he's positive about the whole "liturgical movement" in general. There's an early episode of the "podcast" in the days when it was audio only, with "Andrew" (whoever he is) interviewing Fr. Robinson, in the days when the latter was still a seminary professor in Australia. The question was about the Pius XII holy week, if I recall.


There is of course a lot more that could be said about Pius XI and what a bad Pope he was in many ways. 

Dr. Byrne is quite right, but it goes far beyond just the liturgical movement. 

Pius XI had a fixation on the idea of "democracy" which seems to have completely warped his thinking, to the point where we find him supporting the League of Nations in the 1920s, sending a personal note of congratulations to the Second Spanish Republic at the start of the 1930s (he wasn't quite so fast in recognising Franco once the Spanish Civil War had started and it was clear that the Republic's days were numbered); the betrayal of the Cristeros in Mexico; the scandalous condemnation of Charles Maurras and the French movement Action Franciase... and more. And related to all of which, his general promotion of what he called "Christian Democracy" at the expense of monarchist movements, and the undermining of Catholic Action with his confused (and basically false teaching) that Catholic Action was the work of the clergy in which the laity participate, instead of it being the work of the laity in which the clergy participate - which in effect neutered the political clout of Catholics and turned Catholic Action from being about laws, politics, shaping the society in which we live... to being a matter of helping to clean the parish church every second Saturday of the month, or helping to do the flowers for the altar, or learning to serve Mass. All great things, but not Catholic Action. 

Pius XI has a lot to answer for - Vatican II didn't just spring out of nowhere!

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