To Jesus carrying His Cross - Devotion to the Passion
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To Jesus carrying His Cross.

Jesus goeth before us, as our Captain, with His cross; under this standard
we must follow Him, each bearing his own cross.

                                                                                                    (Taken from St. Alphonsus’ Prayer-Book – pages 449-450)

    My Jesus, since God has burdened Thee with all the sins of men, my sins, alas! Have added to the weight of the cross that Thou didst bear to Calvary.  Ah, my sweetest Saviour, Thou didst even then foresee all the wrongs that I should do Thee; yet Thou didst not cease to love me, or to prepare for me all mercies that Thou hast since employed towards me.  If, then, I, a most vile and ungrateful sinner who has so much offended Thee, am dear to Thee, it is but just hat Thou shouldst be dear to me, -- Thou, my God, Who art infinite in beauty and goodness, and Who hast loved me so much.  Ah, would that I had never displeased Thee!  Now, my Jesus, do I know the wrong that I have done Thee.  O ye accursed sins of mine, what have you done?  You have caused me to sadden the loving heart of my Redeemer.  Thou dost go before me with Thy cross, innocent as Thou art, and dost invite me to follow Thee with mine; go forward, then, for I will not abandon Thee.  If, in time past, I have abandoned Thee, I confess that I have done wrong.  Give me now whatever cross Thou wilt, and, whatsoever it may be, I will embrace it and accompany Thee with it even unto death: “Let us go forth from the camp, bearing His reproach.”  And how O Lord, how can it be possible for us not to love sufferings and shame out of love fore Thee, since Thou didst love them so well for our salvation?  But since Thou dost invite us to follow Thee, it is our wish to follow Thee and to die with Thee: give us only the strength to carry out our desire.  This strength we ask of Thee and hope for by Thy merits.  I love Thee, O my Jesus, I love Thee with all my soul, and I will never abandon Thee more; too long have I gone astray from Thee.  Bind me now to Thy cross.  If I have despised Thy love, I repent of it with all my heart; and I now prize it above every good.  Help me, O my Jesus, to be ever making acts of love towards Thee, and to depart out of this life while making an act of love, that so I may arrive at loving.  Thee without imperfection and without interruption, and with all my powers, to all eternity, O Mother of God, pray for me.  Amen.

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