To Jesus being scourged - Devotion to the Passion
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To Jesus being scourged

“Ah! Let us love this divine Bridegroom of our souls,” says the loving St. Augustine, “and the more He is disfigured by suffering, the more sweet and precious let Him seem to us.”

(Taken from St. Alphonsus’ Paryer-Book – pages 447-448)

    Yes, my sweet Saviour, I see Thee all covered with wounds; I look into Thy beautiful face; but, O my God, it  no longer wears its beautiful appearance, but is disfigured and blackened with blood, and bruises, and shameful spittings:  “There is no beauty in Him, nor comeliness; and we he held Him, and esteemed Him not” (Isa. Liii 2).  But the more I see Thee so disfigured, O my Lord, the more beautiful and lovely dost Thou appear to me.  And what are these disfigurements that I behold but signs of the tenderness of that love which Thou dost bear towards me?  I love Thee, my Jesus, thus wounded and torn to pieces for me; would that I too could see myself torn to pieces for Thee, like so many martyrs whose portion this has been!  But if I cannot offer Thee wounds and blood, I offer Thee at least all the pains which it will be my lot to suffer.  I offer Thee my heart; with this I desire to love Thee more tenderly even than I am really able.  And who is there that my soul should love more tenderly than a God, Who has endured scourging and been drained of His blood for me?  I love Thee, O God of love!  I love Thee, O Infinite Goodness!  I love Thee, O my Love, my All!  I love Thee, and I will never cease to say, both in this life and in the other, I love Thee, I love Thee, I love Thee. Amen.

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