Devotions and Charity towards the Holy Souls.
To help the Holy Souls in Purgatory:  
1. Have Masses offered for them.
 2. Pray the Rosary and and the Chaplet for the Holy Souls.
 3. Pray the Stations of the Cross.
 4. Offer up little sacrifices and fast.
 5. Spread devotion to them.
 6. Attend Eucharistic Adoration and pray for them.
 7. Gain all the indulgences you can, and apply them to the Holy Souls.Visit to a Cemetery   (Coemeterii visitatio)   An indulgence, applicable only to the Souls in Purgatory, is granted to the faithful, who devoutly visit a cemetery and pray, even if only mentally, for the departed. The indulgence is plenary each day from the 1st to the 8th of November; on other days of the year it is partial.

The Suffering of the Sick Man and Purgatory. . 
Saint Anthony tells the story of a sick person who suffered so atrociously that he considered it beyond human nature and thus continually prayed for death. 
One day, an angel appeared to him and said, "God sent me here to offer you a choice. 
You can spend one year of suffering on earth, or one day in Purgatory." 
Choosing the latter, he died and went to Purgatory. . When the angel went to console him, he was greeted with this groan of pain, "Deceitful angel! 
At least twenty years ago, you said that I would spend only one day in Purgatory . . . My God, how I suffer!" . 
To this the Angel responded, "Poor deluded soul, your body is not even buried yet."

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