Prayer in Honor to the Precious Blood - Devotion to the Passion
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Prayer in Honor to the Precious Blood

(Taken from St. Alphonsus’ Prayer-Book – pages 453)

    So, then my Jesus, in order to save my soul, Thou hast prepared a bath of Thine own Blood wherein to cleanse it from the filth of its sins.  If, then, our souls have been bought by Thy Blood, “For you are bought with a great price” (I Cor. Vi. 20), it is a sign that Thou lovest them much; and as Thou dost love them, let us pray thus to Thee:  “We therefore pray Thee to help thy servants, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy precious Blood.”  It is true that by my sins I have separated myself form Thee, and have knowingly lost Thee.  But remember, my Jesus, that Thou hast bought me with Thy Blood.  Ah, may this Blood not have been given in vain for me, which was shed with so much grief and so much love.  Amen.

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