Devotion to the Passion - To Jesus dead on the Cross

To Jesus dead on the Cross.
Had He not loved me He would not have died for me!

(Taken from St. Alphonsus’ Prayer-Book – pages 451-452)

O Saviour of the world, O my Jesus, behold to what Thy love for men has at length reduced Thee! I thank Thee that Thou hast been willing, Thou, Our God, to lose Thy life that we might not lose our souls. I thank Thee for all men, but especially for myself. And who is there more than I that Has reaped the fruits of Thy death! I through Thy merits, without even so much as knowing it, was, by baptism, made a child of the Church; through Thy love my sins have been often forgiven, and I have received many special graces; through Thee I have the hope of dying in the grace of God, and of loving Thee eternally in paradise.

O my beloved Redeemer, what gratitude do I not owe Thee! Into Thy pierced hands I commend my poor soul. Make me well understand the excess of that love which made God die for me: would that I could die for Thee! But what would the death of a wicked slave weigh against the death of his Lord and God? Would that I could, at least, love Thee with my whole heart; but without Thy help, O my Jesus, I can do nothing. Oh, help me! And, through the merits of Thy death, make me die to all earthly affections, that so I may love Thee only, Who dost deserve all my love. I love Thee, O infinite Goodness. I love Thee, my chief Good. O Mary, my Mother, intercede for me. Amen.

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