My Daily Bread


Man's Greatest Treasure

MY CHILD, only in Me will you find what is best and most precious for you. God is far
greater and better than all things created. I am the Most High. No one else is all-powerful.
God alone is perfectly charming and full of consolation. In Me you will find perfect beauty
and all-satisfying love. Most noble and most glorious above all things is the Maker of all.
2. Beg often for the grace to find your joy in Me above all things created; above health or
beauty; above glory and honor; above power and dignity; above all knowledge and
cleverness; above all praise and admiration; above all arts and enjoyments; above all
material comforts and wealth; above all hopes and promises; above all human consolation
and appreciation. Treasure Me more than the gifts and rewards which I bestow on men. In
Me you will find more than in everything else.

3. Whatever I give, whatever is not God, is too little and insufficient for you. I made you
for Myself, the Perfect Good. Your heart will not find true rest until it rests in Me, the
Perfect Giver and the Perfect Gift.

No matter what I like or love, unless it is God Himself, it can never give me the perfect
happiness which my soul desires. So many who reached earthly success, finally took their
own life. Why? Because they came to realize that nothing on earth could give them the
happiness which they wanted. They should have turned at last to God, but they had
forgotten Him in their foolish quest for earthly joy.

Dear Lord, I cannot live for a joy that is doomed to fade away. Though I hope for a
reasonable joy on earth, I shall never turn my back on You by sin. Earth's good things only
reflect Your beauty, Your goodness and Your power. I will never abandon the Glorious
Reality for the sake of Its reflection. When I am tempted to sin for some earthly attractions,
give me the grace to remember Your goodness, greatness and love. Amen.

The Way of Purification



YOU MUST BE deeply impressed by the fact of your great weakness, your complete
dependence on God, your blind selfishness, your need of frequently renewing your good
resolutions and of daily expressing sorrow for your sins. Do not be afraid to face the truth:
you must die and must receive a just sentence to either Heaven or hell. Far from being
depressed, you should be determined to cooperate with the all-loving God, Who desires to
show you the way to a holy life on earth, and a perfect, all-satisfying life in Heaven.
Having seen your complete need of God, and of His loving attention and generosity, try to
realize that He deserves the best love and loyalty which you can offer Him. How can you
please Him more in your daily life? Part of this question is answered in this section.



Beginning a New Life

MY CHILD, do not lose the hope of making spiritual progress. You still have time. Your
chance is not over yet. Why put off your good intentions until tomorrow? Now is the time
for action I Begin this very moment! Here is your opportunity to make a new start. Begin
your new life with the help of My grace.

2. Always keep a steady hope of achieving success. Do not let your failures discourage
you. Beware also of over-confidence, so that you may not become a victim of pride or

3. Whenever you have to omit your prayers or some daily spiritual exercise, because of
some urgent duty or for the sake of your neighbor, try to make up later what was omitted.
Do not be too ready to omit spiritual exercises because of weariness. This can easily
become a habit which will hurt you.

It is easy enough to start again. All I have to do is: (1) to examine my life, (2) face what
needs to be done, (3) pray for strength, and (4) start doing it. I may fail on this occasion or
that, but the main thing is that I have begun and am determined to go on trying in spite of
any failures which may occur.

Lord, now I begin I Help me to live as You desire. If it is your will, I can do it. If You want
this of me, I ought to do it. Let me not be a coward and run away from Your Will. You
know what is right and best. I must begin now. Lord, help me. I do not expect to become a
different person overnight. just as my faults developed slowly over a period, so too will the
opposite virtues grow within me. I will not be discouraged when my old faults catch me by
surprise. My love for You will be proved by action, that is, by a steady, patient effort to get
rid of my faults and to practice the opposite virtue. Now I begin I Amen.



Holiness in Everyday Life

MY CHILD, at times you hear people say that they are too busy to bother with religion.
People who say such things do not understand Me, nor themselves, nor their daily life.
They do not realize that religion is as necessary an activity as eating, sleeping and working.

2. I am far more than the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the rest which brings you
renewed strength. All of these things, and everything else, come to you- from My hand.
Without My loving support each moment, these things would fail you, and you yourself
would vanish from the face of the earth.

3. I am the center of your existence. You depend on Me more than you dream. just as you
give due attention to the people who come into your daily life, so too is it normal for you to
give due attention to Me. To speak to Me, to try to please Me, to ask for My help, to
express sorrow for your offenses, and to love Me for My goodness-these are normal acts
for any intelligent human being. The more I show Myself to him, the more should he strive
to please Me in his everyday life.

4. Religion is the bond which unites you to Me. To neglect it is as foolish as refusing to
breathe, or eat, or rest. In fact, it is worse. These other things keep your body alive, but
religion is necessary for the eternal life of your soul.

5. The man who neglects this part of his life is abnormal, that is, he is not what he ought to
be. He is neglecting something which is natural and normal for him, something which
perfects him more than he realizes.

6. There is no real opposition between laboring for your earthly needs, and laboring for
Heaven. You have to work each day, but this work can be a glorious prayer. You must eat,
work, sleep, and have recreation, but all of these can become holy actions, actions done for
eternal life.

7. Whatever you do, do it as I want it done, and you will be doing it as perfectly as
possible. Be reasonable in whatever you do, or say, or think. Refuse to violate My
commandments, regardless of any earthly advantage or disadvantage. I made the things of
this life for you, so that you may perfect yourself by using them intelligently. Let My
words and example guide you in whatever you do. In doubt consult My Church. Do this
and you will be working for success on earth and an all-satisfying glory in Heaven.

Once I get a full view of this earthly life, I will see how all-important a part God plays in it.
Instead of living for the moment or for the next few years, I'll live for my highest and most
important goal. I will see the unending importance of what I am doing today, I will
understand how each act of this day helps me become a little more perfect, a little more
ready for Heaven. Only sin is foolish. Only sin is bad. All else is good and pleasing to God,
because it helps me in one way or another.

My Father in Heaven, I desire to make the best use of this earthly life of mine. I want to
live as full a life as possible. Therefore, in everything I think, do, or say, I want You to be
my Partner. Since You support me in all my thinking, speaking and acting, I want to please
You in them. By living this way, I will be following Your wisdom and my own highest
good. I now join this daily life of mine to the earthly life of Jesus, Your divine Son. With
His example and with the strength of His holy sacraments, I hope to please You every
moment. Thus, my daily life will be my best preparation for eternal life. Amen.


Closer Friendship with God

MY CHILD, I have said that the Kingdom of God is within you. Turn to Me with your
whole heart. Do not think too much of this world, and your soul will find rest in Me. Do
not let this earthly life take all of your attention. Think often of Me and of My Will in your
life. Then you will become more conscious of My presence within your soul. I bring you
the gifts of peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. These gifts are not given to those who pay too
much attention to this earthly life.

2. One who loves Me and lives My truth, is a supernatural person. By My grace he
becomes free from sinful and dangerous desires. He can freely turn to Me. He is able to rise
above the visible world around him and enjoy My friendship.

3. As iron, cast into the fire, loses its rust and becomes bright with the flame, so too a man
who turns his whole heart to Me, is purified of all sluggishness and changed into a new

If I take this step and concentrate more on God's place in my daily life, I shall find the
peace of Christ. Earthly worries and distractions become small in the presence of God. The
more I am impressed by Him, the less shall I be impressed by everything else.

My God, I want to be deeply impressed by You and Your holy Will in my daily life. Teach
me to live this life of mine in Your presence, sharing with You my thoughts, desires, and
every activity throughout the day. Let me recognize and follow Your Will as it comes to
me through people and events in my daily life. Amen.



Man's Interior Conflict

MY CHILD, when I created the first man and woman, I gave them many gifts to make
their earthly life as easy and peaceful as possible. They were free from pain, labor,
sickness, and death. They immediately knew the answers to whatever problems came
along. They had complete command over the appetites and desires of body and soul. Over
and above these gifts, they were given grace to live a supernatural life. Dwelling within
their souls, I gave more than natural light to their minds, and more than natural strength to
their wills.

2. None of these gifts really belonged to human beings. I added them over and above the
gift of human life along with the natural human powers of body and soul. At any time I
could take away these extra gifts, and man would still have all that naturally belonged to
him. I left it up to Adam to decide whether he and his children were to keep these extra
gifts forever. As the representative of the human race, Adam was to make one intelligent
and free act, an act of obedience to My Will. By this act he would be acknowledging the
supreme truth of his existence-that he is a creature completely dependent on Me, his

3. In disobeying My command in the Garden of Eden, Adam refused to acknowledge the
supreme truth. The external act of eating the fruit was a small act, but the interior rebellion
against My Will was a serious matter. Adam wanted to be equal to Me, as the rebel angels
did in Paradise. As a result of Adam's disobedience, I took away My extra gifts. Man was
left without the aid of My extra gifts, except that he might still obtain grace to earn Heaven.

4. Man now has to bear an inner conflict, a conflict quite natural to him. His animal
appetites now go after their wants without regard for his better judgment and free will.
Even when man wishes to follow his intelligence and strive after better things, he has to
fight for control of his unreasoning appetites and blind desires. He no longer has infused
knowledge, but must learn the answers to his daily problems by labor and experience.
5. So often this interior conflict brings confusion to the mind and indecision to the will. Yet
man's natural reason is still able to judge good and evil, still able to distinguish truth from
falsehood. To save you from all serious doubts, I have given you My Church to guide your
mind and strengthen your will.

6. As long as you have a human body on earth, you cannot be entirely free from venial sins,
nor can you live without some sorrow and weariness. Yet you must do your best with
patience and determination, regardless of failures. All too soon this present state of disorder
will pass away. Then will your earthly life melt away into the perfect life which I have
promised to those who keep My commandments. Adam passed on to his descendants the
human nature which he himself possessed-a nature that was weakened by his disobedience.
A large part of man's weakness ties in this, that after the Fall, man's animal nature retained
its normal strength and appetites, but was no longer under the perfect control of man's
higher power of reason and freewill. God, however, made up for this weakness by giving
us His grace. By the use of God's grace, man can avoid fully deliberate sins, and thus
become once more the master of his life.

My God, I am glad to have Your law guide me through life. With Your help, I want to
correct the evil in my life and avoid, as far as possible, those temptations which will face
me in the future. True, I often follow the law of sin, obeying my feelings instead of my
reason. I -ant what is good, but I do not always know how to achieve it. Time and again, I
make good resolution, but in my weakness I quickly fall back and give up after a feeble
resistance. At times, I know what I should be doing, but I simply fail to rise up and do it.
With Your help I shall begin to act I want to do all I can to live a life of loyalty to Your
holy Will. Amen.



Man's Lower Nature

MY CHILD, unless You learn to control your feelings, You will always find it hard to obey
those who have authority over you. Your feelings do not reason. They simply turn away
from what is unpleasant, be it right or wrong. Feelings can be calmed in some degree by an
intelligent outlook. Still, you will never have a more troublesome and dangerous enemy
than your own unreasoning feelings and blind desires.

2. By Prayer and meditation you will acquire a grander outlook on life. You will see the
unreasonableness and mean selfishness of your feelings and moods. I will show you the
glorious goal which I have set for you. When you have grasped the higher purpose of your
earthly life, you will acquire a holy contempt for whatever opposes that purpose. This
heavenly knowledge and eternal goal will bring unity and order into your life. You will
then find it easier to guide your lower nature according to My Will.

3. At times you will have to use stubborn resistance and even violence against the
unreasoning tendencies within you. Sometimes you need to disregard your likes and
dislikes, and follow your better judgment. With My truth to guide you and My sacraments
to strengthen you, you cannot fail in this daily combat for Heaven.

An obedient horse can help man in his daily tasks, but a stubborn mule can do more harm
than good. So is it with man's own nature. His reason and will, strengthened by grace, must
guide his unreasoning appetites and desires to right action. A good life is one which
follows God's law. Only God's Will can lead me to Heaven.

Lord Jesus, I hope to follow You each day of my life. With Your help, I hope to have
strength to be firm against my blind tendencies and desires. You are my King and Leader.
Make me a loyal follower. I desire and hope to live the kind of life which You desire of
me. Grant me Your grace. You have shown me how great it is and how necessary for
salvation. Grant it to me so that I may overcome this weak nature of mine, which draws me
on toward sin and eternal death. In my flesh, I feel the law of sin contradicting the law of
my mind, and in many things making me a slave of my feelings. I can not resist these
feelings unless You help me, by pouring into my heart the grace of ardent loyalty to You. I
am in continual need of grace to overcome this nature which, from its youth, always tends
to evil. I hope in Your help. Amen.


The Honest Admissions of One's Defects

MY CHILD, let my infinite wisdom teach you what is best for you in your daily conduct
on earth. Think of your sins with great displeasure and sorrow. Never consider yourself big
because of your good works. The simple truth is that you are a sinner. Too often your
actions are controlled by emotions or feelings rather than intelligence and grace.

2. If I leave you to yourself, you tend to what is wrong and fall into sin. You are easily
overcome by selfishness. Your self-control falls apart in a short time. You are much weaker
than you think. You have little reason to take pride in yourself and many reasons for
humbling yourself.

3. Fear nothing so much as your disorderly tendencies and your sins. Run from them more
than from anything else. They should displease you more than any other trouble. Be afraid
of My judgment and fear the anger of the Almighty. Do not presume to criticize the works
of the Most High. Look to your faults. Consider the wrong you have done and the good you
have neglected.

4. Be angry with yourself, and do not let pride control you in anything. Foolish heart, what
have you to complain about? Can you not accept the trials which come to you, when you
have so often offended Me and deserved hell? My love has spared you. Still, you must be
honest with yourself. Face the truth about yourself and be patient with your defects and

God loves an honest man. Why should it be so hard to admit what I am? If I hide the truth
from myself, how can I ever become pleasing to God? I need not become depressed and
discouraged as I look at my many faults. All that God expects of me is that I begin today to
fight against them. Being a sinner is not the worst thing. The worst thing is to remain a
sinner. God loves the repentant sinner, that is, one who detests his sins and makes an
honest effort to be rid of his faults.

Dear merciful God, at last I understand. I will no longer become paralyzed with sadness or
discouragement, over my faults. I shall do what You desire of me. I will prove my genuine
sorrow for my sins by fighting against them in my daily life. Show me which fault
displeases You most, and I will at once begin a campaign against it. I may never get rid of
it, Lord, but at least I can keep on trying each day. I cannot offer You much in my life, but
this honest daily effort against my main faults I can offer as a proof that I am truly sorry for
offending You. Amen.



The Predominant Fault

MY CHILD, I give strength to those who make an honest effort in fighting against their
faults. The harder they try, the more will they advance in virtue. The self-control which I
give is a man's greatest glory because he approaches closer to My perfection.

2. No two men have the same combination of faults, nor have they the same amount of
grace. I give more grace to those who make good use of what they have already received.

3. As you make progress against your main fault, you will find your other faults easier to
control. Once you are the master of your heart, you will be the master of your life. Your
intelligence will be guided by My grace and your will, will follow My wise and holy law.

4. Begin at last! Attack first your most frequent fault. When you fall back into that fault,
instead of becoming sad and discouraged, prove your sorrow by beginning again. You will
find selfishness at the bottom of every fault. Your feelings will rebel, but you must fix your
eyes on Me, and let your will stand firm on My law.

5. Prayer, penance, and My sacraments will help you to see Me near, and will give you the
strength to follow My Will.

Every man has a predominant fault, that is, an outstanding one, because of which he
commits most of the sins in his daily life. Conquering that fault means overcoming many
different sins. This fault will not die easily, but a sincere and continued effort will weaken
it more and more. Our Lord will not let me fight in vain. He will give me strength to make
true progress against this fault. I need only to continue trying, doing whatever is necessary
to overcome this fault.

Lord, make me wise in using the means which You have provided for my spiritual victory.
Let me never become careless or lazy in following the guidance of Your Church, nor in
frequently using Your sacraments. The victory of this daily battle will bring me eternal
glory in the wonderful life of Heaven. The reward which You have prepared is far greater
than my effort can ever deserve of itself. Let me never become tired of fighting for Heaven.


Necessary Care of Oneself

MY CHILD, everyone must take a reasonable care of himself. In time of temptation arouse
yourself, warn yourself, guard yourself and avoid idleness. No matter how much you do for
others, do not neglect yourself altogether. Beware of too much talking. Whenever possible,
try to be alone with Me. Take advantage of My presence. Every moment of your life is
lived in My presence. You possess Him Whom the whole world cannot take from you. I am
worth more than everything else put together.

2. If you neglect yourself, you can lose in a short time the spiritual strength which was
acquired slowly and with great effort over a long period. Reflect often on the eternal
purpose of your earthly life. You have to be a spiritual an to reach this goal. I tell you
through My Church how to live this earthly life. There is no other way. Examine your
progress each day. In a short time your present life will be over. If you have been faithful,
you will never again know fear nor sorrow. For the little labor which you do on earth, you
will gain a glorious reward and unending joy. I shall not fail those who have been faithful
to My Will.

3. The man who has learned to pray and reflect, looks on self-perfection as his first and
highest business. One who studies himself honestly, finds it easy to be silent about others.
Learn to hold your tongue about the affairs of others unless your duty obliges you to speak.
Fix your attention on your own faults and do something about them. If you are a true man
of God, the doings of others will not make you worse than you are. If you can remedy a
bad situation, do so. Many times, however, you can do nothing but pray over the misdeeds
of others. Do this as one sinner praying for another, not as a superior being, praying for
inferiors. When you have learned to fix your attention on your own affairs, you will find
great peace of soul.

As far as I can, I should strive to help others. In many things however, I can help only by
prayer, good example, and silence. Prayer gives grace to me and others. Good example
reminds others of what they should be doing. Silence prevents the spreading of scandal and
the flaring of tempers. Minding one's own business is a great virtue. My first task is to save
my soul. As far as I can, I must also try to help others live a holier and happier life. Many
things, however, are not in my power. After I have done what I can to help matters, I
should leave them in God's hands.

Lord, give me the courage to look at myself, the honesty to admit my faults and limitations,
the sincerity to try self-improvement, and the love for You that will keep me at it for the
rest of my life. Let me not be concerned about matters that are beyond my control, except
to petition Your help. For the rest, let me really live the words: "Thy will be done." Amen.



Helps and Hindrance to Holiness

MY CHILD, there is one thing that stops many from making spiritual progress and keeps
them from improving themselves. It is a fear of the difficulties or of the work required by
their effort. The people who rise highest in holiness are those who are brave enough to
fight against whatever holds them back from Me, no matter how hard or disagreeable the
effort may be. The more you try to master your feelings and blind desires, the greater are
the graces which I offer to you. If you keep on trying, you will gain as much success as I
desire of you.

2. Different men have to face different obstacles. Yet, a diligent and zealous person will
make greater progress in virtue, even though he may have to fight more defects than others.
Some people have fewer defects to overcome, and still they do not advance in holiness
because they are less fervent in the pursuit of virtues.

Many are frightened by the thought of changing their ways in daily life. Yet the way can be
quite simplified if only they will make the effort. First, they need a spiritual director to
guide them along and to help them see themselves without prejudice or fear. Second, they
must be honest in striving for the virtues opposed to their main faults. Third, they must
realize that their feelings and blind desires will go on rebelling and making their daily
efforts more difficult. Lastly, they must learn to gain spiritual profit from all occasions,
imitating the virtues which they see in others and avoiding the defects of their neighbors.

O Holy Spirit, my God and Sanctifier, grant me the light to see what a glorious opportunity
I now have of beginning a better fife. Help me to take whatever steps are necessary to
purify my soul by a sincere daily effort. You will not deny me the strength which I need, if
only I will try to develop the virtues which I need most, in my daily life. Amen.


Variety In the Spiritual Life

MY CHILD, not everyone can make use of the same spiritual exercises. One devotion suits
this person, while another suits that person. At times a change of spiritual exercises will do
you good. Some devotions will help on ordinary days, and others will be more helpful on
holy days. You may need one type of spiritual activity in time of temptation and another in
time of peace. A man likes certain thoughts when he is sad, but in time of spiritual joy, he
prefers other thoughts.

2. Variety in your spiritual life will help you live a richer life and a holier one. Make your
spiritual goals and your resolutions according to the spirit of the different seasons of the
church calendar. Plan your interior life as one who is eager to give Me better service. Live
as one who looks forward to Heaven.

3. Think of death as the gateway to Heaven. Learn to look upon your earthly life as a great
opportunity to make a worthy preparation for Heaven. If I have not called you yet, consider
that it is because you are not yet well enough prepared to receive the heavenly glory which
is being reserved for you. Then plan how to prepare yourself for that heavenly reward.
Never forget the words: "Blessed is that servant whom the Lord shall find watching when
He comes. Indeed, I tell you, He will place him over all His possessions!"

It is so easy to fall into a routine and stick to it. Many go on day after day, doing the same
old things in the same old way. Variety makes life interesting, yet too few have the
ambition and energy to put variety into their daily lives. In prayer, I shall try to learn
various methods in case I should need them to avoid the dullness of routine. I can read the
lives of the saints and see where I may make a few changes in my own spiritual life. My
spiritual director can give me ideas on how to freshen my zeal for God's glory and for the
help of my neighbor.

O Holy Ghost, my God and Sanctifier, grant me light to see how I can make my daily life
more fruitful in doing good. Let me not fall into a rut and stay there. Life is a glorious
opportunity to do great things-to become more like You, my God, by the good and love
which I can give to others. Help me to see more ways of increasing the good in my daily
life. Give me the unselfishness and strength to do good for Your sake. Amen.



Frequent Communion

MY CHILD, you should come often to Me, the Giver of grace and divine mercy, the
Fountain of all goodness and holiness. In this way you will gain greater control over your
passions, faults, and defects. In Holy Communion I will make you wiser and stronger
against the temptations and deceits of the devil.

2. When I come to You in this Holy Sacrament, I offer you interior fight and strength.
These gifts are known only to my faithful ones. They are not enjoyed by unbelievers, nor
by those who love sin. In this Sacrament, the soul receives the grace to regain lost virtues
and the beauty which was lost by sin.

3. The blind desires of man tend to evil from his youth. Unless this divine Medicine assists
him, he will quickly slip from bad to worse. Holy Communion withdraws you from what is
evil and strengthens you in what is good. You need Me. Make full use of the wisdom and
strength which I offer you in Holy Communion.

To fight sin, I need a strength greater than my own. Jesus promises to give it to me in Holy
Communion. I must not pass up this marvelous invitation. As often as possible I will go to
receive Him. I will lay before Him my hopes, plans, and ambitions. He will give me the
strength to do what is best for me.

Lord, this heavenly gift is certainly necessary for me. I become sluggish so easily, and I fall
into sin so quickly. I need to be spiritually refreshed, cleansed, and inflamed once more by
frequent prayers, confession, and a loving reception of Your Sacred Body and Blood. By
staying away too long, I may fall away from my good intentions. Make me wise enough to
come to You as often as possible, so that I may have Your grace to work for eternal life.


Invitation to Holy Communion

MY CHILD, often ponder My words "Come, all you that labor and are burdened, and I will
refresh you." These are My words, and you ought to receive them gratefully and faithfully.
They are Mine because I spoke them; but they are also yours, because they were spoken for
your salvation. Receive them joyfully from My lips. Let them be deeply carved upon your
heart. In these holy words, you see My loyal and tender consideration for you. Do not let
your conscience stop you from rushing into My arms. I know how unworthy you are of My
friendship, but I love you in spite of that.

2. In spite of your nothingness and your sins, I command you to approach Me with
confidence. It is actually My Will that you should receive Me, the Food of Immortality.
Through this heavenly Food, which is truly My own Body and Blood, you shall gain
unending life and eternal glory. I say, "Come, all you that labor and are burdened, and I
will refresh you!" These are consoling words in the ear of a sinner. I, your Lord and God,
invite poor and needy you to receive My holy Body. Do not say, "Who am I, that I should
presume to approach You?" I command you to come and receive Me, for without Me you
are lost.

3. Prepare your soul with confession, if necessary, and with prayers. Then approach My
altar with confidence and with a burning desire to please Me in your daily life.

God is so powerful, so great, so perfect, that we are as nothing compared to Him. The
angels and saints in Heaven see God face to face and realize how very, very small they are
in His presence. As a result they feel a deep indescribable respect for Him. Yet God, in His
goodness, loves His creatures beyond all telling. He did many things to convince us of His
love. He even sent His beloved Son to show His love in a human way. After living and
dying for love of us, Jesus invented a way to remain with us in the Holy Eucharist. In this
wonderful Sacrament He makes Himself the Food of our souls. Lest anyone refuse to
receive Him in Holy Communion, He commanded that we should do so. It is His express
wish that I receive Him in Holy Communion.

Lord, why are You so gracious to me and so concerned about me? You know how full of
defects I am. I offend You so often by my faults and my negligence. How dare I welcome
You into my heart? I have often been selfish with You in spite of all Your generosity to
Me. The angels and archangels stand in deep respect before You. The Saints and the just
have a holy fear of You. Yet, You say, "Come to Me." Were it not You that say this, Lord,
who could believe it, and who would dare approach this holy table? At Your loving
command I will come. I will think of Your Will and forget my unworthiness, and I shall eat
the Bread of Angels. Amen.



The Man of Faith

MY CHILD, My loyal follower is not rebellious at the unpleasant things which I permit in
his daily life. He is a man of faith, that is, he believes My words and follows My teachings
in his daily life. He sees My wisdom guiding his life at all times.

2. This supernatural faith helps him keep his peace of soul, even when humans seem to
complicate his life by their meddling and interference.

3. What I send is not always easy to understand. It may even seem unjust or foolish to those
who are living only for this world. The man of faith takes all from My Hands, knowing that
I plan all things for the best.

4. Do not depend on your natural judgment alone, but learn to consult Me and My Church
in all matters of importance.

I must be a man of faith, with a bright vision of God in my daily life. He is ever near, ever
interested, ever helping me. With such an interior vision I will not be disturbed by the
sayings and doings of those around me. The supernatural man is not fooled by external
appearances. He knows only too well that what looks good may sometimes be wrong, and
what seems undesirable is sometimes the only thing to do. He sees clearly that God
sometimes chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

Father of wisdom and goodness, my God, when will I see things with Your glorious,
eternal outlook? Let me not be influenced by the wrong standards of worldly people. I will
dare to be different when the humans around me disagree with You. Though they may
mock and criticize what You have commanded, give me courage and strength to follow
what You want of me. Your wisdom will conquer the foolish wisdom of this world. The
folly of sin will one day be condemned and put to shame. Let me hate what is wrong and
fear all sin in my daily life. Amen.


Man's True God

MY CHILD, often it is safer for a man not to have many consolations and pleasures in his
earthly life. Try to grasp this truth, so that you may not become sad and depressed when
you cannot have what you desire.

2. If you had all the satisfactions and enjoyments which this world can offer, how long
would they last? The knowledge that they must certainly end, would only make death more
bitter and disagreeable to you.

3. The fact is that your soul can find full and lasting joy only in My friendship and love.
True happiness and lasting peace come from Me alone. Foolish lovers of this world think
that they know the meaning of peace and happiness, but what they enjoy is imperfect and
short-lived. Genuine peace and happiness is given only to My loyal followers, those who
are unselfish in doing My Will and generous in imitating My example.

God desires that I should labor for my daily bread and enjoy the rightful pleasures of daily
life. I must not, however, become so entangled in these things that I would sin for them.
Each day is a step toward the true and perfect life of Heaven. I need to put complete trust
and confidence in God's wisdom and love for me. This virtue will give me the freedom of
true charity. I will come to see more clearly each day how to please God more in
everything I do.

My Jesus, please do not let me think too much of my earthly needs. They can crowd my
mind and make me too busy to think of You and Your holy words. Save me from the blind
love of pleasure and from the enslaving worry about earthly security. Grant me the freedom
of those who live for Heaven. Nothing on earth must hold me back from doing Your Will.



Heavenly Desires

MY CHILD, be not too impressed by appearances. Foolish people think that a man cannot
help being happy if he is rich, or powerful, or if he has fame and influence. Be wise with
My wisdom. Fix your heart on heavenly riches. Then you will see that passing glories and
unsteady contentment are not as desirable as they seem. In fact, they are often a burden of
work, worry and fear.

2. Man's happiness does not consist in having a great deal. A moderate amount of this
world's good things is enough for you if you are daily working for Heaven. The more you
see life from My viewpoint, the more you will realize that this earthly life is a cross. It has
its trials, burdens, disappointments, and sorrows, all of which must be borne patiently. It is
not easy to be a spiritual man, because the good things of this world continually appeal to
your feelings. Learn to govern your feelings with the reins of reason and grace. Control
them with your intelligence and My commandments.

3. As your desire for spiritual perfection grows, you will find yourself thinking more
definitely of Heaven. Your desire for Heaven will become stronger and stronger. You may
even have to control a dislike for the needs and obligations of daily life.

The more one thinks of his eternal destiny, the more he will realize that his earthly life is a
journey toward something far grander than this world. He sees each day as a step toward
Heaven, and he looks at himself to see whether he is on the right path. Slowly he comes to
value the events of his daily life according to God's Will and Heaven's eternal happiness.

Lord, nothing on earth can give me the joy and happiness of Heaven. In fact, there is no
lasting joy apart from You. May I never be without Your holy grace. I desire to see the real
value of the earthly things which I love. May I never love any person or thing more than
You, that is, may I never sin because of them. Amen.


Chapter 41

Earning the Reward

MY CHILD, for reasons which you cannot fully appreciate at present, I made your earthly
life a time of labor and trial. Each and every time that I permit you to suffer pain, grief or
disappointment I do it for your own good. These trials help you to come closer to Me in
one way or another. I made your earthly life a time of labor and trial. Do not think too
much about pleasure and rest in this life. Be prepared to exercise patience rather than enjoy
comfort or consolation. Think more of carrying the cross of daily life rather than of
avoiding everything unpleasant.

2. Do you expect to enjoy interior consolation whenever you wish? Not even My saints
could do that during their earthly life. They had to face many troubles, temptations, interior
misery and desolation. They went on, however, in spite of all these obstacles, trusting in
Me more than in themselves. They were fully aware that the sufferings of this life are not
worthy to be compared with the glory that is to come.

3. Do you not see how selfish your desires are? You want to obtain quickly the peace and
holiness which others achieved only after many trials and labors. You are more interested
in enjoying My gifts than in earning them. No, you must do things My way if you want to
live the best way.

4. Wait for the light and strength which I will send in due time. In the meantime have
courage and be patient. Do not give up the fight against your faults and defects. Do your
best to become the kind of person I want you to be. Leave the results to Me. I am near you
at every moment. Be unselfish enough to go on trying for My sake. I will someday reward
you far beyond anything you can imagine.

Heaven is a reward-a thing to be earned. Though I can never really deserve it by my poor
human efforts alone, Jesus has made it possible for me to work for it with His help.
Strengthened by His grace, I can strive for Heaven. An honest daily effort against my faults
and a faithful attempt to do God's Will in all things, will bring me the glorious reward of
Heaven. Earthly life has its labors, trials, and difficulties. Each day I show by my actions,
words, thoughts, and desires, how sincerely I am working for Heaven.

Holy Spirit, my God, help me to see Your guiding hand in time of trial, and let me follow
humbly and loyally whatever You desire of me. I want to do the best that is in me, be it
ever so little. Heaven is more than I will ever deserve, but at least I can do my best to make
myself a little less unworthy of it. My God, I hope in You, for the grace to go on trying
each hour of the day. Amen.


Unselfish with God

MY CHILD, do not look for spiritual consolation or interior good feelings in your prayers
and good works. Serve Me for My sake, as I deserve. Let your service depend on My word,
and not on any pleasant feelings which I may send you. If I gave interior consolation and
joy for every good work, many a worldly man would follow My commandments for the
sake of these gifts.

2. As long as you are in this life, you will be tempted by the blind selfishness of fallen
human nature. Turn frequently to Me and let Me guide your self-interest. I desire your selfinterest
to be intelligent and well-ordered. Place Me above all persons and things created.

3. I am far greater than all My works. I am your greatest Treasure! Seek Me above all else.
Consider what I mean in your life. What do I deserve of you? What have I a right to expect
of you? Can you draw your next breath or take your next step without My consent and
assistance? Could you exist another instant if I withdrew My support? Only by facing these
facts, and living on them each hour of the day, can you give Me the intelligent service
which you owe Me.

4. Spiritual consolation is only a temporary gift to encourage one who is earnestly trying to
serve Me. This gift is not at the command of any man, and it will not be given to anyone
who seeks it for itself. Such a person is too much like the man who seeks his entire
happiness in the pleasures, satisfactions, and honors of this world. A frank and intelligent
remembrance of your unworthiness, will help you perform your prayers and good works
without expecting spiritual consolations in return.

Jesus is right. I do not deserve the least of His gifts. I already owe Him so much that I
should be glad to do His Will, without looking for further gifts. He owes me nothing, and I
owe Him everything. If He chose to leave me in misery and sorrow, He would be doing me
no injustice, since all that I am and have belong to Him.

Lord, I know that You will never treat me as poorly as I deserve, as long as I am truly
trying to improve my daily life. You will never be outdone in generosity. Each holy desire
and every good deed of mine will be rewarded a hundredfold. You will not leave me in my
misery and troubles any longer than is necessary for my real good. I have deserved little,
but I need You and hope in Your help. Let me follow Your wise and holy Will by seeking
You first, and Your gifts only as far as You want me to have them. Amen.



GOD tells us that man is born imperfect and that he must use the opportunities and events
in his earthly life to perfect himself as far as possible. He must use them according to the
directions of his intelligence and according to the wisdom of God's law.

It is not, however, easy to act always with this holy moderation. Man's feelings, moods,
sentiments, appetites, and desires are not always willing to obey his intelligence. He
sometimes feels too strong a love for some things and too weak a love for other things.
This continual tendency to go to extremes is called temptation. Temptation is not sin. It
tends to draw a man to do what he knows is wrong, or seeks to hold him back from what he
knows is right.

Temptation simply brings out what is in a man. One knows himself better when he has
dealt with temptation. It proves his faults and tests his virtues. just how much he really
desires to earn Heaven, is seen by what he does to reach it. How much he really loves God,
is seen by how much he is willing to do for God. The first safeguard against temptation is
to recognize it, to see it as it really is without its attractive camouflage.



Man's Daily Trials

MY CHILD, one who does not know My plan might easily be discouraged by the trials of
this earthly life. Life on earth is so short. Hardly ever is it free from grief and troubles. Men
on earth are stained with many sins, deceived by many desires, enslaved by many fears,
endangered by many snares, distracted by many curiosities, entangled with vanities,
surrounded by errors, tired with labors, troubled by temptations, exhausted with pleasure,
tormented with many wants.

2. Afflictions and sorrows are seldom absent. You are surrounded by so many traps and
enemies. Scarcely does one trouble or temptation go, when another arrives. Often enough,
the first trouble is still with you when others come. You may wonder that anyone can love
this earthly existence with its misfortunes, bitterness, and miseries. Yet, in spite of all this,
many love this earthly life and seek all their delight in it.

3. Yet, My loyal follower can smile and be glad through all the darkness and trials. He does
not fix his eyes on the present trial, but on the main purpose of his earthly life. He looks
beyond the present darkness to the horizon where the light of the eternal day will soon
break forth. Then will you be freed from the miserable slavery of your unreasonable desires
and selfish ambitions. Then will you find your perfect joy, your all-satisfying life. You will
possess at last the true liberty of Heaven without any hindrances, without pain of body or
mind-the liberty which I alone can give.

Life on earth is short and full of dissatisfactions and necessities. Yet God is a wise and
loving Father. Every parent seems stern when he is training his children. When they have
grown up strong in virtue and firm in character, only then do they appreciate their father's
wisdom and love. So, too, with us. We little dream how weak we are until we feel the call
to ease, selfishness and pride. We might never suspect what we really are if God had not
given us a life of trial on earth. God made me for Heaven, a reward I cannot even begin to
imagine. He asks that I do what I can, to be less unworthy of Heaven, by striving on earth
for some of His goodness and holiness.

My loving God, what good is it for me to think myself better than I really am? Lord, if it
were not for my earthly trials, I might never have known how selfish and proud I really am.
I thank you, my God, for giving me this chance to become in fact what I desire to be in
theory. Actions are the proof of true virtue. Every trouble and sorrow on earth was placed
here, or permitted, by Your infinite wisdom. You know what I need, to make me a truly
holy man. Some day I shall thank You for many a trial which now weighs me down. Make
me unselfish enough to follow Your commands, whether my life be filled with prosperity
or misery. Treat me as You wish, and it will be best for me. Amen.



Temptations Come to All

MY CHILD, the devil is never asleep, nor is your flesh dead yet. This means that you must
always be on guard for a battle, since on every side you have enemies who are never at rest.
Your old enemy is opposed to everything that is good. He is never tired of tempting people
to sin. Day and night he lays snares, with the hope that some unsuspecting soul may fall
into his trap. Be on your guard against temptations. Pray often for the grace to overcome

2. No man is entirely safe from temptations here on earth. You have within you the source
of temptation, since you were born with concupiscence. Concupiscence of the body is the
blind tendency of your feelings and animal appetites to seek satisfaction, regardless of
intelligence and reason. Concupiscence of the soul consists in an unreasoning and
unreasonable self-favoring, without considering what is true or what is right.

When one temptation or trouble is over, along comes another. While you are on this earth
you will always have something to suffer, because man has lost the original happiness
which I had planned to give him even in this world.

Every man gets his share of temptations. How he deals with them shows what he really is.
If he tries his best to lessen the occasions for temptation in his daily life, he is a wise man.
The fool takes chances with temptations and falls into sin. Man's greatest enemy is his
spontaneous, unreasoning self. The devil's greatest ally against my true welfare, is this
foolish self within me. He appeals to it by promising or offering what looks good. If I know
God's way of thinking, I shall recognize Satan's bait, and with God's help, I shall control
my unreasoning desires and foolish self-favoring.

My loving Father and all-wise God, I long to reflect Your holy honesty by recognizing
myself for what I really am. Let me not be blind to my weaknesses and faults. I do not want
to favor myself except in the highest way-that is, I want to win eternal life for myself by
following Your holy commands in my daily life. I wish to avoid or contradict whatever
endangers my eternal salvation. In fact, I desire to practice self-control and selfmortification
so as to gain a greater command over my blind passions and unreasonable
self-favoring. Only with such control, can I hope to overcome the many temptations, big or
small, which daily come to me. Amen.
Here is the complete Book of "My Daily Bread".

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