Thoughts of the St. Cure of d'Ars (St. John Mary Vianney)
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St. John Mary Vianney

The Cure of Ars
Patron of Parish Priests
Compiled and Arranged by W.M. B.
Booklet available from TAN Books
"We have nothing of our own but our will.  It
is the only thing which God has so placed in
our own power that we can make an offering
of it to Him."       - The Cure of Ars
Page 7
Oh! how I love those words said the first thing in
the morning:  I will do and suffer everything this
day for the Glory of God . . . nothing for the world
or personal interest, all to please my Saviour!
                                               - Counsel (T.)
Does our conduct correspond with our Faith?
                                     - Sermon on the Incarnation, I.
God does not require of us extraordinary things.
                              - Catechism on Pride (Sp.).
A PURE soul is with God, as a child with its mother.
It caresses and embraces her, and its mother returns
all its endearments.
                                     -  Catechism on the Soul (M.).
With the name of Jesus we shall overthrow the
demons; we shall put them to flight.  With is Name,
if they dare to attack us, our battles will be victories. . .
                                       - Sermon on Temptation (Sp.).
The Saints were so completely dead to themselves
that they cared very little whether others agreed with
them or not.
                                - Catechism on Pride (Sp.)
Page 8

THERE are people who make capital out of everything
even the winter.  If it is cold, they offer their little
sufferings to God.   - Catechism Saying (T.)
He who does not see, does not know: he who does
not know, does not love; he who does not love God,
loves himself, and at the same time loves his
pleasures.  - Catechism on the Love of God (Sp.)
THE WISE MEN overcame every difficulty and
surmounted every obstacle, in order to follow
the Star.
  - Sermon on the Magi.
Have a pure intention. 
- Counsel (T.)
GOD speaks to us without ceasing by His good
- Sermon on Grace (Sp.)
AVARICE is an inordinate love of riches and the good
things of this life.  Jesus Christ, to cure us of it, was
born in extreme poverty, deprived of all comforts.  He
chose a Mother who was poor. He willed to pass as
the So of a humble workman.
                      - Notre Dame d'Ars, Meditation 23.
HOW pleasing to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament
is the short quarter of an hour that we steal from
our occupations, from something of no use, to come
and pray to Him, to visit Him, to console Him.
- Catechism on Real Presence (Sp.)

Page 9

THE reason why we cannot keep our good resolutions
is that we count too much on ourselves.
- On the Lord's Prayer (C.).
YOU must accept your cross; if you bear it courageously
it will carry you to Heaven.
- Counsel (M.).
HAPPY is he who lives and dies under the protection
of the Blessed Virgin.
- Sermon on the Feast of the Rosary.
Do not be like the proud who always want to assert their
own opinion . . . .  I have known people with whom this
had become a daily habit.
- On Mortifying Self-Will (C.).
AFTER the example of St. Anthony, my children, let
us be always ready for the combat. . . .
- Sermon on Temptations (Sp.).
"WHEN I am about to talk to anybody," said a young
village girl, "I picture to myself Jesus Christ and how
gracious and friendly He was to everyone."
- Jesus Christ our example (F.).
My children, we are in reality only what we are in
the eyes of God, and nothing more.
-  Sermon on Pride (Sp.).
Page 10
WE ought to love what He loved on earth, and to
set no store by those things which He regarded as
of no account. 
- Sermon on the Incarnation, I.
DIRECTLY anyone feels they are losing their fervour,
they should at once make a Novena to the Holy
Ghost, asking Him to give them Faith and Love.
- Catechism on the Holy Ghost (D.).
We can only receive God once a day; a soul enkindled
with divine love makes up for this by the desire of
receiving Him every moment of the day.
- Catechism on the Holy Eucharist (M.).
GOD will forgive those who have forgiven; that is the law.
- Homily (Sp.)
In your work, offer your difficulties and troubles quite simply
to God . . . and you will find that His Blessing will rest upon
you and on all you do.
- On the Sanctification of Daily Life (E.).
A CHRISTIAN either rules his inclinations, or his
inclinations rule him. . . .
- Homily on Temptations (Sp.).
ONE serves God better by doing things in which one
takes neither pleasure nor delight.
- Saying (J.V.).

Page 11
A MERCHANT does not consider the trouble he undergoes
in his commerce, but the profit he gains by it.
- The Cure of Ars in his Catechism (Sp.).
THE more we know of men, the less we love them.  It is
the contrary with God; the more we know of Him,
the more we love Him.
- Catechism on the Love of God (M.).
"ARE we in alliction?" says St. John Chrysostom; "we shall
find all manner of consolation at Mass.  Are we tempted?
Let us hear Holy Mass, and we shall find there a way of
overcoming the devil."
- Eucharistic Meditation 24.
SOME people give alms that they may be seen, and praised,
and admired . . . . Some think they do not received thanks
enough.  That will not do!  If you give alms for the world's
sake, you are right to complain.  But if you do it for God's
sake, what does it matter if you are thanked or not?
- Love of M. Vianney for the Poor (Sp.).
ST. FRANCIS DE SALES, that great Saint, would leave off
writing with the letter of a word half-formed, in order to
reply to an interruption.
- On Mortifying Self-Will (C.).
TROUBLES melt away before a fervent prayer like snow
before the sun.
- Catechism on Prayer (Sp.).
Page 12
OH! If only we can say, when next year comes, that
this year has been all God's!
- Sermon on Sanctification
DO we take as much care our soul as of our body?
- On Gluttony (Sp.)
INSTEAD of raising your voice in the newspapers,
raise it before the door of the Tabernacle.
- Counsel on Unnecessary Letters to the Press (M.)
GOD makes use of anything.
- Catechism on Faith (M.)
GOD has given each of us our own work to do.  It is
for us to pursue our road, that is to say, our vocation . . .
when God gives us such and such a vocation, He
bestows upon us at the same time His grace to fulfill it.
- On Vocation (C.)
WE are permitted to love our relations, our possessions,
our health, our reputation; but his love must be
subordinate to the love we should have for God, so that
we may be ready to make the sacrifice of it if He should
require it.
- Love of God (Sp.)
TO preserve Purity, three things are necessary; the practice
of the Presence of God, prayer, and the Sacraments; and
again, the reading of holy books - this nourishes the soul.
- Catechism on Purity (M.)
Page 13
THE life of a Saint is just the imitation of Jesus Christ.
- Sermon on the Incarnation (II.)
ENVY, my children follows pride; whoever is envious is proud.
- On Envy (Sp.)
BLESSED are they that are tempted!  It is when the devil sees
that a soul is tending towards union with God that he redoubles
his efforts.
- Sermon on the Parable of the Tares (D.)
THE Angels take great pleasure in helping us with our enterprises,
when they are in accordance with God's will.
- Sermon for the Fest of the Guardian Angels.
GOD looks neither at long nor beautiful prayers, but at those
that come from the heart.
- Catechism Notes (I.)
EVERYTHING that God has made . . . becomes an instrument
for good or evil according to the use we make of it.
- Sermon on the Enemies of the Soul.
"GO, my friend," M. Courbon had said in appointing
M. Vianney to Ars; "go, there is not much love for God
in that parish; you will put it theres." 
(M. Vianney went to Ars on February 9th, 1818)
- Eucharistic Meditation 18
Page 14
It is confidence which God looks for from us above all things.  When we have
entrusted our interests to Him alone.  His justice and goodness are pledged to aid us.
- Precept (M.)
If when we are ill, our recovery will contribute to the glory of God and the good of our
soul, He who healed so many when He was on earth, will certainly heal us.  If on the
contrary, the illness is more advantageous to us, He will instead give us the strength
to suffer.       -  Sermon on Hope
WITH the Holy Spirit, we see everything in its true proportions; we see the greatness
of the least actions done for God, and the greatness of the least faults. 
- Catechism on the Holy Spirit (Sp.)
To content His love, He must needs give Himself to us separately, one by one.
- Sermon for the Feast of Corpus Christi.
VERY few people . . . invite Jesus Christ to their wedding; on the contrary, they seem
to do all they can to keep Him away.
-  Sermon on Marriage.
THE way to destroy bad habits is by watchfulness and by doing often those things
which are opposites to one's besetting sins.
- On Amendment (P.)
Page 15
WE all make wonderful promises to God so long as nobody says anything to us,
and all goes well . . .
-  Sermon on Afflictions.
OFTEN repeat during the day:  "My God, have pity on me," like a child who says
to its mother:  "Give me a piece of bread, give me your hand, kiss me."
-  Precept (J.V.)
ALTHOUGH the good God does not allow us to see Him, He is nonetheless 
present in the Blessed Sacrament; nonetheless ready to grant us all we ask.
-  Sermon for Corpus Christi.
He who, in repenting of his sins, thinks only of God, has the truest contrition.
- On Contrition (P.)
GOD commands you to pray, but He forbids you to worry.
- On Keeping Sunday (E.)
WHEN we leave the holy banquet of Communion, we are as happy as the wise
men would have been if they could have carried away the Infant Jesus.
- Catechism on Frequent Communion (Sp.)
WHAT will convert X will be the sanctity of your own life!
- Counsel (M.)
LET us pray to the Blessed Virgin, and she will go with us on the road to Heaven.
- On Our Lady (C.)
Page 16
IN our action we must always choose the most perfect.
- Catechism on the Cardinal Virtues (Sp.)
IT is only the first step which is hard in the way of abnegation.
When we are once fairly entered upon it, all goes smoothly;
and when we have this virtue, we have every other.
-  Mortification of the Cure d'Ars (M.)
RECEIVE,  O my God, all my thoughts and all I am going to do
today, in union with all Thy bore out of love for me during Thy
life on earth.
-  On the Sanctification of Daily Life (E.)
THE saints were only sanctified by their great care to follow the
inspirations God sent them.
-  Eucharistic Mediation 25.
SOME people are very careful about the cleaning of their shoes,
but they think nothing of leaving their crucifix undusted.
-  On the Instruction of Children (F.)
DO not be afraid of people saying that going to Mass on a weekday
is only for those who have nothing to do . . .  Are you ashamed to
serve God for fear of being despised?
-  Eucharistic Meditation 25.
WE ought to say to God:  "I can do nothing of myself.  I can only give
Thee my desire to love Thee.  Here it is!  O my God, uphold me and
do all Thyself."
-  On the Lord's Prayer (C.)

Page 17
LET us go often to the foot of the Cross . . . We shall learn there what
God has done for us, and what we ought to do for Him.
- Sermon on the Cross.
THE more one prays the more one wishes to pray.
- Catechism Notes (J.)
ALMIGHTY God sends no trial without consolation.
- On Suffering (M.)
THE eyes of the world see no further than this life, as mine see no
further than this wall when the church door is shut.  The eyes of the
Christian see deep into eternity.
- Catechism on the Holy Ghost (Sp.)
It is just those who have the least fear of God and His judgments in
their hearts that have nothing but pleasure in their heads.
-  On Pleasure (M.)
OUR Lord always concealed anything which would bring honor
to Himself.
- Sermon on the Incarnation, II.
NEVER forget that it is at the beginning of each day that God has the
necessary grace for the day ready for us.  He knows exactly what
opportunities we shall have to sin . . . and will give us everything
we need if we ask Him then.  That is why the devil does all he can
to prevent us from saying our Morning Prayers or to make us say
them badly.
- On Morning Prayers (E.)
Page 18
THE Apostles reflect Jesus Christ's zeal and love for souls.
- Sermon for the Feast of All Saints.
OH, how I like those little mortifications that are seen by nobody!
- Catechism on the Cardinal Virtues (Sp.)
IF your religion is called in question by others, listen to what is said,
but take no notice whatever of their criticism and laughter.  Be sorry
for those people . . . and say a prayer for them.
- Sermon on Confirmation.
We may offer ourselves as victims during a week or a fortnight for the
conversion of sinners.  We suffer from heat or cold; we deprive
ourselves of looking at something or going to see someone which
would give us pleasure; we make a novena; we hear Mass every day
of the week for this intention . . . .
- Zeal of M. Vianney (Sp.)
GRIEVE over the contempt cast upon Jesus Christ in the Blessed
Sacrament, and try to make amends for it by a greater and more
ardent love.
- Eucharistic Meditation 20.
WHEN we give alms, we should think that we are giving Our Lord,
and not to the poor.  We often think we are relieving a poor person,
and we find it is Our Lord.
- Love of the Cure d'Ars for the Poor (Sp.)
Page 19

PRAYER is the conversation of a child with its Father;
of a subject with his King; of a servant with his
Lord; of a friend with the Friend to whom he confides
all his troubles and difficulties.
- On the Practice of Devotion (E.)
ALL soldiers are good in garrison.  On the field of battle,
we see the difference between the brave and the cowardly.
- Lenten Sermon (Sp.)
WHEN we do something we dislike, let us say to God:
"My God, I offer you this in honor of the moment when
You died for me."
- On the Sanctification of Daily Life (E.)
THOSE who have pure souls are like eagles and
swallows which fly in the air.
- Catechism on Purity (Sp.)
TRIALS show clearly how pleasing a work is to God.
- Counsel (M.)
PEOPLE talk about Lazarus who had the joy of entertaining
the Divine Saviour in his home; but Lazarus only had Him
by his side, while we, if we will, may have Him in our heart
just as often as we wish.
- On Communion (C.)
MY GOD, Thou has given me all; behold the little I give
Thee.  Give me the strength to give more.
- A prayer of the Cure d'Ars
  Conversion of a Village (S.)

Page 20

DO you prefer the pleasure of a moment to Thy God?
- Sermon on Good Friday.
LET us go to Jesus with great confidence every time we sin.
- Sermon on the Incarnation.
MY children, the three acts of faith, hope and charity contain
all the happiness of man upon the earth.
- Catechism on the Love of God (Sp.)
I LOVE St. Joseph so much because he had the care of the
Blessed Virgin.
- Notre-Dame d'Ars, Meditation 6.
PEOPLE will go there or four leagues to earn thirty pence,
while they will not take thirty steps to hear Mass on a weekday.
- Sermon on the Enemies of the Soul.
BY washing the Disciples' feet, Jesus Christ would teach us
humility, and also with what purity we ought to drew near to Him.
- Sermon on Maundy Thursday.
MY friend, dwell on the patience of Our Lord!
- Counsel (T.)
TO approach God one should go straight to Him, like a ball from a cannon.
- Advice (M.)
Page 21

THAT which above all should inspire us with veneration
for the holy Angels is their unswerving loyalty to God.
- Sermon on the Guardian Angels.
HUMILITY is like a pair of scales; the lower one side falls,
the higher rises the other.  Let us humble ourselves like the
Blessed Virgin and we shall be exalted.
- Notre-Dame d'Ars, Meditation 19.
ONE ought always to be ready to give up one's own will
to do what God wants . . .
- On Mortifying Self-Will (C.)
THE good chief gave Jesus Christ all that he could give Him . . . .
- Sermon on the Mass.
OUR Lord is hidden in the Blessed Sacrament, waiting for us to
come and visit Him . . . .  See how good He is!  If he had appeared
before us now in all His glory, we should not have dared to approach
Him; but He hides Himself like one in prison, saying:  "You do not see
Me, but that does not matter; ask Me for all you want . . . ."
-  Eucharistic Meditation 19.
THERE are two ways of uniting ourselves with Our Lord . . . . prayer and the Sacraments.
- On the Joys of the Interior Life (Sp.)

Page 22

THERE are some people who, under an exterior of piety, take offence at the slightest insult . . . The way to
overcome the devil when he excites feelings of hatred against those who injure us, is immediately to
pray for their conversion.
- Sermon on Charity (M.)
GOD has created my heart only for Himself.  He asks me to give it to Him that He may make it happy.
- Eucharistic Meditation 27.
JESUS on the Cross said to the disciple whom He loved:  "Behold your mother!" How sweet are those
words to the Christian who is able to understand what depths of love they contain!
- Notre-Dame d'Ars, Meditation 8.
HOW mistaken is he toils on Sunday with an idea that he is  making more money or doing more work.
Nothing can ever compensate for the injury one does to oneself by breaking the law of God.
- On the Keeping of Sunday (M.)
PEOPLE say it is too much trouble to save one's soul; but does not striving after honors or riches
involve trouble?
- Of Salvation (Sp.)
LIVE on Him that you may live for Him.
- Of Holy Communion (M.)
Page 23

OFTEN in the course of the day, ask for the light of the Holy Ghost.
- Thoughts on the Interior Life (Sp.)
AH!  if only God saw in us the same humility and self-abasement as He
saw in the Centurion who said to Him:  "Lord, I am not worthy that Thou
shouldst come under my roof,"  with what pleasure and with what
abundance of graces would He not come into hearts!
- On Considerations during Mass (E.)
IT is by battles against Hell and by resistance to temptations
that we give God proofs of our love.
- Sermon on Temptation (Sp.)
OUR greatest cross is the fear of crosses.
- Catechism on Suffering (M.)
IF you find it impossible to pray, hide behind your good Angel and
charge him to pray in your stead.
- Eucharistic Meditations.
WE must be like the shepherds in the fields during the winter.  They have
a fire, but from time to time they search about for sticks to keep it alive.
If we knew how to keep up the fire of the love of God in our heart by
prayers and good works, it would not go out.
- Catechetical Illustration from Nature (D.)

Page 24
O MY child, use your voice always for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.
- Of the Gift of Speech (M.)
ST. IGNATIUS, lying wounded in a Hospital, began to read the lives of the saints.
On learning what conflicts they hadbeen through and with what courage they had fought for
God, he saidto himself; "Now, why can'tI do what these Saints have done?Have I not the same
God who will help me to fight, the same Heaven to hope for,and the same Hell to fear?"
- On Devout Practices (E.)
If we love someone very much, is it necessary that we should see him in order to think of him?
- Counsel (T.)
SOMETIMES, temptations are useful in making us recapture our lost sense of the
Presence of God by means of an act of love or aspiration.
- On Temptations (C.)
THE grace of God helps us to walk and supports us.  He is as necessary to us
as crutches are to a lame man.
- The Cure d'Ars in his Catechisms (Sp.)
THE Blessed Virgin's life was full of sorry . . . .
Every time her tender glance fell upon her Divine Son, she suffered . . . .
- Sermon for the feast of the Nativity of Our Lady.

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