Thoughts of the St. Cure of d'Ars (St. John Mary Vianney)
Page 25

HERE is a rule for everyday life:  Do not anything which you cannot offer to God.
- On Dancing (C.)

WHEN you hear Mass, do you come in the same frame of mind as the Blessed Virgin
at Calvary?  Because it is the same God, and the same Sacrifice.
- Sermon on Good Friday
THOSE who do not pray stoop towards the earth like a mole trying
to make a hole to hide itself in.
- Catechism on Prayer (Sp.)
DEVOTION gains much more in influence when it is practiced by the men.
- On serving God (M.)
GOD loves us more than the best of fathers, and more tenderly than the
most devoted of mothers. We have only then to abandon ourselves
to His Will with the heart of a child.
- Precept (D.)
A GOOD religious complained one day:  "O Lord, what have I done
to be treated thus?"  Our Lord answered him:  "And I, what had
I done when I was led to Calvary?" 
- Catechism on Suffering (Sp.)
OH! if we could rightly understand how Jesus Christ loves to come
into our heart!
- Eucharistic Meditation 10.
Page 26
HE who, when tempted, makes the Sign of the Cross with devotion,
makes Hell tremble and Heaven rejoice.
- Sermon on the Cross
WHEN we have God in our heart, it ought to glow.  The hearts of the
Disciples on the road to Emmaus burned within them at the sound of His voice.
- The Cure d'Ars and Contemplation (D.)
IN the soul which is united to God, it is always Spring.
- Catechetical Illustration form Nature (M.)
O WHAT inspiration there is in the Crucifix! Who could find it hard to persevere
at the sight of a God who never commands us to do anything which He has not
first practiced Himself?
- Catechism on Home Life (F.)
HE that has received the Sacrament of Confirmation is always ready to give
his life for God . . . . His only fear is the fear of committing sin . . . .
- Sermon on Confirmation.
IF you love God, you will find pleasure in speaking of Him and
in hearing Him spoken of.
- Signs of true Love for God (A.)
WE must act only for God, and put our works into His hands . . . .
- Catechism on Salvation (Sp.)
Page 27
ONE ought to pray earnestly, especially at the Ember Seasons, that God will
give us good priests.  If they are saints, what good they are able to do!  But,
whatever they are,never speak against them.
- On the Priesthood (C.)
THOSE who practice devotion, who go often to Confession and Communion,
and fail to do works of faith and charity, are like trees in blossom.  You think there
will be as much fruit as flower; but there is a great difference . . . .
- On the Joys of the Interior Life (Sp.)
WE love God truly in so far as, when finding ourselves with people who differ
from us, we behave graciously to them, speak charitably of them, are willing to
meet them again, and to do them a kindness . . . .
- Le Cure d'Ars et le Don de Force.
WE can do nothing by ourselves, my children,
but we can do everything with the help of God . . . .
- Sermon on Temptations (Sp.)
ONE day, Our Lord said to St. Catherine of Siena; "I want you to make
a Retreat in your heart, and to come there to be alone with Me and keep
Me company."  Well, let us do the same . . . .
Signs of true love for God.
Page 28
LIFE is given us that we may learn to die well, and we never
think of it!  To die well we must live well.
- On Death (Sp.)
WITH the thought God sees me! We should never sin.
- Homily (Sp.)
IF you cannot give an alms yourself you can pray that God
will inspire someone else to do so.
- Catechism on Almsgiving (M.)
OUR Lord took that good Heart of His that He might love us with it.
- Sermon on the Divine Mercy (D.)
O MY God, I desire to love You more than all the Angels and all the
Saints put together.  I adore Thee with them, and unite my love with
that which Thy Blessed Mother had for Thee, when she was on earth . . . .
- A Prayer of the Cure d'Ars to Jesus Christ (D.)
WE may well be astonished that God was obliged to make a
commandment to forbid us to take His Name in vain.
- Sermon on the Second Commandment.
WHEN one has no consolations, one serves God for Himself alone;
but when one has them one is liable to serve Him out of love for self.
- The Cure d'Ars and the Love of God (D.)
Page 29
GOD is everywhere ready to hear your prayers.
- Catechism on Prayer (Sp.)
JESUS CHRIST found a way by which He could ascend into Heaven
and yet remain on the earth.  He instituted the adorable Sacrament
of the Eucharist so that He might stay with us, and be the Food of
our soul; that He might console us and be our Companion.
- Sermon on Communion.
WHEN the heart is pure, it cannot help loving, because
it has found the source of love, which is God Himself.
- Catechism on Purity (M.)
IF we are not led by the Holy Ghost, we labor in vain, and
there is no substance, no savor in anything we do.
- Catechism on the Holy Ghost (Sp.)
A HUMBLE person, if his opinion is asked, gives it all
simplicity and then leaves others to give theirs.
Whether they are right or wrong, he says no more.
- Catechism on Pride (M.)
ALAS!  O my God, if there are so few to bear the Cross,
there will only be few to adore Thee in eternity.
- Sermon on the Cross
GOOD Christians are like those birds which make their
nests upon the points of rocks, on the roofs of houses,
in high places.  They ought always to be on the heights.
- Catechism (Sp.)

Page 30
HOW ungrateful it is to show ourselves mean and niggardly
towards a God who has shown himself so prodigal towards us!
- On Furnishing a Church (M.)
AN OLD peasant went into the church every day before going
to work, and again on his return.  "Pere Chaffangeon, what do
you say to Our Lord, during your visits?"  asked M. Vianney,
"I say nothing to Him, M. le Cure, I look at Him, and He looks
at me."
- The Parish of Ars (J.V.)
SIMEON gave back Jesus to His Mother; he was only suffered
to keep Him for one moment.  But we are far happier than Simeon.
We may keep Him always if we will.  In Communion He comes not
only into our arms but into our hearts.
-  Sermon on the Feast of the Purification (M.)
To him who seeks only to please God and to save his soul, the
necessities will never be lacking.
-  On the Keeping of Sunday (E.)
THE soul wheren the Holy Ghost dwells exhales a sweet perfume,
like the vine when in flower.
-  Catechetical Illustration from Nature (M.)
If something uncharitable is said in your presence, either speak in
favor of the absent, or withdraw, or if possible, stop the conversation.
-  On love for one's Neighbor (A.)
Page 31
THE heart of the Saints is as steadfast as a rock in the midst of the sea.
- On the Joys of the Interior Life (Sp.)
GOD made all the days of the week.  He might have kept them all, but
He has given you six and has reserved to Himself only the seventh.
- Conversion of the Village (S.)
THERE is nothing easier than to pray to God and nothing is more comforting.
- Catechism Notes (T.)
AH!  If only one would do as much for God as one does for the World! . . .
- Sermon on the Services of God.
THOSE who are led by the Holy Ghost have true ideas; that is the reason why
so many ignorant people are wiser than the learned.  The Holy Ghost is light
and strength.  When we are led by a God of strength and light, we cannot go astray.
- Catechism on the Holy Ghost (Sp.)
WHEN we are walking in the streets, let us fix our eyes on Our Lord bearing His
Cross before us; on the Blessed Virgin who is looking at us; on our Guardian
Angel who is by our side.
- Catechism on Self-Control (Sp.)

Page 32
YOU must close your heart against pride, sensuality, and all other
passions- just as one shuts doors and windows so that none may enter.
- Catechism on Purity (M.)
JESUS CHRIST expressly tells us that it is impossible to be for God and
the World at the same time, because when we want to please the one,
it means becoming the enemy of the other.
- Sermon on the World.
WHEN one loves anyone, it is a great happiness to have something of
theirs as a souvenir.  If we love our Mother, the Blessed Virgin, we
should make it both our duty and privilege to have one of her pictures
or statues in our home, which from time to time will remind us of her.
- On the Furniture of a Christian Home (F.)
WE listen to a sermon if we happen to like the preacher . . . We must
not act thus humanly.  It is not the shell we should look at.
- On the Word of God (M.)
A SAINT has told us that if we had the happiness of assisting often and
devoutly at Mass, we should have far more blessing -- spiritually --
and even for our temporal affairs.
- Sermon on the Mass.
ALL that we do without offering it to God is wasted.
- On Faith (C.)
Page 33

TO love God is not to be faithful in fulfilling part
of our duties and to neglect the rest.
- Sermon preached on May 28th, 1848 (Sp.)
REMAIN humble, remain simple; the more you are so,
the more good you will do.
- Maxim (T.)
WE notice in the Gospels that there were very few who
confessed their indebtedness to Jesus Christ openly;
people only thanked Him for as long as they remained
at His feet.
- Sermon on the Fear of Other People's Opinion.
AFTER God, we should have a great confidence in the
Blessed Mother of Jesus, who is so good . . .
- Sermon on Hope.
WHEREVER we are, and whatever we do, we shall
always meet with spiritual difficulties.
- Sermon on the Enemies of the Soul.
LET them say all they hgave to say.  When they have said
all they have to say, there will be no more to be said and
they will be silent.
- Advice to a persecuted Priest (M.)
NOTHING afflicts the Heart of Jesus so much as to see all
His sufferings of no avail to so many . . .  Pray then for the
conversion of sinners.
- The Zeal of the Cure of Ars (Sp.)

Page 34
DURING the day, and even at night if you wake, say to God:  "My God,
give me the grace to love Thee as much as it is possible for me to love Thee.!"
- Catechism on the Instruction of Children (F.)
COME, come, my dear, don't be frightened at your burden; Our Lord
will help you to carry it.
- Counsel (M.)
I OFTEN think that even if there were no other life than this one, it would
be enough happiness just to love God here and to do something for His glory.
- The Cure d'Ars and the Love of God (D.)
OUR Lord is never found in Pomp, Pleasure, Luxury, but in lowliness and humiliatin.
- On suffering (C.)
SOME good Christians are in the habit of saying:  "I will make so many acts of
love of God, so many sacrifices today."  I like that practice very much.
- On the Joys of the Interior Life (Sp.)
TO do things well, one must do them as God wishes.
- Notre-Dame d'Ars, Meditation 22.
I KNOW sure ways of becoming poor:  to work on Sunday and to take the
property of others.
- A favorite saying of the Cure d'Ars (M.)
Page 35
WE must not consult our own inclinations, but endeavor always to do
that which will give the most pleasure to God.
- On the Cardinal Virtues (C.)
AFTER the reception of the Sacraments, when we feel the love of God
growing cold, let us instantly make a Spiritual Communion.
- Catechism on the Holy Eucharist (M.)
DO not the continual needs of our soul and body warn us to have
recourse to Him who alone can supply them?
- Sermon on Prayer (Sp.)
I HAVE had crosses in plenty - more than I could carry almost!
I set myself to ask for the love of crosses - then I was happy.
- Of Suffering (M.)
THE sermons of Saints are their examples.
- The Cure of Ars in his Conversation (Sp.)
WE have nothing of our own but our will.  It is the only thing
which God has so placed in our own power that we can make
an offering of it to Him. 
- Mortification of the Cure d'Ars (M.)
AH!  if we had the eyes of Angels with which to see Our Lord
Jesus Christ present on the Altar and looking at us, how we
should love Him!
- Catechism on the Real Presence (Sp.)

Page 36
WE must have a great confidence in God in times of illness or grief,
because it is precisely then that God waits to see whether or no we
shall put our trust in Him.
- Sermon on Hope
WHEN we are before the Blessed Sacrament, let us open our heart;
our good God will open His.  We shall go to Him; He will come to
us; the one to ask, the other to receive.  It will be like a breath from
one to the other.
- Catechism on the Real Presence (Sp.)
GIVE God your love.  He is so good - love Him all you can!
- Words heard at Ars and quoted during the Saint's
lifetime in a Sermon at Saint-Sulpice (D.)
PRAYER makes time seem to pass quickly, and so pleasantly, that
one fails to notice how long it is.
- Catechism on Prayer (M.)
A HOUSE founded on the Cross will fear neither wind, nor rain,
nor storm.
- On Suffering (Sp.)
COULD one find a greater honor than to be allowed to make
reparation to Jesus Christ for the outrages which He receives
in the Sacrament of His love?
- Sermon for Corpus Christi
Page 37
WHAT sweetness there is in forgetting ourselves in order to seek God!
- Catechism on the Real Presence (Sp.)
IT is a strange thing; I have met plenty of people who repented at not
having loved God.  Never have I met one who repented of having loved
- Of Penitence (M.)
OUR Lord wishes nothing but your happiness.
- Catechism on the Real Presence (Sp.)
THIS is real faith, when we speak to God as we would converse with
a man.
- Maxim (T.)
THERE is one thing everyone can do, whether they find it hard to
meditate or not, and that is to make up their mind in the morning
to cultivate some particular virtue during the day, to practice the
interior Presence of God, and to live their life in union with Him.
- On Prayer (C.)
ST. ALOYSIUS GONZAGA, when he was a student, if found fault with
on any occasion, never tried to excuse himself.  If he was wrong, he was
wrong; if he was right, he would say to himself:  I have often been
wrong before.
- Catechism on Pride (M.)
A SAINT has said:  "I would rather suffer with Jesus Christ than
reign with Him in Heaven."
- Sermon on Afflictions

Page 38
OUR Bishop has said that every morning we must offer as
a sacrifice all we shall have to suffer during the day; and that
if God does not send any suffering, the merit of the sacrifice
will be there all the same.
-  On Suffering (C.)
THERE is such a thing as a holy anger, which comes from
our zeal in upholding the interests of God.
-  Sermon on Anger.
HOLY Communion and offering the Holy Sacrifice . . . are
the two most powerful means of intercession for others'
-  On Love for our Neighbor (C.)
"O JESUS", often exclaimed the Cure of Ars, "to know Thee
is to love Thee! Did we but know how Our Lord loves us,
we should die of joy."
-  Virtues of the Cure of Ars (M.)
We ought to ask the Blessed Virgin, the Angels, and the Saints
to pray for us that we may receive the good God as worthy as
it is possible for us to receive Him.
-  Sermon on Communion.
ALL difficulties, temptations, sickness and humiliations
become sweet and easy to endure, if one bears them in
union with Our Lord. 
- On Suffering (C.)
Page 39

TO the man who gives himself up to the guidance of the Holy Ghost,
there seems to be no world; to the world there seems to be no God.
-  Catechism on the Holy Ghost (Sp.)
LET us open the door of the Sacred Heart, and shut ourselves in for a moment
amidst its divine flames; we shall then realize what God's love means . . . .
-  On the Sacred Heart (H.)
THOSE who do not pray think only of temporal things like the miser who,
when a silver Crucifix was presented to him to kiss, remarked: 
"That cross weighs at least ten ounces."
-  Catechism on Prayer (M.)
LOVE for God here consists in loving Him more than any created thing
-- loving Him better than our own life. 
-  Catechism on the Act of Love (F.)
THERE is not single creature which does not provide us with the means
of reaching God.  If any of them become an obstacle, it is only by our
misuse of them.
-  On Paradise (Sp.)
WE love a thing in proportion to what it has cost us.  You may judge by that
Our Lord's love for our soul, which has cost Him His Blood.  He is eager
for communications and intercourse with it.  He longs to see it, to hear it . . . .
-  Joys of the Interior Life (Sp.)

Page 40

ALTHOUGH Mary knew that God had raised her to the most
supreme of all honors - that of being the Mother of God -
nevertheless she regarded herself as the least of all creatures.
-  Notre-Dame d'Ars, Meditation 19.
WHAT happiness do we not feel in the Presence of God, when
we are alone at His feet before the Sacred Tabernacle! . . .
Redouble your fervour; you are alone to adore your God; His
eyes rest upon you alone.
-  Catechism on the Real Presence (M.)
OUR faults are life a grain of sand beside the great mountain
of the mercies of the good God.
-  The Cure d'Ars in his Catechisms (Sp.)
WE should say every morning:  "My God, send me Thy Holy
Spirit to teach me what I am and what Thou art!" 
-  Catechism on the Holy Ghost (M.)
A SAINT has called us "Porte-Dieu" (God-Bearers).  That is
quite true, but we have not enough faith.
-  Catechism on the Blessed Sacrament (D.)
REMEMBER that when the priest gives you absolution, you
have but one thing to think of -- that the Blood of the good
God is flowing over your soul to purify it and make it as
bright as it was made by its Baptism.
- Catechism on the Sacrament of Penance (M.)

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