Marie Julie Jahenny speaks of anti-popes AFTER the Victory of the Great Monarch in France
The following is taken from the blog Marie-Julie Jahenny: Prophecies For Our Times:

Ecstasy date September 28, 1882 – More on the evil times that will take over Paris before the arrival of the King - Scientists will rock Paris – More on the Armies that will Invade

St. Michael: “A very short respite will follow this great entry into the evil that will be complete, especially in the Centre (Paris) and the surrounding area. May 24, it will happen between the people who call themselves winners and elevated in science, a brightness that will shake this Big City where blood has so often reddened the pavement and this motion will not appease them. You know the number 14 has been chosen by me."

(Observations [from the blog author]: will men of science create a new weapon of destruction and launch it over Paris? The word 'brightness' it is tempting to think of a nuclear weapon of some kind. Or they will announce a new scientific discovery, a 'brightness' in the realm of worldly knowledge, but it will be diabolical against God's order of Creation and shake up the city morally speaking?)

St. Michael: "The second and violent crisis will commence and go up to 45 days. France will be invaded to the diocese where Brittany begins. The strongest army will fall on Orleans and invade areas of land that I cannot restrict. With one stroke, they will reach the vicinity of the Great City (Paris). They will penetrate there only in the middle of the crisis. "


IMPORTANT UPDATE (added to this page Nov. 13, 2022): 

Ecstasy date September 29, 1882: (Source: “Marie-Julie Jahenny: Une Vie Mystique, Henri Boucier, pp. 288-289)

Saint Michael: “As soon as France is delivered, the ordeal will begin for Rome. Five months after peace is restored to France by King Henry V of the Cross, an unprecedented revolution will break out in Rome. The dreadful war in Italy will be long; it will last more than two years. The Church will have its seat vacant for many months.”



Ecstasy Date September 29, 1882 ("Friends of Marie-Julie" Website)

Marie-Julie Jahenny: "The Church will have its seat vacant for long months ... (...) There will be two successive anti-popes that will reign all this time over the Holy See …"

(IMPORTANT OBSERVATIONS ON THIS REVELATION [from the author of the blog]: since I have finally discovered an additional text stating when the papal seat will be vacant in Rome due to two successive anti-popes will rule, thanks to Henri Bourcier's book, we now know that it will actually happen during the bloody wars that will break out in Italy, and when Henry V has already arrived and is establishing peace in France. Why the “Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny” did not release this detail on their site baffles me as it is important - this is proof Marie-Julie's prophecies do NOT support the current heresy of Sedevacantism in that the papal seat has been vacant for decades with no true successor present.  She foretells an anti-pope period that will only last 'long months'.  Also we know a 'holy pope', the true successor will be present at this time who will "be difficult to find" according to an earlier prophecy stating that this 'vacancy' will happen when a pope suffers a martyrdom, and the 'holy pope', possibly the 'Angelic Pontiff,' will be difficult to find amidst the physical ruins of Rome, see post  #143, click here.

So, this and the rest of Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies in NO WAY supports the current movement of Sedevacantism that proposes the Seat of Peter has been left vacant for many decades.
"So let us be confident, let us not be unprepared, let us not be outflanked, let us be wise, vigilant, fighting against those who are trying to tear the faith out of our souls and morality out of our hearts, so that we may remain Catholics, remain united to the Blessed Virgin Mary, remain united to the Roman Catholic Church, remain faithful children of the Church."- Abp. Lefebvre

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