FBI Brands Catholics as 'Terrorists' — Catholic Arena

FBI Brands Catholics as 'Terrorists' — Catholic Arena

Some reporters claim that the FBI has targeted Trad Catholics "for no reason."  Au contrare.

The FBI has partnered with the ADL.

  1. The FBI and the ADL:  Working Toward A World Without Hate.   
  2. Video on C-SPAN:  James Comey speaks at ADL gathering in 2014.  
The ADL released a presser in 2012 as reported by the Catholic Family News:  the following text is embedded in an image of the ADL logo of said report.  It states ---    

John Vennari - Catholic Family News - 11/27/2012:

'A November 12 press-release of the Anti-Defamation League urges that “any potential rehabilitation of the SSPX include the requirement that the Society publicly reject their decades of hatred, and that as an expression of their affirmation of Nostra Aetate, be required to remove all anti-Semitic rhetoric from both their online and their print publication.”  Yet what is meant by “anti-Semitic”?  Keep in mind this is [the] same ADL, in line with Jewish historian Jules Isaac, [that] consider Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint John Chrysostom, the Saints, Pope, and Fathers of the Church, and the Holy Gospel writers themselves as essentially “anti-Semitic.”'

Have I found the reason?

God bless you all.

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