Rumors circulating that the SSPX will consecrate bishops?
The rumors persist - from May 31, 2023: 

Did Francis Permit Bishops' Ordinations For Pius X?

A rumour circulating since March substantiates: Francis is permitting the consecration of several bishops for the Society of Pius X.

Jeff Cassman and Jim De Piante, two laymen close to the Society, wrote on social media (May 31) referring to a credible source that "the Society of Saint Pius X will be consecrating bishops in June 2023 with the permission of Pope Francis."

Among the likely candidates is the Society's superior, Fr Davide Pagliarani.

[Image: 2f6bsd5lvdqbkmys87tvnylb20u32y4s8gajpql....12&webp=on]
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