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I feel for anyone who tries to research the SSPX and their dealings with Rome. I have gone back to the archives of the SSPX, since 2012, and when reading their articles, one could come to the conclusion that no agreement was ever made. In their writings, they use weasel words to cover up what they are really up to. For, instance, they write often that they cannot accept the agreement from Rome and so they wait. They never mention what they already accepted, April 2012 protocol. They sweep that under the rug to be forgotten. In the end, a reader would be left to think that there is no agreement and they can feel safe at their local SSPX. Nevermind, holy days of obligation have been removed.  How asleep are these people?
(02-27-2023, 02:34 PM) Wrote: Good evening members of The Catacombs, readers, lurkers, and anyone else who may happen to see this. 

The liturgical issue with the SSPX is perhaps worse than many of us had imagined up to this point. We've seen them sliding and giving in on a number of moral issues, and compromising even on a doctrinal level. Personally I always expected the traditional liturgy to be the last thing to go - but I think even that is going, or is about to go...

The apparent fashion of having freestanding altars points in one direction. Fr Rostand's apparent acceptance of the so-called "hybrid Mass" back in 2013 also points that way. To add to that, I recently discovered an old "SSPX podcast" episode where Fr. Paul Robinson tells "Andrew" that, no, Quo Primum isn't still in force, no Pope can bind his successor, Paul VI had the right to do whatever he wanted to the Mass and when St. Pius V said that the Roman Missal could never be changed and that his decree would remain in force forever and "forever have the force of law," he was mainly addressing his words to the printers! Then, within the last few weeks, we have another "SSPX podcast" episode where Fr Paul Robinson appears to recommend a book by the late Fr. Pius Parsch, a man whom I'm sure many of you will know as one of the leading lights of the so-called "liturgical movement," and a priest who began doing the New Mass long before the New Mass was even a thing! 

Put it all together and what does it represent? Throwing Quo Primum in the dustbin at the same time as rehabilitating liturgical arch-modernists such as Parsch, installing freestanding altars left and right... sadly, it all points in one direction. I am currently trying to put it together into some sort of coherent article for the next Recusant

Can I please put out a general request for help? If anyone spots anything else which fits the pattern, can you please point it out to me? Either reply to this thread or email me: There are sure to be other little signs out there, but I work for a living and there are only so many hours in the day...


I've been watching the SSPX series - episode 7 - Why The SSPX Is Correct - At around the 2:24:00 hour mark, the interviewer says that according to the position of the SSPX, the new mass is valid. I can't seem to find where Archbishop Lefebvre said the new mass was vaild. Then the priest answers, that the pope has the authority to bring about a new mass. 

Ruthy wrote:
   "I can't seem to find where Archbishop Lefebvre said the new mass was vaild."

He said it was illegitimate.
OPEN LETTER TO CONFUSED CATHOLICS- chapter XV-The Marriage of the Church and the Revolution, page 111:

 Archbishop Lefebvre lists the Popes that battled and resisted the union of the Church with the revolution for 150 yrs. before Vat II.   He listed the encyclicals and decrees those Popes wrote against modernism and communism.
"All these Popes have resisted the union of the Church with the revolution; it is an adulterous union and from such a union only bastards can come.   The rite of the new mass is a bastard rite, the sacraments are bastard sacraments." 

More quotes of Archbishop Lefebvre regarding the new mass: Quotes of Archbishop Lefebvre - On The Novus Ordo Missae [the New Mass]

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