Archbishop Viganò Rosary Crusade Appeal
Videos of Archbishop Viganò Praying the Fifteen Decades of the Rosary, with the following message attached to each video:

Memorare, piissima Virgo Maria,
a sæculo non esse auditum
quemquam ad tua currentem præsidia,
tua implorantem auxilia,
tua petentem suffragia
esse derelictum.

St. Bernard

After two years of lies and deceptions, humanity subjugated by the globalist oligarchy is witnessing the last blows of the tail of the Leviathan; and while the truth comes to light from many quarters, revealing the fraud and betrayal of many, it seems to want to unleash itself by imposing increasingly absurd laws, with which to force us into slavery in the name of a health emergency that wants to legitimize the limitation of freedoms fundamental, the segregation of those who do not give in to blackmail, the criminalization of dissenters.

We understood the spiritual dimension of this battle, in which a virus produced in the laboratory should have allowed the realization of that Great Reset that the New World Order had long planned in the smallest details, to erase all traces of our identity as Christians, and with it is what remains of the civilization and culture that religion has inspired in society.

We have also understood that, in the betrayal of its role by the authorities, not only those who govern the fate of nations are involved, but also the Catholic hierarchy, in an attempt to transform the Church of Christ into the servant of globalist ideology. We have seen with dismay deep state and deep church ally themselves against God and against man, to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist on earth.

Just as the Virgin wanted to show the pains of hell and damned souls to the little shepherds of Fatima, so too we are shown the model of a hellish society that the globalist elite would like to create on earth. A society without God, without Truth, without Good; in which death, hatred, impiety, vice and sin reign; in which the creature rebels against the Creator.

In the face of a spiritual battle, spiritual weapons are needed. This has been well understood by the thousands of Catholics, especially men, who in various parts of the world have begun to publicly recite the Rosary for the liberation of their homeland. These praiseworthy and courageous initiatives are the beginning of a Christian revival and a rebirth of Faith, as well as a solemn act of veneration towards the Mother of God.

Human forces alone are unable to face the looming threat. For this we must understand how important and irreplaceable is the use of prayer and divine help, with the invincible weapon that the Blessed Virgin Mary has given us to fight the Enemy of mankind.


In all nations, in all cities of the world, may the cry of our prayer be raised confidently and loudly. As children gripped by tribulation we throw ourselves at the feet of our Mother, invoking Her with the certainty of obtaining listening. Let us make our own the words of Saint Bernard: Remember, O most holy Virgin Mary, that it has never been heard in the world
that anyone has resorted to your protection, begged for your help, asked for your help, and was abandoned.

Let us kneel to pray in our homes, churches, streets and squares of our cities. In recognizing that we are all in need of the help of the Virgin of the Holy Rosary, we honor the divine order against the infernal chaos, placing all our hope in her who at the foot of the Cross was given to us as Mother, and who as Mother loves and helps us. , as it always has done throughout history.

May even the little ones accompany us in this Crusade, whose innocence moves Heaven. May the elderly and the sick also be spiritually united with us, offering their sufferings in union with the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The devil is terrified of the prayer of children and the penance of those who suffer, because in purity and sacrifice he sees the image of Christ, who has defeated him.

May our heartfelt prayer resound everywhere. We ask the Mediatrix of all Graces to put an end to this destruction of our world, of our freedom, of our identity, of our affections. We ask you to open our eyes, so as not to be pushed into the abyss of despair, hatred, social conflict, pandering to those who sow division in order to hit us in body and soul. We beg you to enlighten the hesitant minds of parents, unaware of the consequences of the gene serum on children; to move doctors to treat their patients, and not to carry out cynical ineffective protocols; to shake the rulers, the magistrates and the police to work for the common good, and not to obey dictators without morals. We implore you to convert those who, blinded by the thirst for power and money, they have become accomplices in a very serious crime against God and against those whom His Son redeemed on the Cross. We ask you to convert the Shepherds, to whom the Lord has entrusted his flock and to whom he will ask for an account of every soul. And for this to happen, we implore the forgiveness of our sins and the public sins of the Nations, since only with repentance and the resolve to no longer offend His divine Son can we hope to be heard.

Animated by this trust, I turn to you, O Mother, Virgin of virgins; I come to you, before you I bow down, repentant sinner. Do not want, oh Mother of the Word, to despise my prayers, but listen to me kindly and hear me.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

January 6, 2021
In Epiphania Domini
"So let us be confident, let us not be unprepared, let us not be outflanked, let us be wise, vigilant, fighting against those who are trying to tear the faith out of our souls and morality out of our hearts, so that we may remain Catholics, remain united to the Blessed Virgin Mary, remain united to the Roman Catholic Church, remain faithful children of the Church."- Abp. Lefebvre

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