Contact and Donation Information for Fr. Hewko
How to Contact Fr. David Hewko

Mailing Address [Personal Correspondence only.]
66 Goves Lane
Wentworth,  NH 03282

Phone number and Email [as kindly noted in Fr Hewko’s statement of February 2019]:
Quote:Sermons, catechisms, Mass schedules, and conferences will be found on the YouTube Channel: SSPX Marian Corps and Any “scattered sheep” seeking the crumbs off the Master’s Table and desiring the Holy Mass, may contact me at: (315) 391-7575 or


How to Send Fr. David Hewko Donations via his Sorrowful Heart of Mary Apostolate

Sorrowful Heart of Mary, Inc. [SHM] is the name of the non-profit organization set up for Fr. Hewko. Under U.S. law your donations are tax deductible! An annual receipt will be furnished to all benefactors to this organization. And of course, all funds collected solely support Fr. Hewko's Sorrowful Heart of Mary apostolate.

Please note, if you wish to donate by check and receive a receipt for the tax deduction, be sure to make the check payable to: Sorrowful Heart of Mary, Inc. Father has been set up to receive donations electronically via PayPal [see below for additional details]. This type of donation will also receive a tax deduction benefit statement annually.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity of heart in this regard!

To make a [tax-deductible] donation by Check, make Checks payable to: Sorrowful Heart of Mary, Inc.
Mailing address:
Rev. Fr. David Hewko
P.O. Box 366017
Atlanta, GA 30336

To Make a [tax-deductible] Donation via PayPal, click HERE.

To send a [non-tax deductible] Mass Request and Stipend
Kindly make checks payable directly to: Fr. David Hewko 
Rev. Fr. David Hewko
66 Goves Lane
Wentworth,  NH  03282

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