Top Doctor Says New CDC Study on Natural Immunity Is 'Highly Flawed'
Top Doctor Says New CDC Study on Natural Immunity Is 'Highly Flawed'
TH | Nov 02, 2021

Last week the Centers for Disease Control published a study claiming vaccination for Wuhan coronvirus was superior to immunity obtained through natural infection. 

Given the CDC's record of issuing "science" based on political motives and leanings, the study was met with skepticism.

Further, a number of other studies have shown natural immunity is far superior to vaccination in terms of protection against infection. The Brownstone Institute has a solid analysis of the CDC study compared to a recent Israeli study, which shows natural immunity offers better protection.

Quote:Concerning the Covid recovered, there are two key public health issues. 1. Would the Covid recovered benefit from also being vaccinated? 2. Should there be vaccine passports and mandates that require them to be vaccinated in order to work and participate in society?

The CDC study did not address the first question, while the Israeli study showed a small but not statistically significant benefit in reducing symptomatic Covid disease. Future studies will hopefully shed more light on this issue.

Based on the solid evidence from the Israeli study, the Covid recovered have stronger and longer-lasting immunity against Covid disease than the vaccinated.

Many of the Covid recovered were exposed to the virus as essential workers during the height of the pandemic before vaccines were available. They kept the rest of society afloat, processing food, delivering goods, unloading ships, picking up garbage, policing the streets, maintaining the electricity network, putting out fires, and caring for the old and sick, to name a few.

They are now being fired and excluded despite having stronger immunity than the vaccinated work-from-home administrators that are firing them.

John Hopkins Doctor Marty MaKary is calling the CDC study "highly flawed."
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