Analysis Shows More COVID Deaths in 2021 than 2020 with Large Percent of 2021 Deaths Fully Vaccinate
Analysis Shows More COVID Deaths in 2021 than 2020 with Large Percent of 2021 Deaths Fully Vaccinated
GP | October 22, 2021

The Devil is in the Details and The Trends Look Like Hell

Some may want to “Follow the Science” since a majority feel it is correct but math provides the true answers.  Math takes the data and determines the trends.  While we must learn from the past 22 months of this pandemic we also must understand the current trends so we can determine the correct path forward.

In the first 3 months of 2020 in the US, 3,603 people died from Covid-19. In April the deaths accelerated and varied between 9k and 15k per week.  Eventually, 333,199 died between April 1, 2020 and Dec 31, 2020 for a daily average of 1,216 deaths.

During the October 22nd 2020 debate Joe Biden stated, “Folks, I will take care of this. I will end this. I will make sure we have a plan”.

According to there have been an additional 414,890 deaths from Covid-19 between Jan 1, 2021 and Oct 20, 2021.  That equates to a new daily average of 1,421 deaths.  The 2021 daily rate is 16.9% greater than 2020.  In the math world we would say the plan has failed.

The following is an analysis of breakthrough cases and deaths in Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  Covid-19 breakthrough cases or deaths are in fully vaccinated persons.  Each state records their Covid-19 data differently which makes some data more readily available.  It is practically impossible to get all the data for these states on the exact same dates.

From the website we are told.

[Image: Covid-Pic-1.jpg]

Then it states later,

Quote:Less than 0.71% sounds pretty low doesn’t it?  The state of Maryland implies the vaccines are doing their job as Dr. Fauci has told us over and over again.  Yet what is the trend?

Between Sept 22, 2021, and Oct 10, 2021, Maryland had an additional 21,864 Covid-19 cases which 7,233 or 33.1% of the cases were classified as breakthrough cases.  Why doesn’t the state of Maryland give you this data versus the 0.71% number?

During this same period, Maryland lost 259 citizens to Covid-19.  Of those 259 souls, 77 or 29.7% were fully vaccinated.  Again, why does water down that data?

In Massachusetts, for the four week ending period of Aug 28 through Sep 18, there were 44,773 Covid-19 cases which 37.1% were classified as breakthrough and 269 covid-19 deaths of which, 86 or 32.0% were in fully vaccinated people.  For the four week ending period of Sep 25 through Oct 16, there were 38,228 Covid-19 cases which 40.8% were classified as breakthrough and 380 Covid-19 deaths of which, 154 or 40.5% were in fully vaccinated people.

These trends detail an obvious failure of the vaccine, but news outlets state that this fully vaccinated death count of 371 is only a very small percentage of the total vaccinated.  What should be troubling to the Massachusetts public is those fully vaccinated account for an average of 39.2% of all deaths in the first two weeks of October.

In Pennsylvania, the acting Sec. of Health Alison Beam stated at a news conference at Lancaster General Hospital, “With nearly seven million Pennsylvanians fully vaccinated, the data makes it clear: the vaccines are safe and effective at preventing severe illness from Covid-19.”

However, recent analysis of cases and deaths between September 15 and Oct 4 show that in 132k cases, 26.1% of them were classified as breakthrough and 305 (26.5%) deaths out of a total of 1,153 were in fully vaccinated people.  But Sec. of Health Alison Beam makes no mention of that.

While Vermont is a small state, the fully vaccinated share of the total loss of life from Covid-19 is an even higher percentage than any of the states reviewed so far.  In September, according to the Vermont Daily Chronicle, 76% of those who died of Covid-19 were fully vaccinated.

When we look to the UK, the picture looks as bad as in Vermont except on a larger scale which should be a concern as our country’s numbers tend to lag the UK’s by a few weeks.

The following table from the UK government can be found here, on page 15.  It shows that between week 37 and week 40, there was a total of 2,805 covid-19 deaths and 2,136 or 76.1% were fully vaccinated.  These deaths happened within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test.

[Image: COVID-Pic-2.jpg]

Recently, Dr. Robert Malone, who developed the mRNA technology, was interviewed on The Jimmy Dore Show and stated, “overuse of vaccines will drive the development of viruses that are able to evade vaccinations”.

Vaccinating those that aren’t at risk drives this development of further variants which could be killing more of our elderly.

Hopefully, we can learn from these trending hardships in the UK, that a booster shot that was designed for the initial variant discovered in the fall of 2019 can’t be the silver bullet against the variants in the 2021/2022 Covid-19 season.  When will we realize that statements like, “we can vaccinate ourselves out of a pandemic”, could actually be very dangerous to our young and killing our elderly?

Why is our 2021 daily death toll, with vaccine use, 16.9% greater than in 2020 when no vaccine was readily available?

The following Virginia data was obtained.

[Image: COVID-Pic-3.jpg]

If a current protocol has failed, we need to discard it.  If the majority of deaths are in a specific age group we need to focus on that age group and protect their lives.  We need to stop spending time on scare tactics with other groups who are at minimal risk of death, by coercing them or mandating them into getting an experimental vaccine without knowledge of long-term side effects.

The old saying, “knowledge is power, get some” is more relevant than ever now.  Math is a beautiful thing.
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