We Must Defend the Family from Masonic Corruption
WE MUST DEFEND THE FAMILY from Masonic Corruption

«The FAMILY remains at the center and we must do everything to defend it, protect it and promote it because the FUTURE OF MANKIND AND THE CHURCH... IS STILL THE FAMILY.» These are the recent words of the Secretary of State, Card. Pietro Parolin, that express the permanent teaching of the Church that the family is the foundation of all human civilization and the Catholic Church itself.

But this truth was also very well known by the founder of the Satanic Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt, who taught initiates the “great mysteries”:
Quote:«But soon an unhappy germ developed itself in his heart (men); and rest and happiness disappeared. AS FAMILIES MULTIPLIED, the necessary means of subsistence began to fail. The Nomad or roaming life ceased; Property began; Men chose fixed habitations; Agriculture brought them together… It was this beginning of property therefore … which struck the first mortal blow at Equality and Liberty.»

Only the family could multiply families; only the family could apply for a permanent home, a private property, productive work; only this plurality of families might feel the need of a religion, a government, a homeland, a military loyalty.

But in the name of the Satanic Pantheistic sacredness of Nature, Adam Weishaupt sought the elimination of Civilization and the return to a system of tribal life. In fact, in 1776, he had been commissioned to found the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria by Mayer Amschel Rothschild who, three years earlier, with a dozen of his financier friends, had called for a plan for the creation of a World Government whose program was summed up in these two sentences:
Quote:«The TRUE NAME OF GOD will be deleted from the lexicon of life.»

«... The Goyim (Christians) will destroy each other, but on a scale so massive that, in the end, only masses of the proletariat will remain in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause ... and police and Military sufficient enough to protect our interests.»

Weishaupt drew up his secret political program that included the abolition of all government, private property, the right to inheritance, the abolition of loyalty to country and military, the abolition of all religion and especially the ABOLITION OF THE FAMILY. The main enemy and the most difficult to break down will always and only be the FAMILY. This was, for Weishaupt, the source of all evil!

It was the successor of Weishaupt, Nubius, and his collaborators that, in some secret instructions, detailed their ultimate goal and the methods to achieve it:
Quote:«Our ultimate goal is that of Voltaire and the French Revolution: that is, the complete annihilation of Catholicism and even of the Christian idea (...) It is the youth that must be targeted: one must seduce the youth!… » (Secret Instruction, “Nubius,” 1819).«... Infiltrated the poison into the hearts of the elect, infiltrate it in small doses, and as if by chance (...) The main thing is to isolate the man from his family, to make him remiss in his customs (...) Excite him, seduce him, give him any importance; cautiously teach him to be bored of his daily work and, in this way, after having separated from his wife and his children (...) inspire in him the desire for another existence (...) When you have managed to insinuate a disgust for family and religion (two things that are always in accord) arouse in him the desire to be closely affiliated with the “Lodge”» (Secret Instruction, “Little Tiger,” 1822).

«We have embarked on a great corruption (...) corruption that must lead to the burial of the Church (...). Catholicism (...) does not fear the tip of a knife, but may fall under the weight of corruption (...) popularize vice in the multitudes; who will take in [vice] with the five senses, that they may be steeped in it (...) Make hearts vicious and you’ll have no more Catholics (...) Leave aside the old and mature men; Go, instead, straight to the youth and if possible also to children (...) To reduce Catholicism, the woman should be eliminated ... but since we cannot eliminate them, we must corrupt them together with the Church (...) The best dagger to assassinate the Church and strike at the heart is corruption. Therefore, work until the end!» (Secret Instruction, “Vindice,” 1838).

This level of corruption, especially in young people, is tinged with further details: «The sexual magic is the final conclusion and the most secret doctrine of occult philosophy» (Francesco Brunelli, Grand Master of Freemasonry and the Order of Memphis and Misraim and the Order of Martinist).

«Sexual excitement makes children no longer capable of being educated; it leads to hatred; and hatred against their parents and against adults and, even against themselves (...). The loss of modesty is the first symptom of stupidity» (Sigmund Freud, “3 Responses,” Vienna, 1905. Freud was enrolled in the High Jewish Freemasonry of the B’nai B’rith).

And in a “plan” of Freemasonry, described in a secret circular it stated: «Every trace of Christianity and of the Supernatural Life of Grace must be eliminated from education… (...). Priests and Religious should be excluded from teaching. Any distinction between the sexes in education, must disappear» (“Chiesa viva,” n. 109, p. 5)

And we could go on to mention the hundreds of other similar determinations of Masonic Lodges. However, as is evident, these “Masonic plans” coincide with “plans of Satan,” whose sole aim is to blacken the souls of men, to be worshiped by them as a “god,” making himself the head, which would be unchallenged, to a “world government” against the Kingdom of Christ and of His grace. THIS IS WHY SATAN IS RAISING THE FLAG AND THE WORSHIP OF NATURE.

Therefore, each of us, even today, in our time, must choose decisively our camp, because “he who is not with Me is against Me” (Lk. 15, 5, 23). That is to say: there can be no neutrality between good and evil, between truth and error. Our life on earth is only a test site, and after death, we will be judged, for eternity, depending on the choice that we have made. Human history, in fact, is made up of a permanent struggle that Satan (i.e. the “counter-Church” that St. Paul calls the “mystery of iniquity”) leads against the true Church, the Mystical Body of Christ.

The “mystery of iniquity,” then, is characterized by the rejection of Grace. While God, in creation, has made the natural order to coexist with the supernatural; today we are witnessing the diabolical attempt of Lucifer and his allies to stir up A REVOLT AGAINST NATURE OF GRACE, to deify the creature, which, swollen with pride, is attempting to revolt against God and His order, claiming to establish a society where God is totally excluded. However, because Jesus has categorically stated that «without Me you can do nothing» (Jo. 15, 5, 55) it is mathematically certain that this new Promethean attempt of rebellion to God’s Law can only come to failure, to abomination and slavery! Yes, because Christ has overcome the world and the devil! Then, though we still live in a time of battle, we cry out our Faith in Him alone – In Him be the power, the victory and the glory for ever and ever!
"So let us be confident, let us not be unprepared, let us not be outflanked, let us be wise, vigilant, fighting against those who are trying to tear the faith out of our souls and morality out of our hearts, so that we may remain Catholics, remain united to the Blessed Virgin Mary, remain united to the Roman Catholic Church, remain faithful children of the Church."- Abp. Lefebvre

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