WHO To Release Guidelines for Digital Vaccine Passport, Chief Scientist Says
WHO To Release Guidelines for Digital Vaccine Passport, Chief Scientist Says

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TH |  Jul 13, 2021

Chief Scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) Soumya Swaminathan stated in a media briefing on COVID-19 on Monday that the organization "is in the process of coming out with the standards for the digital certification of vaccination," and that the group "wants to make sure that these certificates are interoperable between countries across national borders."

These guidelines will be published in the next week to 10 days, according to Swaminathan.

The hope is that countries will adopt these standards alongside their own certification methods.

However, vaccine passports shouldn't be used to prevent or permit "travel or entry, because it's essentially then a very inequitable situation." Therefore, Swaminathan says, "the WHO does not promote the use of vaccine passports."

"I think there are also guidelines on how countries can adapt their quarantine procedures and other procedures if people are vaccinated versus those who have a RT-PCR negative certification."

Though Swaminathan said the WHO does not promote vaccine passports, she closed by saying the following: "the bottom line is yes we will have the guidelines very soon and the standards for the digital certification and we encourage all countries to adopt those because it's good to have an interoperable certificate."

Executive director of the WHO's Health Emergencies Programme, Michael Ryan, said in this same meeting that the WHO is "working to increase the distribution of the paper versions of our international certificate of vaccination," and that they are also "developing a digital wallet that could be used for the same purpose...issuing much more data standards for countries to generate their own digital vaccination certificates."

Last year, the World Health Organization went along with China's lies and deflected the reality of Covid to protect China.

Because of this, many are calling the WHO a compromised body that no longer serves its stated end goals.
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