"Cor Divisa" - A Heart Divided
From a previous member on the 'Archived' Catacombs site:

Many know in Tradition the bio of the great Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre both of his family life and his service to the Catholic Church.  Exemplary in fact.  With his many achievements in the mission field, he was also elected as a Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers  on July 26, 1962. Their Motto being: "Cor unum et anima una" - "One heart and one soul".

Abp. Lefebvre first instituted a major reform of the seminaries run by the Holy Ghost Fathers. He transferred several Modernist (relativistic, liberal) professors to non-educational posts. He ordered books by certain modern theologians, including Yves Congar and Marie-Dominique Chenu, to be removed from the seminary library, finding them too Neo-Modernistic. (One book of Chenu was inserted into the Index Librorum Prohibitorum in the 1942.[4])

Lefebvre was increasingly criticized by influential pro-reform members of his large religious congregation who considered him out-of-step with modern Church leaders and the demand of bishops' conferences, particularly in France, for drastic revision and reform.[5] A general chapter of the Holy Ghost Fathers was convened in Rome in September 1968. The first action of the chapter was to name several moderators to lead the chapter's sessions instead of Lefebvre.[6] Finding it impossible to lead the congregation after being undermined, Lefebvre then handed in his resignation as Superior General to Pope Paul VI.[7]

He would later say that it had become impossible for him to remain Superior of an institute that no longer wanted him nor listened to him. To replace him, on October 28 a new superior general was elected who proved willing to allow the demands for reforms. Lefebvre's tenure as Superior saw the congregation at its zenith in terms of numbers, missions, and missionary activity. Lefebvre left the Holy Ghost Fathers and went on to found the Society of Saint Pius X in Écône (Diocese of Fribourg), Switzerland.

When under the leadership of Abp. Lefebvre (1962-1968),  the Holy Ghost Father congregation increased greatly in benefit for the Church.  As an FYI, he still has to date the most distinguished credentials within the congregation.   After the Archbishop's time, the congregation suffered large losses like every other congregation ingesting the religion of man from Vatican II.

Yet, a different Heart was born two years later (1970) under the leadership again of Archbishop Lefebvre, in the blessed congregation of the Society of St. Pius X.  Their running motto being "Cor-Unum" - One Heart.  

Archbishop Lefebvre was the Founder and Superior General of the SSPX until 1982 giving the helm and appointment to Fr. Franz Schmidberger who served until 1994; he was succeeded by Bishop Bernard Fellay and present superior general.

After the death of the Archbishop (March 25, 1991), his congregation also took on the novelties and errors of Vatican II.  Covertly at first by G.R.E.C.  in 1994, just three years later, causing to date a massive split in the SSPX and civil war within Tradition.  This happened under the present superior general (Bishop Fellay) who desires the same as the liberals in the Holy Ghost Fathers, to update, and conform to the norms of Vatican II.

What would the Archbishop say today of his SSPX congregation going into the revolution of Vatican II?

There is a common theme here.  Under the solid Catholic faith and guidance of Archbishop Lefebvre "I have handed down what I have received", societies grow and blessing of God are manifest.  History shows this all too well.  God blesses what is of Himself.

Where ever God is, there is peace and abundance.  Where there is modernism, there is discord and divide.

A heart cannot be in union with itself unless it beats the same love.  St. Augustine show us what two loves do, and our Lord Himself said "Every kingdom divided against itself shall be made desolate: and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." (Matthew 12)

Only those who hear the voice of the Shepherd can walk in the cleanliness of the heart.

Fortunately for the Catholic world, there are still a few SSPX son priests left residing within the OLMC Seminary who refuse to update into the revolution only to remain steadfast holding to the same Catholic faith, though greatly persecuted, yet continuing the legacy of the Church "I have handed down what I have received".
A reply from the 'Archived' Catacombs to the above post:

Modernism must constantly birth novelties. And each novelty must have its following. So how true are these words that where there is modernism, there is discord and strife.

We see this many times over in the birthing of the Protestant Revolution. How many Protestant sects are there now today?

And most painfully, we have seen this in the wake of the modernist Vatican II. How many branches and flavors are there of traditional Catholics nowadays?  You've got your indult traditional Catholics, you've got your sedevacantists traditional Catholics, you've got your SSPX traditional Catholics, you've got your Ecclesia Dei traditional Catholics, you've got your false resistance traditional Catholics, and you've got your true resistance traditional Catholics...one could go on and on. Is this not reminiscent of the Protestant Revolution? And just like the Protestants, they all swear they are in the right. So how do you know which is the true Church? Which is the right traditional Catholic?

Simple, you pick the traditional Catholics that follow the unchanging Church.

The indult and the false resistance will all tell you, you can attend the new mass. But we know this is wrong. Otherwise, why are you traditional Catholic? The SSPX traditional Catholics are trying their hardest to become an indult traditional Catholic groups. So same category as the first. The sedevacantists have self-proclaimed themselves cut off from the Church because they deny the pope is the pope. And our catechism teaches us that if we cut ourselves off from the Roman pontiff, we cut ourselves off from the Church. So much for that flavor of traditional Catholic. They have backed themselves into the proverbial corner.

Even the false resistance has painfully acknowledged that there is no error in the doctrine preached by the Fathers of OLMC. Those priests do continue to follow truly in the footsteps of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. They do teach what the Church has always taught. How few can this be said of today? Just listen to their sermons. The proof is easily there.

The Church doesn't change. The True Church. The Roman Catholic Church of the last two thousand years. We must cling to those who continue to preach the True Faith. Not the watered-down version of Catholicism that so many traditional Catholic groups deliver. We must hold fast to the Faith and not to persons. God will not let us be lost.

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