A blessed Ordination Anniversary to Fr. Hewko, April 21st!
A reminder. Please keep this good priest in your prayers today especially!

Prayer to Mary, Queen of the Clergy

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2F1.bp.blogspot.com%2F-tH...f=1&nofb=1]

O Mary, Queen of the Clergy, thou art the Mother of the Church, the Queen of the Missions, the ideal completion and perfection of all the ecclesiastical virtues. Deign thou to sow, with a royal profusion, the grace of priestly vocations and in thy missionaries the zeal of the first Christians. Prepare the souls of young Levites for the perilous functions of the sacred ministry. Fill the priests of thy favorite Son, with the burning fire of an untiring fervor, and garnish them with holiness and with an understanding of their glorious mission.

O priestly Virgin, thou who art the protectress of the Catholic hierarchy, enlighten and fortify our bishops, that they are the vigilant pastors and leaders educating thy people. Expand thy powerful protection over our Holy Father the Pope, so that with a firm hand, he may guide and secure the Barque of thy Church through the storms and convulsions of the modern world, unto the port of eternity.

O August Queen of heaven and earth, O divine thief of our hearts! Draw all souls unto thyself, chaining them to thy virginal Heart with the unbreakable bond of love so pure and so enthusiastic that they may no longer live but to love thee and please thee, now in the shadows of exile, and soon in the splendor of eternal homeland. So be it!

P. Ignatius Mary OFM Imprimatur: Fr Paulus, CP Metis, 16.6.1925. E. Emel, vic. gen. (F. Conrad, Metz)

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