The Recusant Archives
The Recusant Archives may be found below, gratefully reprinted from the St. Mary's, KS Resistance site here.

Issue 61 - Lent 2024
Are we “excommunicated” or in “schism” from modern Rome?
Catholic Social Action
Preparing your Home for Mass
Ten Years Ago - Part 3

Issue 60 – Easter 2023
Sermon at Martigny, Switzerland, 1984 (Abp. Lefebvre)
Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC Newsletter (Fr. Hewko)
‘How the Novus Ordo Mass was Made’ (the
SSPX Moves Closer to Accepting the New Mass:
How to Spiritually assist at Mass

Issue 59 – Advent 2022
“New Mass Already Condemned by the Church” et alia (Abp. Lefebvre)
Mass Attendance – Applying the old SSPX’s Doctrinal Clarity
“Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC” Newsletter (Fr. Hewko)
“Red Light Fake Resistance & SSPX!” – (Fr. Rafael Arizaga OSB)
“Is the Resistance Justified?” (A Response to a Correspondent)

Issue 58 – September 2022
“Those who are pro-Syllabus, those who are anti-Syllabus” (Abp. Lefebvre, Econe 1990)
Sowing Even More Confusion – Bishop Williamson promotes Garabandal & The New Mass & The Conciliar Church
“Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC” (Fr. Hewko)
“Ten Years Ago…” Part 2

Issue 57 – Lent 2022
Real & Apparent Disobedience (Abp. Lefebvre, Poitiers, 1977)
“Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC” (Fr. Hewko)
English Martyrs (Bl. James Fenn, Bl. John Finch, St. Edmund Genings
Where Do They Stand?
More on Covid “Vaccines” :
– The “Sede-Vax-Can-tists”,
– SSPX: Conciliar Morality
“Ten Years Ago”

Issue 56 – Autumn 2021
True and False Obedience (Abp. Lefebvre)
“Then And Now” (Abp. Lefevbre vs. modern SSPX)
English Martyrs (September & October)
Is ‘Quo Primum’ Still in Force?
“What are we to think of the Society of St. Peter?” (old SSPX)

Issue 55 - Eastertide 2021
Archbishop Lefebvre: 1981 (“Holy Resistance”) Declaration
SSPX Continues to Green Light Covid Vaccines
Fr. Paul Robinson Is Still At It! (Genesis vs. Charles Lyell)
Evolutionist Logical Fallacies
Lyell & Uniformitarianism’s request.

Issue 54 - Epiphany 2021
Archbishop Lefebvre: 1978 ‘Spotlight’ Interview
DICI Interview with the SSPX Superior General (Analysis)
Don’t Get the Vaccine!

Issue 53 - Autumn 2020
Fr. Pfeiffer’s scandalous “consecration” by a Feeneyite, Sedevacantist ‘garage bishop’
Statements by Fr. Hewko, Fr. Ruiz & Fr. Rafael OSB
“Who was Abp. Ngo-Dinh Thuc?” (reprint)
Interview with Fr. Arturo Vargas

Issue 52 – Summer 2020
Abp. Lefevbre on Liberalism & Freemasonry (Spain, October 1986)
‘Mary, Cause of Our Joy’ Newsletter, May 2020 (Fr. Hewko)
“Open Letter to Donald Trump” & two other letters (Abp. Vigano)
“Spain, The Vital Years” (Book Review)

Issue 51 – Easter 2020
A Close Look at the Covid 19 ” Crisis” (Editorial & Articles)
Bishop Williamson is Still Promoting Maria Valtorta (Analysis)
“Sorrowful Heart of Mary SSPX-MC” Issues 8 & 9 (Fr. Hewko)
Fr. Paul Robinson, SSPX: ‘Government Restrictions Good, Conspiracy Theories Bad’

Issue 50 – January 2020
Christmas Sermon, 1977 (Archbishop Lefebvre)
“How Independent!” (Fake Resistance Watch)
“Sorrowful Heart of Mary” Newsletter #6 (Fr. Hewko)
“The ‘Any Valid Mass’ Canard” (A Response to a Critic)
“The New Mass” (‘Catholic’ reprint, March 2000)
“My Catholic Faith” (Book Review)

Issue 49 - November 2019
Note on Liberal Influence 1975 (Abp. Lefebvre)
“Operation Sabotage”(Fake Resistance re-examined)
“Quid pro Quo” (Or: “Everyone has his price”)
Can Catholics Deny the Genesis Flood? (No. But the SSPX Does.)
2009 Letter to SSPX Superiors (Fr. Jean OFM)
The Recusant Poetry Contest

Issue 48 - Summer 2018
1989 Priestly Anniversary Sermon (Abp. Lefebvre)
“Remembering the English Martyrs” (August-Sept.)
A closer Look at Archbishop Lefebvre’s 1974 Declaration
Fake Resistance: Silly News
SSPX-Watch: “The anti-anti-Semitic SSPX”
“Spot the Veil!” (Competition)

Issue 47 – May 2018
Client States and Surrenders (Editorial)
Ordinations Sermon 1978 (Abp. Lefebvre)
“Remembering the English Martyrs” (June)
‘Obedience and the Pope’ (Father Gregory Hesse)
What would the Old SSPX Say about today’s technology?

Issue 46 – March/April 2018
The Heresy of Evolution:
Ten Questions for Evolutionists” (Apologetics)
The Flood: Myth or Reality?
Dinosaurs and Mankind (Evidence Digest)
Geological Nonsense!
Charles Lyell’s Errors Disproved (Guy Bertault)
Darwin, Marx and Freud
The Traditional Catholic Doctrine on Creation (Kolbe Centre)
English Martyrs (April-May)
SSPX-Watch: promoting bogus modern “Science”!

Issue 45 – January/February 2018
Mass of All Time vs. Mass of Our Time” (Abp. Lefebvre)
Remembering the English Martyrs (Jan. – March)
Open Letter to Fr. Ortiz (re. Russian Orthodoxy)
A Closer Look at Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church (Digest)
The Heresy of Evolution” (Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer)

Issue 44 – November/December 2017
The Infiltration of Modernism in the Church (Abp. Lefebvre)
Remembering the English Martyrs (December/January)
Belloc: Europe and the Faithful (Book Review)
Measuring how much Piety has Atrophied in the n-SSPX” (Catholic Candle)
Bishop Fellay Still Accepts Vatican II (Analysis)
Trad-Ecumenism = Apostasy (Gladium)
Letter to Friends and Benefactors (Fr. Pfeiffer)
Bp. Williamson & Russian Orthodoxy (Fake Resistance Watch)

Issue 43 – September/October 2017
“A New Concept of the Church” – 1984 conference (Abp. Lefebvre)
“We Will Crush You!” (Fr. Rafael vs. Fake Resistance)
Summer 2017 Newsletter (Fr. Rafael, OSB)
Outside the Church there is No Salvation (Catechism): – “Two Recent Explanations of the Church’s Necessity for Salvation” (Mgr. Fenton) – “The Catholic Church and Salvation – Some Sources of Misunderstanding” (Mgr. Fenton)
Dom Gueranger’s Advice for Our Time” (Catholic Candle)

Issue 42 – July/August 2017
Conference on the New Mass, 1978 (Abp. Lefebvre)
Is Bishop Williamson Defensible? (A Response to Mr. Samuel Loeman)
Archbishop Lefebvre and the New Mass (Analysis)
Where Does Bishop Faure Stand? (Time & Analysis)
SSPX-Rome Marriage Proposals (Letter & Response)

Issue 41 – May/June 2017
Ordinations Sermon, 1976 (Archbishop Lefebvre)
The Spear” – Louis de Wohl (Book Review)
Necessary Precisions…” (Fr. Hugo Ruiz Vallejo)
The N-SSPX’s Pending Deal with Rome is a Disaster for Souls” (Catholic Candle)
Is the Recusant guilty of ‘Internecine Warfare’? (Correspondence)
“Bishop Williamson Teaches Indifferentism” (Analysis)
Exclusive Interview with Bishop Zendejas (Humour)

Issue 40 – April 2017
Archbishop Lefebvre’s private advice about attending the New Mass (Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre)
The New Mass is not Catholic and doesn’t give Grace
St. Joseph’s Monestery Newsletter (March 2017)
Has Bishop Fellay Been Wronged? (Debate)
“Bishop Williamson Is Still At It” (Analysis)
Who Is Fr. Gerardo Zendejas and What Does He Stand For?
What is Bp. Williamson’s Current Teaching?
“Who Wants to be the next Fake Resistance Bishop?” (Humour)

Issue 39 – March 2017
Archbishop Lefebvre 8th Dec. 1976 Sermon
Fake Resistance Real Hypocrisy” Case Study: The Persecution of St. Joseph’s Monastery
Grace in the New Mass? “Open Letter to Editor of the Recusant” & Reply (Fr. MacDonald)
Hostile Takeovers for Dummies (Fake News Watch)
Bishop Fellay & Rome

Issue 38 – Christmas 2016 – February 2017
Archbishop Lefebvre Sermon at Lille, 1976
Fr. Cardozo Interview (‘Pale Ideas’)
Fake Resistance Watch: Fr. Ortiz & Australia
Bishop Williamson’s False Miracles (Catholic Candle)
Bishop Fellay and Rome (Digest & Commentary)
Remembering Campos

Issue 37 – October/November 2016
Archbishop Lefebvre: Assisi 1986 (Cartoons & Letters)
Bishop Fellay: “Our Relations with Rome” latest (Analysis)
Bp. Williamson’s latest Valtorta promotion (Catholic Candle)
‘Our Lady of the Southern Cross’ July 2016 Newsletter (Australian Resistance)
Bishop Williamson keeps digging” (Analysis)
Hugh Akins’ Latest: (Book Review & Humor)

Issue 36 – September 2016
The Recusant: “not God but the devil’s work”..?
A Public Attack by Mr. Hugh Akins
A Public Reply to Mr. Hugh Akins
Which Resistance Priests uphold Tradition Catholic Principles? (‘Catholic Candle’)
A Reply to Sean Johnson (Fr. McDonald)
“A ‘Refutation’ Refuted” (our reply to Mr. Johnson)
Concerning the Heresy & Schism of the New Mass (Fr. Kramer & Fr. Hesse)

Issue 35 – July/August 2016
Fr. Bouchacourt & Islam (SSPX-Watch Special)
Archbishop Lefebvre die fighting. Will his sons?
Sunday without Mass (Catholic Candle)
Fake Resistance, Real Hypocrisy” Part I – the website ‘Non Possumus’
Bishop Williamson and Maria Valtorta (Analysis)
Bishop Fellay’s June 2016 Declaration (Analysis)

Issue 34- May/June 2016
Archbishop Lefebvre – Letter to Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer (December 1990)
Open Letter to John Paul II (Lefebvre & de Castro Mayer)
62 Reasons to not attend the New Mass ( [/url]
Get out while you still have some Faith!” (Catholic Candle)
Declaration of Resistance Priests – London, April 2016
Bp. Fellay & Rome – a digest of recent events
SPECIAL: “Novus Ordo ‘Miracles’ – A Case Study” – PAGE 26

Issue 33 – March/April 2016
Archbishop Lefebvre – “We cannot encourage people to assist at the New Mass” (Conference extract)
Bishop Williamson believes in the conciliar church! (EC #447 analysis)
A message from Gabrielle
Which Statement is acceptable to you? (The neo-Resistance in their own words)
He Who Gathers Not With Me” (Fr. Cardozo – sermon)

Issue 32 – January/February_2016
Archbishop Lefebvre – “Ubi Maria Ibi Ecclesia!
Danger of So-called “miracles” in the Conciliar Church (“Catholic Candle”)
Edmund Campion” by Evelyn Waugh (Book Review)
Newsletter of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary (Fr Pfeiffer)

Issue 31 – November/December 2015
What does the Church teach concerning:
  • Clerical Immorality?
  • Revealing Another’s Sins?
Fake Resistance Watch:
  • Cathinfo: Making Money out of Scandal (Editorial)
  • Concerning Fr. Stephen Abraham
  • Bishop Williamson: More Novus Ordo Madness
  • Fr. Zendejas’s “Blue Paper” (analysis)
  • Who is Fr. Zendejas? (Fr. Zendejas in his own words
SSPX Watch: Branding comes to Britain

Issue 30 – October 2015
Priestly Jubilee Sermon (Archbishop Lefebvre)
Open Letter to Cardinal Gantin’ (1988 SSPX Superiors)
Open Letter to all SSPX Faithful (September 2015)
Avrillé Dominicans July Declaration (analysis)
British District Newsletter: (SSPX Watch)
Defending the Indefensible” (Fr. Altamira)

Issue 29 – September 2015
Authority, Religious Liberty and the New Mass (Analysis)
Question: May I assist at the New Mass? Answer: No! (
Assisting at the New Mass (Avrillé Dominicans)
Why we should not attend Mass at the SSPX (Fr. Ortiz)
2015 Chapter Declaration (Knights of Our Lady)
SSPX and “Divine Mercy” (SSPX Watch)

Issue 28 – July/August 2015
Archbishop Lefebvre (Albias conference, 1990)
Good And Bad Shepherds (Fr. Pfeiffer)
Fr. Bouchacourt Approves Priests’ Mortal Sins” (La Sapiniere)
The Conciliar Jubilee of Conciliar Mercy (Fr. Bruno OSB)
“Resisting Caricatures” (Humour)

Issue 27 – June 2015
The Visibility of the Church” (Abp. Lefebvre)
Letter to Our Fellow Priests (French Resistance)
The SSPX’s New Doctrine” (Analysis)
SSPX Watch – British & Irish District Newsletters

Issue 26 – May 2015
Letter to Four Bishops-Elect (Archbishop Lefebvre)
No Compromise with Modernist Rome!” (Bishop Tissier de Mallerais)
Statement of Position” (Fr. Brendan King)
Introduction to Fr. MacDonald (Australian Conferences)
What to do on Sundays when there is no priest for Mass (
SSPX agreement with the conciliar church in Argentina (Analysis)

Issue 25 – April 2015
Interview with Fr. Faure (September 2013)
Why a Consecration in 2015? (Dom Tomas Aquinas OSB)
‘Non Possumus’ Interview with Fr. Faure (March 2015)
Menzingen’s Reaction to the Consecration of Fr. Faure (Analysis)
‘Non Possumus’ Interview with Bishop Williamson (March 2015)
SSPX-Rome Latest

Issue 24 – March 2015
Interview with Abp. Lefebvre (Fideliter, November 1988)
Response to an article about us on the SSPX USA website (Avrillé Dominicans)
Eternal Rome vs. Eternal Life (
Letter to the Faithful (Fr. Chazal)
Lord of the World” (Book Review)
A Closer Look at ‘Der Gerade Weg’ (Analysis)
Fr. Pfluger DGW interview (Ananlysis)
Neo-SSPX apologetic videos (SSPX Watch)

Issue 23 – January/February 2015
November 1974 Declaration (Archbishop Lefebvre)
Book Reviews: “Spiritual Journey”, “Fatherhood & Family
Letter to Friends & Benefactors (Fr. Pfeiffer)
Twelve Questions for Sedevacantists
Bishop Fellay’s Letter to Friends & Benefactors (Analysis)

Issue 22 – November/December 2014
Fideliter: “One Year After the Consecrations” (Abp. Lefebvre)
Nothing has Changed!” (Fr. Hewko)
Austrasia Report V (Fr. Chazal)
“Blessed” Paul VI – A Weak Response (Fr. Bruno, OSB)
Diary of an SSPX Faithful

Issue 21 – October 2014
We Must Not Waver! We May Not Compromise!” (Abp. Lefebvre)
Open Letter to SSPX Priests (an Australian layman)
Unfurl the Catholic Banner! (Fr. David Hewko)
Letter to the Faithful (Two Dominican Sisters)
Letter to the Faithful (Dom Rafael Arizaga, OSB)
Fr. le Roux Fiction Contest (Winning Entries)

Issue 20 – September 2014
Archbishop Lefebvre’s final interview (Fideliter, Jan-Feb 1991)
‘The Angelus Press and Michael Davies’ (analysis)
SSPX Watch Special: “Our Relations with…” Ecclesia Dei & Una Voce
‘Fr. Yves le Roux: A Writer of Fanciful Fiction!’

Issue 19 – August 2014
Little Catechism on Sedevacantism (Avrillé Dominicans)
Long Live Emperor Nullaparte! (Fr. Chazal)
The Fall and Drift of Le Barroux (Pere Bruno, OSB)
SSPX Watch!

Issue 18 – July 2014
Australasia Report IV (Fr. Chazal)
Letter to Fr. de Caqueray (Fr. Roland de Merode)
Catholic Saints vs. Conciliar “Saints” (Vatican website)
Agreement Here (Bishop Williamson)
Charity and Clarity (C J Austin Seal)
The Four Marks and the SSPX (Fr. Pfeiffer)

[url=]Issue 17 – June 2014
Bp. Fellay’s Jurisdiction & SSPX Abuses (La Sapiniere)
Friends & Benefactors Letter (Fr. Pfeiffer)
Letter to an Unknown Soldier of the ‘Internal Resistance’ (Fr. Chazal)
Interview with Fr. Fuchs (
More SSPX Branding

Issue 16 – May 2014
On Recent Canonisations (Editorial)
Keep it Simple!” (Fr. Girouard)
Bishop Fellay– No Change! (Analysis)
Ten Errors of Vatican II (Fr. Gregory Hesse)
Austral-Asian Declaration of Resistance
‘Why the Resistance?’

Issue 15 – March/April 2013
“When Two Bishops Agree” (Fr. Girouard)
Fr. Pinaud Conference
Reply to my Second Canonical Monition (Fr. Altamira)
Fr. Emily and the Franciscans
News from St. Joseph’s Monastery, Colombia

Issue 14 – February 2014
Declaration of Fr. Fuchs (SSPX Austria)
Fr. Altamira (SSPX Columbia):
Sermon of Dec. 22nd 2013 (against the Rosary Crusade)
Letter: Fr. A’s final reply to Fr. Bouchacourt
Letter in support of Fr. A (Colombian faithful)
Fr. Pinaud’s final letter of reply to Bishop Fellay
“The Flying Squirrel” (SSPX priests defending modernism!)

Issue 13 – January 2014
One Does Not Play With the Faith!” (Fr. Hewko)
YES or NO ? (La Sapiniere)
Open Letter to a Confused Bishop” (Fr. Pfeiffer)
Worldwide Resistance News / SSPX Watch
News from St. Joseph’s Carmel (Germany)

Issue 12 – December 2013 – Supplementary
An Open Letter to Fr. Daniel Themann

Issue 11 – November/December 2013
Bishop Fellay renews his Traditionalist Credentials (analysis of recent talk)
News from the Resistance Around the World :
N. America
S. America
Bergoglio/SSPX Watch
Apostolate of Prayer for Priests

Issue 10 – September/October 2013
Letter from Fr. Pfeiffer (Resistance Seminary)
How to Help the Cause’ Revisited
Fr. Trauner’s Letter on leaving the SSPX
‘Fr. Violette’s words condemn +Fellay’ (Fr. Girouard)
‘Catechism of the Resistance’ Common objections answered
The Slide Continues (More evidence)

Issue 9 – August 2013
1988 Consecrations Sermon (Archbishop Lefebvre)
25th Anniversary Declaration (Resistance Priests)
25th Anniversary Delaration (+Fellay &Co., Econe)
What’s wrong with +Fellay’s 25th anniversary declaration? (analysis)
Authority & the Glory of God (Fr. Girouard)
Change of Doctrine? Where..? (Fr. David Hewko)

Issue 8 – July 2013
Letter of Entreaty
Fr. Morgan’s Response
Extracts from London ‘SSPX Crisis’ Conference (Frs. Pfeiffer, Hewko & Kramer)
SSPX hires PR firm for corporate “re-branding” (Fr. Girouard)
Money and Marketing (SSPX propaganda war continues!)
Asia Report (Fr. Chazal)
‘Is the Doctrinal Declaration still relevant?’ (Analysis)

Issue 7 – May/June 2013
Open Letter the priests of the SSPX (Bp. Williamson)
St Joseph’s Carmel and the SSPX
Fr. Girouard’s Declaration
Fr. Ruiz Vallejo’s Open Letter
Dom Arizaga’s Declaration
“Quo Vadis DICI…?” – Part 2
Sheer Trickery” (Preamble Analysis)

Issue 6 – April 2013
A Catechism of the Crisis in the SSPX (from
Bishop Fellay’s Doctrinal Preamble (proposed agreement text from April 2012)
A Commentary on Bishop Fellay’s Preamble (by an SSPX priest)
Evidence of SSPX’s “Profound Unity
Concerning Pope Francis

Issue 5 – March 2013
Letter to Fellow Priests (by a French SSPX Priest)
Ut Fideles Inveniamur” (S. American Resistance Declaration)
Menzingen’s Response to B. XVI’s Abdication (Analysis)
More about the “GREC” (Don Curzio Nitoglia)
The SSPX and the Diocesan Bishops (Analysis)

Issue 4 – February 2013
2012 In Perspective (The Editor)
Letter to Fr. Rostand (Fr. Ringrose)
Profession of Resistance (Familia BVM, Brazil)
The Leader Attempts to Explain Himself” (Analysis)
Quo Vadis DICI…? (Evidence & Analysis)

Issue 3 – January 2013
Knowing How To Stay Sane” (Analysis)
An Inconvenient Bishop” (Edwin Faust)
The GREC (Book review)
Bp. Fellay’s New ‘Hermeneutics’ (Fr. Ortiz)
U.S. District Propaganda (Analysis)

Issue 2 – November/December 2012
Bp Williamson’s open letter to Bp. Fellay
Honour and Glory to Bishop Williamson” (Dom Thomas Aquinas OSB)
Two Bishops: A Clash of Wills” (Analysis)
“The Deal” in their own words
Fr. Hewko’s Open Letter to the clergy and faithful of the SSPX
Concerning “Our Elder Brothers”

Issue 1 – October 2012
How to help the cause
Quo Vadis, Mgr De Galeretta
Bishop Fellay in his own words
Fr Chazal’s War Aims

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