Fr. Cardozo: On the Errors of Bp. Williamson
The following is from a thread in 2016 on the Cor Mariae site when they were still fighting the errors of the False Resistance.
With slight adaptations for ease of reading [all emphasis in the original]:

Part I

The following article is a summary of the differences and similarities of Bishop Williamson's Disastrous Actions.
w/ English translation of a Letter to Father Cardozo 1/17/2016

Dear Father,

Patience. This chaos is about to get even worse. We are going to need even more patience.

I send you my blessing,

In Christo,
+Richard Williamson

This chaos seems not to have an end, and a faithful priest (Father Cardozo) warned to leave controversial things to the private sphere and to try to confirm the faithful in the war against modernism -which is his duty as a bishop. Bishop Richard Williamson is not worried about the division and confusion he created with his imprudent Eleison Comments, but he anticipates that this chaos will continue to get worse. And in fact it continues.

We need more patience because the bishop has decided to continue with his work of the destruction of the "Resistance," and to hold on to the same position of Bishop Fellay.

At this moment, there is almost no difference between the "Resistance" and the "Neo-SSPX." Bishop Williamson and his followers (Bishop Faure, Father Tomas Aquinas, Fr. Trincado, etc.) continue to have a similar position as Bishop Fellay's, which contradicts Archbishop Lefebvre's and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer's. Let's consider the following:

- Bishop Fellay: 95% of the second Vatican council is acceptable (interview with magazine La Liberté, 5/11/2001)

- Bishop Williamson: the neo-church is somewhat Catholic (EC 445). Catholics, be generous! Recognize God's intention to save many souls outside of the "tradition," (EC438).

- Dominicans of Avrillé: The Catholic Church has, mysteriously, something of the conciliar church. It is necessary to distinguish them, without separating them. (Le Sel de la terra, winter 2015)

- Father Thomas Aquinas: it cannot be said, absolutely, that the conciliar church is not the Catholic Church. ("Em defensa de D. Williamson I").

- Bishop Faure: it is not possible that God has abandoned 98% of the souls. We have to read attentively and understand what Bishop Williamson wants to say. There can be, within us, the danger of radicalization. (Sermon 12/06/15, Saltillo, Mexico)

- From the Catechism: "There's no salvation outside of the Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church, just as there is no one outside of Noah's Arc, which was the figure of the church, was saved."

- Archbishop Lefebvre: it was the council and its aftermath, that destroyed the Holy Mass, destroyed our Faith, destroyed the catechisms and the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ in civil society. How can we accept it? (Homily, November 19, 1989)

"Let no one deceive you, this is not a contest between Archbishop Lefebvre and Pope Paul VI. This is the radical incompatibility between the Catholic Church and the conciliar church". (Archbishop Lefebvre, Sermon, Econe June 29, 1976)

"The conciliar church is a schismatic church, because it breaks away from the Catholic Church as it has always been. It has its new dogmas, new priesthood, new institutions, its new cult, all of them already condemned by the church in many official and definite documents. (...) This conciliar church, therefore, is not Catholic." (Archbishop Lefebvre, June 29, 1976)

"We never wanted to belong to this system that calls itself conciliar church, and identifies itself with the Novus Ordo, with indifferent ecumenism, and with the secularization of society. Yes, we have nothing to do, nullam partem habemus, with the pantheon of religions of Assisi. We don't ask for anything better than to be excommunicated..." (Open letter to Cardinal Gantin).

"To talk about the means of "salvation" of other religions is heresy. And "to respect their way of behavior and their doctrines, is a fact that scandalizes the true Christians." (They Have Uncrowned Him: From Liberalism to Apostasy, p. 191)

Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer: the church that adheres formally and totally to Vatican II, with all its heresies is not, and can never be, the Church of Jesus Christ. To belong to the Catholic Church, the Church of Jesus Christ, it is necessary to have the Faith, that is to say, not to doubt or deny any article of the Revelation. Well, the church of Vatican II accepts doctrines that are heretical." (The Roman Catholic, August 1985). He who adheres himself to the Vatican, without any restriction, just because of that fact, disconnects himself from the true Church of Jesus Christ. Nobody can, at the same time, be Catholic and endorse all that Vatican II has established. We would say that the best way to abandon the Church of Christ, the Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, is to accept without reserve all that the Vatican II proposed and thought. He is the anti-Church." (Diarios de Los Padres de Campos-#33)

Father Cardoza

Part II

The following was compiled by Thiago Maria, parishioner of the Mission Cristo Rey de Ipatinga/MG


- Bishop Fellay: if the Pope calls me, I will rapidly go...better still, I'll go running! (Interview with "30 Days," magazine #9, October 2002)

- Bishop Williamson: if the Holy Father gives me the authority to found a religious society, I would be in the next plane to Rome. (Post Falls, Idaho, USA, June 1st. 2014)

- Bishop Faure: if in the future, I would be invited to go to Rome to speak with the Pope, I would go with Bishop Williamson. (Interview, March 2015)

- Father Thomas Aquinas: it is false that Bishop Williamson and Bishop Faure were expelled because they opposed any kind of relations with Rome. (Answer to Menzingen, March 2015)

Archbishop Lefebvre: supposing that at a determined time Rome calls us, that they would like to see us to return to the that moment it would be I who would impose the conditions. I will not accept to be in the situation that we found ourselves during the conversations. That's finished. (...) if you do not accept the doctrine of your predecessors, it is useless to talk. (Interview by Fideliter, #66, November-December 1988)

What church are we talking about? If it's about this conciliar church, it would be necessary that we, that have fought against it for 20 years, because we want to be the Catholic Church, to integrate into this conciliar church to make it Catholic? THIS IS A COMPLETE ILLUSION! It is not the subjects who make the superiors, but the superiors that make the subjects. In all this Roman Curia, amongst all the bishops of the world, who are progressivist, I would have been completely asphyxiated, couldn't have been able to do anything, not even to protect the faithful and the seminarians. (Interview a year after the episcopal consecrations, Fideliter #70, July-August 1989)


- Bishop Fellay: the New Mass was legitimately promulgated (Doctrinal Declaration April 15, 2012)

- Bishop Williamson: the new mass can and is still is used to build the faith. There are cases where you can assist the new mass. This is almost heresy, but this is what I think. I'm not going to say that everyone should stay away from the new mass. (Mahopac Conference, New York, 6/28/2015)

There are elements in the new mass that can nourish our faith. (EC 445)

In the New Mass, we can preserve the faith (EC 447)

There are miracles in the New Mass (EC 438), these miracles – always assuming they are authentic – have lessons also for the Catholics of Tradition who have to some extent or another stood back from the Novus Ordo framework. (EC 438)

Since the 1960’s a Mass of Catholic sheep have become too worldly to deserve to keep the true rite of Mass, they have loved the Mass enough not to lose it altogether. (EC 438)

- Father Trincado: Father the New Mass has a place inside the Catholic Church. (Letter to Fr Cardozo, 12/13/15: but, my dearest father, the argument related to the possibility of the miracle outside of the Catholic Church, has no relation to the 3 EC of Bishop Williamson, which are about the possible miracles in the NO Masses, because these Masses are celebrated inside the Church,

- Bishop Faure: where did you see that Archbishop Lefebvre said that the New Mass is outside the Church? (Letter to Father Ernesto Cardozo, 1/6/2016: "where did you see that Archbishop Lefebvre said that the new mass is outside the Church? I know, there is ONE quote on which we could think out of one thousand?")

- Father Thomas Aquinas: we should come to the conclusion that there is something good in the New Mass. ("In defense of Bishop Williamson II")

"I don't see anything wrong in Bishop Williamson’s writings." (Catechism monastery of Santa Cruz/ RJ, December/2015)

"I believe Bishop Williamson didn't write anything wrong" (letter to Father Cardozo 1/27/2016)

- Archbishop Lefebvre: we are convinced that this new rite of the Mass expresses a new faith, a faith that is not ours, a faith that is not the Catholic faith. This New Mass is a symbol, an expression, an image of a new faith, a modernist faith". (sermon Econe, June 29, 1976)

Since this reform is the fruit of liberalism and modernism, it is entirely poisoned; it comes from heresy and it ends in heresy, even though all its acts are not formally heretical. (The Mass of All Times" p. 352)

This Mass is poisoned, it is bad and it leads to the loss of faith little by little, we are clearly obliged to reject it ("The Mass of All Times" p. 353)

With relation to the New Mass, let us immediately destroy this ridiculous idea: if the new mass is valid, we can participate in it. The church has always forbidden the faithful to assist at the Masses of the schismatic and heretics, even if they are valid. It is evident that we cannot participate in the sacrilegious masses, and neither in the Masses that are a danger to our faith. (Declaration about the new mass and the pope, 11/811979).


- Bishop Fellay: Sedevacantists!
- Bishop Williamson: Ecclesiovacantists (EC 445)
- Father Thomas Aquinas: I advise people not to receive him(...) I've heard that in Ipatinga they removed Bishop Williamson's portrait from the Mission. As long as this lasts, it is hard for me to take any other position." (Letter to Father Ernesto Cardozo, 1/27/2016

Dear Father Cardozo,

You should be aware that I do not advise people to receive you. The reason being the controversy surrounding Bishop Williamson's writings.

I think Bishop Williamson didn't write anything bad, and that this is an unnecessary controversy which is causing harm to many people who end up walking away, one way or another, from Bishop Williamson.

I think the best thing for you to do is to reach an agreement with Bishop Williamson, so that I can again recommend your presence to the people who are asking me what to do.

I've heard that in Ipatinga they have removed Bishop Williamson's portrait from the Mission. As long as this lasts, it is hard for me to take any other position."

I will talk to you more later.
En Xto Rege.
-Thomas Aquinas

Prohibition to the faithful of San Pablo to invite Father Cardozo to say Mass - Monastery of Santa Cruz/RJ, January 2016

Prohibition to the faithful of Santo Andres to invite Father Cardozo to say Mass - Monastery of Santa Cruz/RJ, February 2016

- Bishop Faure: Do not invite Father Cardozo to say Mass. (Letter to the faithful of Santo Andres)

- Father Trincado: you are using in your website, a cross that I designed; I named it the cross of the resistance, and I made it public in Non Possumus. Well now, it happens that, I do not want that cross to be used by sites that publicly criticize any of the two bishops of the resistance, and regrettably you have done so in the site that you manage. Consequently, I ask you to remove all the pictures of the cross from your site." (Letter to a parishioner from Ipatinga, 12/21/2015)

Expulsion from the mission of a parishioner for having published an article against assisting the Neo-SSPX masses.
"Will you please remove my name from your contact list" (Letter to a parishioner from Ipatinga, 1/10/2016).

- Carlos Nougue: keep away from these "pure ones" ! (Letter to the Brazilian resistance members, 12/18/2015)


-Bishop Fellay: (?)
-Bishop Williamson: (?)
-Bishop Faure: (?)
-Father Thomas Aquinas: (?)

Given the above, it is only possible to conclude that Bishop Williamson is no longer a defender of the Faith as many still believe, but an absolute liberal who is taking souls into grave error, and that he doesn't care about the division he is causing and the sheep that are left on the way. The "Resistance" is now only resistance in name. His only end is to stop any reaction to modernism and to create situations to alienate and weaken Catholics that, nevertheless, remain firm. Watch how they create a controversy, see who follows them blindly, and promote/reward them (episcopal consecration of Father Thomas Aquinas, 3/19/2016); thus creating a structure against those who do not share their position.

There are no major attacks against modernism, neither attacks against Francisco, who pronounces a heresy every day. On the contrary, Bishop Williamson affirmed that Tradition needs a generous spirit (EC 438) and his only job is to fluster and defend issues that he refuses to condemn. (Ex: VCII, Conciliar church, and the new mass). As a consequence we have priests that are putting down their swords in exchange of a miter, and many lukewarm and flattering faithful, that poorly know their basic catechism and blindly believe everything that their bad superiors tell them, without questioning, just because they are bishops and belong to a religious order. They're happy with appearances.

We, Catholics - I don't want to use any other adjectives - cannot follow this pathway paved by Bishop Williamson and Bishop Faure, because they are unreliable bishops and their doctrine is at least dangerous; on the contrary, if we do not end up in modernism or in the Neo-FSSPX, we will follow a dead and lukewarm path, and we could incur a divine curse: " I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot. I would thou wert cold or hot. But because thou art lukewarm—neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out my mouth. (Apocalypse III, 15-16)

Because of all these reasons, my conscience refuses to continue following these two bishops (now three, with Father Thomas Aquinas, who's always defending Bishop Williamson, and who forbids the faithful to attend Father Cardozo's Masses), and I ask my friends and the faithful not to follow in this path and to separate themselves from these bad shepherds. It's better not to have a bishop than to have bishops who are a danger to our Faith. We're living now the times spoken of by Sister Lucia, when we would not be able to trust in any bishop, and each Catholic would have to answer for his own salvation. We must unite ourselves only to those priests that remain firm and faithful. Do not be afraid! Our Lord is in control, and we do not have to worry. He will give us the necessary graces for these exceptional circumstances, through His Most Holy Mother. He who loves Our Lord and Our Lady, must, … keep the faith and these things shall be added unto you. (Matt 6:33).
"So let us be confident, let us not be unprepared, let us not be outflanked, let us be wise, vigilant, fighting against those who are trying to tear the faith out of our souls and morality out of our hearts, so that we may remain Catholics, remain united to the Blessed Virgin Mary, remain united to the Roman Catholic Church, remain faithful children of the Church."- Abp. Lefebvre

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