April 15th Sinking of Titanic-SSPX
In St. Marys, KS church bulletins, there are no mentions of the traditional fastings for Lent.

The Sunday bulletin right before Ash Wednesday reads:

"Please be aware that Ash Wednesday is a day of fast and complete abstinence binding under pain of mortal sin"

The next time something is mentioned is March 19:
"Lenten Requirements Corner - Did You Know: All Fridays during Lent are days of complete abstinence under pain of mortal sin"

April 2 bulletin - Holy Week: (first time mentioning the law - from 1983 Code of Canon Law) Notice the age of abstinence for children's age. I guess all of the old traditional SSPX'rs should feel cheated of not getting to eat meat for the first 14 years.

"CONCERNING LENTEN OBSERVANCES Good Friday Fast and Abstinence is obligatory under pain of mortal sin. The law of abstinence binds all Catholics (beginning on the day after their 14th birthday), and forbids the use of meat, but not of eggs, the products of milk, or condiments made of animal fat. The law of fasting binds all adults (beginning on their 18th birthday until the midnight which completes their 59th birthday). The law of fasting allows only one full meal a day but does not prohibit taking some food in the morning and evening, observing – as far as quantity and quality are concerned – approved local custom. Eating between meals is not permitted, but liquids, including milk and fruit juices, are allowed. Meat may not be eaten, but fish and all cold-blooded animals (e.g. frogs, clams, turtles, etc.) may be consumed."

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