Vatican II New Mass - does it help souls in purgatory?
I have been recently (2+ years) to a Traditional Latin Mass.

My question is, what of all the NO Masses that I had the priest offer for a dead relatives/friends, including Gregorian Masses that I'm sure were done as NO Masses. Did my relatives/friends in purgatory receive any help by these Masses? Doesn't God, loathe, some might say despise, the NO Mass?


God Bless You all,
Welcome to the Catacombs, Roland!

I forwarded your question to Fr. Hewko. Here is his reply:

Quote:Since his intentions were good and he intended to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the Catholic Church has always handed it down, there certainly is merit in that. Whether or not there was a true and valid Sacrifice at those New Masses will depend on whether there was the proper matter, form and intention by the priest offering. If there was, then it may have helped the souls for whom the Mass was offered, if there wasn't, God would certainly bless your intentions but they would not have received the graces as they would have received from a true, valid Sacrifice of the Mass.

God bless you, Roland, for your charity toward the suffering souls in Purgatory.
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