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Full Version: Archbishop Lefebvre: Excerpt from 'A Bishop Speaks' on the Validity of the New Mass
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From A Bishop Speaks (Kansas City, MO: Angelus Press, 2007), pp 97-98.

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Rome, March 13, 1971: The Fruits of the New Mass

"There are thus three realities needful for the reality of the Mass, 1) The Priest-Sacerdotes...having a sacerdotal character. 2) The real and substantial presence of the Victim, who is Christ. 3) The sacerdotal action of the sacrificial oblation which is realized essentially in the Consecration.

Let us not forget that it is precisely these three fundamental truths that are denied by the Protestants and Modernists. Let us not forget that it is to manifest their refusal to believe in these dogmas that their Masses have been transformed into services, into a eucharistic meal or gathering, where a much greater place is given to readings from the Bible, to the word, to the detriment of the offering and the liturgy of the sacrifice....Everything laid down in this new order clearly reflects this new conception, which is nearer the Protestant conception than the Catholic. The statements of the Protestants who contributed to the reform illustrate the truth of this naively and sadly: 'Protestants can no longer find anything to prevent their celebrating the Novus Ordo.' We may therefore quite legitimately ask ourselves whether, as the Catholic belief in the essential truths of the Mass insensibly disappears, the validity of the Mass is also disappearing. The intention of the celebrant will have a bearing on the new conception of the Mass which, before long, will be no other than the Protestant. THE MASS WILL NO LONGER BE VALID."