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Full Version: Fr. Hewko Statement: August 2019 - On the New Rite of Ordination
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Statement from Fr. Hewko - August 1, 2019

Quote:If anyone wants to know where I stand, it is with Abp. Marcel Lefebvre. He surpassed the best theologians of his time and he, by far, surpasses all the lay theologians of the internet! That is where I stand, period! He said these New Rites of Pope Paul VI were doubtful, period! He spoke extensively on this, without necessarily falling into sedevacantism. There is an undefinable darkness about this evil which Sacred Scripture calls the "mystery of iniquity", it is, without a doubt, partly what Our Lady of Fatima spoke of in Her Third Secret that was supposed to be revealed in 1960, that is why Abp. Lefebvre said he sees the necessity to conditionally reconfirm and reordain those coming from the New Rite. There is great wisdom in his position, "Neither Modernist nor Schismatic (or sedevacantist)!"

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