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Full Version: Fr. Hewko Sermon/Transcript [2018]: No, the New Mass is Not Legitimately Promulgated
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Taken from the archived Catacombs.
Many thanks to the Catacombs member, Deus Vult, for the transcription!

No, the New Mass was not legitimately promulgated!
If it was we would be obligated to attend it and Archbp. Lefebvre would have been obligated to say it.

Fr. Hewko @12:07- The Novus Ordo rite of the New Mass is an insult to God.  It is not pleasing to Him and it shuts off the fountain of grace.  He doesn't [shut off grace], rather the men of the Church have by changing the Mass.

This is why our fight is so serious right now because the new-SSPX has accepted the New Mass as legitimately promulgated.  This is a very serious statement which Archbp. Lefebvre would never have succumbed to.  He fought that statement - legitimately promulgated.  Legitimately promulgated means it's good for souls, it sanctifies souls, it gives grace.  Archbishop Lefebvre said, no way!  That New Mass does not give grace.  He said, I'd rather form priests.  I can form them on tradition of the traditional Mass, but I cannot form them on the New Mass.

Rome once said to Archbp. Lefebvre, 'Look, just say one time the New Mass, just once and all this friction between Rome and Econe will cease.  We'll have peace.'  Did the Archbishop put peace above truth?  Not at all.  He told the Holy Father, Paul VI at the time, "I cannot form priests on the New Mass.  I will not say it and I will not participate in it."  And he was right.

This is why the new SSPX has to condemn the Doctrinal Declaration that accepts Vatican II in the light of tradition, that accepts the New Code of Canon Law, that accepts the New Mass and the New Sacraments as valid and legitimately promulgated!  This is serious war.

This is a serious attack on the work of Archbp. Lefebvre [and] on Catholic tradition.  That's why we don't go with the new-SSPX.  We stay faithful to the SSPX Archbishop Lefebvre founded.

So what did Daniel the prophet say? Daniel the prophet said, In those days (speaking of the future) they will establish the abomination of desolation and remove the Sacrifice from the holy place.  The holy place, as the prophet Micaiah said, would be everywhere all over the earth.  Everywhere there will be offered a clean oblation to My Name.  A clean oblation, that means no sprinkling of blood.  It reflects the clean oblation of Melchisedech, that Abraham knelt to and received his blessing.  And Melchisedech, what did he offer as a sacrifice pleasing to God? Bread and wine which prefigured the union of the sacrifice of the lamb of Abel and the union of the sacrifice of Melchisedech, perfectly united in the sacrifice of the Mass.

In the sacrifice of the Mass it says in St. John, St. Matthew, St. Luke: When supper was ended, then He took the chalice, to introduce not a supper but a sacrifice and He consecrated the bread, "This is My Body. He consecrated the chalice - HIC EST ENIM CALIX SANGUINIS MEI, NOVI ET AETERNI TESTAMENTI - This is My Blood.  As the Priest intones the Psalms (the propers of the Mass) at the Introit, in the Gradual and the Communion he intones the Psalms.  Christ on the Cross intoned the Mass -the Introit: Blood of the New and Eternal Testament..."

That Lamb would be sacrificed on the Cross, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Eternal High Priest who on the Cross intoned Psalm 21. Deus meus, Deus meus quare me dereliguisti - My God my God why has Thou abandoned me?  This is the first verse of Psalm 21.  Normally at a Mass, especially on Palm Sunday, the choir, the schola will sing the full Psalm.  Christ intoned it on the Cross.  And what does this Psalm speak of?  Fat bulls have surrounded Me, dogs have surrounded Me.  They have divided My garments among them and cast dice over them.  They have pierced My hands and My feet, they have numbered all My bones. That was the prophetic Psalm of Christ's Mass.

He fulfilled that Mass and He commanded the Apostles,  Hoc facite - Do this same Mass, do this same Sacrifice till the end of the world.

That's why the Abomination of Desolation has been set up and the Sacrifice has been removed from our Catholic Churches all over the world.  Replacing the real Sacrifice with a ceremonial "fruit of the vine and work of human hands" which does not give grace and it does not please God.  Nor does the Latin Tridentine Mass please God when it's sandwiched between new Masses in the local dioceses who approve of this new Mass.  They use the new Mass to the most disgraceful bait to lure traditional Catholics, who have a love for tradition, lure to a Latin Mass and then destroy their faith by the ambiance environment of the new Mass and the new Conciliar Church.  So they end up eroding and losing their faith anyway.  They use the Tridentine Mass as bait to do this.

Bishops have said this out of their own mouths, "The only reason why we permit the Tridentine Mass, the indult Mass, motu propio Mass is to lure them in to the Conciliar Church." This out of the mouth of Pope Benedict XVI himself. He himself said, we will get these traditional communities to gradually, slowly abandoned their rigid positions and accept the New Mass and Vatican Council II. 

So there's our war. We have nothing to do, as Archbp. Lefebvre said, "We have nothing to do with this new schismatic Mass which breaks with tradition and this new schismatic church which they themselves call the Conciliar Church, the Church of the new Pentecost, the church of the new Advent."  We don't want to belong to that church.  We want to stay with the Roman Catholic Church of all time.  The one that Christ established.  The one that shines with unity and faith, the true Mass, the true Sacraments and the same profession of Faith as our ancestors.

[Emphasis mine.]