"The Prophets and Our Times" by Fr. Culleton


     These signs have special importance. Even the seers of Sacred Scripture clearly treat of them. Of course there always have been wars, famines and the. like, but the specific occurrences which herald the latter days are distinguishable in two or three ways. These catastrophies are to be more universal, disastrous, and deadly. They are to be easily traceable to widespread moral evils in personal, family, social, national and international life. They are to occur when the world says "peace and security" while neither exists; when man plans without God, when the lowly rise against the mighty, children against parents; in a word when materialism and utter selfishness reigns. Lastly at the same time. persecution of Jews and Catholics must be involved and the former must be returning to Palestine. There are various other associated signs, a few of which we might mention here, for instance, the unnatural movement of heavenly bodies. the unseasonal flight of birds, vast numbers of fish being cast up by the sea. the rule of an unexpected person. war being carried on in the clouds. and finally. that after the birth of Anti-Christ. nation shall rise up against nation. Another enlightening point as already noted is that in these latter days there are to arise three great and evil rulers.
     These various troubles were destined to begin with the revolt of the lower classes which. however, in the final analysis would lose the victory. The apparent order in which events are to occur at this time is more or less as follows: the people will be dissatisfied with the various conditions under which they live, revolutions will follow, together with various assassinations of those in high places, primarily because of various tyrannical laws.
     Wars will break out in various countries begun primarily by Germany. 'Whole cities and even kingdoms will be destroyed. and these wars will spread to practically all countries of the world. As a sign of the approaching end of these wars there shall be much famine in the world through lack of rain. and a superabundance, in many places. of snow and ice. The famine shall be accompanied by earthquakes and various other terrors in nature. Finally, some pain causing plague will visit the earth. It would also seem that various meteors are to fall on the earth and a great comet is to appear in the northern sky. presaging tidal waves throughout the world.
     As a result of all these various punishments which God will send upon the world, heretical and political sects will be completely disorganized and vanish as factors to be dealt with. but the toll that mankind must pay for a purified world will be one-third of the race. The majority of the dead will be men. Europe, of course, will be the hardest hit. for there three-fourths of the population shall be wiped out. In Europe and elsewhere most of the priests shall die in defense of their faith, no doubt the majority of these towards the end and during a three months rule under a system described as we would describe Communism. According to Nostradamus this period in the world's history begins when "Spain is split asunder for want of government and when militaristic elements rule Germany and Pagan cults revive." The people of Germany will have been impoverished. freedom banished and various "alarms" (war of nerves?) created. Nostradamus also foretells the impotency of a line of forts and the destruction of Paris. He refers also to the flight of a great German captain to England and the division of France, adding that part of it would be ruled over for a time by an old man (Petain?) who would later be deprived of power by the "Conqueror."
     As regards England, it is noted that many "castles on the Thames" will be destroyed and that in the same year there will be great fear over the entire world with many terrible battles among many kingdoms. These events, according to one prophecy, were to occur when "King George, the son of a King George, ruled England." (The present king of England is a George, as was his father.) One of the Irish seers dates England's troubles from the time a Saxon king would renounce the throne. These woes, according to another oracle, were to come especially from the sky and be caused by "an eagle" with a "headless cross." (The only modern symbol which might fit here is the swastika.) Another ancient prophecy gives us a more or less definite date for the accomplishment of these events, for it says "when Our Lord shall lie in Our Lady's lap (that is when a feast of Our Lady-no doubt the Annunciation, March 25th-shall fall on Good Friday) then England will  meet with a strange mishap. (According to the calendar in use at the time of this prediction, one such year would have been 1940.)
     According to the prophecies, it would seem that Italy would be taken over by Germany, who in turn would relinquish it to Russia. Germany would be able to take over Italy through some sort of a ruse engendered especially by a deceptive speech delivered apparently at Milan. In this connection the Pope would have to flee Rome, and would die a cruel death in exile about a year later. (Some prophets say 90 days-others 200 days.) Whether or not this exile is forced or voluntary (so that he would be in a position to better rule the Catholic world)is not clear from the prophets. The time of his departure from Rome will come when Italy is without an "emperor" and France without a "ruler."
     A schism of short duration is destined to break out, no doubt, because of the Pope's departure from Rome. An anti-

pope, of German origin, is to be set up, and finally Rome itself will be destroyed, but rather from the inside through pillage, than from without. Words attributed to the late Holy Father speak of Italy being laid waste but Rome spared. This, of course, would not indicate the absence of pillage.
     About the time of the Pope's flight, France and Spain would unite in opposition to Germany and would be fairly successful. It would be then that Russia coming from the north. and Japan and Mohammedans from the east, would cause no small damage in Europe. Japan would furnish the sea power, Turkey the infantry, and Russia the air force. The planes are to be so numerous as to obscure the sky and their damage so great as to leave behind them a solid mass of flame. The initial success of France and Spain would be nullified for a moment, but they would continue to battle for the Christian cause and would be in the field when, by a patent miracle, God would defeat the combined armies of atheism.
     We will know that the "Conqueror" has reached the zenith of his power when the "hooked cross" glistens on the top of Church spires. At about this same time revolution will break out in England as well as in France. However, France's will be of rather short duration, and with her aid. England's internal strife will be terminated. The English King would seem destined to be assassinated.
     If a prophecy of Saint Columbkille applies to this same time it would seem that Japan is to send an enormous battle fleet against the English, and, among other places, will encounter and defeat them in the Mediterranean. However, this will not be accomplished before the English have put up a gallant fight against vastly superior forces. After this defeat, England will cease as a major power in the world. The prophet gives the reason: "they did not observe justice and rectitude." Three warning signs of England's approaching doom are given: first, the burning of the tower of the great kings; secondly, the burning of the English dockyards; and thirdly, the burning of the Treasury. The first two have of course occurred in this war. but in times past they have also occurred. The Bank of England has not been destroyed. I might note here, however, that the prophet may refer to the destruction of capitalism, especially as known in England, rather than the building itself. London is to be utterly destroyed, so much so that the capitol will be transferred to York, and the country will be governed by three joint rulers, apparently appointed by the Great Monarch. Between the destruction and the resurrection, England is destined to be battered by tidal waves. As a result of these sufferings, England will once more become a good and even great country. It will return to the Church. Conversions, however, shall be one by one. There is to be no mass swing to the Church.
     The Russians and other atheists after breaking German resistance. will conquer everything before them until they are vanquished by internal revolts and external rebellion. At the height of their success they will unite with other atheists who rule Europe, possibly most of the world, and for a short time, probably three months. terrorize the vanquished. The Bible will be banished and burned, the war will eventually turn into a religious war in its fourth year, during which period there-will be a terrible persecution of Christians of both sexes and all ages. We will know that peace is near when Russia divides Europe, and when the true Pope and a black (anti?) pope1 die in the same night.
     Before peace will once more come upon Europe. two factions will arise in France. the smaller, or Christian. will eventually win out, but terrible times will exist during this short civil war. Toward the end of this period there will appear the "Great Monarch." After the miraculous defeat of the atheistic hordes he will rule all Europe and likely, indirectly, the rest of the world.
     The last decisive battle between the Christian and AntiChristian forces will be fought near Essen. Germany. The southern or Christian forces will win. Their leader. the future Great Monarch of Europe. will wear a white coat and a cross on the front of it. This decisive battle will take place on a feast of Our Lady. Shortly before. atheism will begin to be overthrown in its center, apparently Russia. Russia and Japan in the end will be severely punished for the shedding of so much innocent blood, so much so that never again will they be powers to reckon with in the world. A terrible earthquake in the east, likely in Japan itself. will be a sign that the ruin of the Oriental power is at hand.
     When everything seems hopeless for the Christian forces God will work a "wonderful miracle." or as some prophets refer to it. "a great event" or "a terrible event," in favor of His own. During this phenomenon the truly holy will not be harmed. and terrible though it will be. yet we may take consolation in the fact that it will mark the end of God's chastisements. It would seem that the event mentioned vaguely by so many seers, is that specified by others as three days of darkness with the sun and the moon, as it were. turning to blood. The air will be poisoned, thus killing off most of the enemies of Christ's Church. During these three Jays the only light available to men will be blessed candles. and one candle will burn the entire period. However. even blessed candles will not light in the houses of the godless, yet once the candle is lit by one in the state of grace, it will not burn out until the three day's darkness is over. This "great event" will usher in peace to the troubled world. It would be a sort of reenactment of the three hours of darkness "over the whole earth" at Christ's crucifixion, and a preview of that which will mark the end of the reign of Anti-Christ.
     Madeleine Porzat refers to the time of the three days darkness in a similar manner. She speaks of a concurrance of feasts which also happen to occur in the year 1943. Nostradamus in a like way indicates the same year.
     The Abbot Werdin says that the Pope will cross the sea in a year when the Feast of St. George (April 23rd) falls on Good Friday, and St. Mark's feast (April 25th) falls on Easter Sunday, and the feast of St. Anthony (June 13th) falls on Pentecost, and the feast of St. John the Baptist (June 24th) falls on Corpus Christi-all these concurrances will take place in the year 1943 and not again till 2038.
     According to the St. Odile prophecy, the "German Conqueror" will reach the "apogee" eighteen months after the war in question begins (war with Russia?). From that point on will be noted what is spoken of as the "diminution of his power" which will last for approximately nine months. Toward the end of this latter period there will be a revolt of the women of his own country at seeing so many of their men mercilessly slaughtered. During this same period the various conquered countries will clamor for peace but this will avail them nothing. Then will follow what is spoken of as a "period of invasion" which will last less than nine months. This would be three years of war. Others speak of an end in the 4th year. Russia seems destined to be the nemesis and invader of both Germany and the various other countries that Germany had previously occupied. At about this time Japan will begin to show her real power. especially at sea. Germany will be pillaged. the German conqueror defeated. Finally the Great Monarch and the Christian forces reuniting and with the help of God "through an unknown and frightful illness" will overthrow the Russians. Japanese. Turks. and all other atheistic elements. (This would imply some secret alliance between Russia. Japan, and Turkey.)
Devotion to the Precious Blood and Five Wounds will promote peace but the sense here seems to be that the peace will be extended either in time or more widely and effectively over the earth by reason of these devotions. Also. about this time devotion to the Holy Ghost will greatly increase (see frontispiece).
     After the war, famines, earthquakes, darkness, etc.. there will be left in the world several women to every man. The Dominicans. Franciscans, and the various nursing nuns, seem to be the only religious orders left to carry on the work of God. Secular priests, of course, will always minister in Christ's Church.
     It would seem that there is nothing we can do to avert these various catastrophies. The prophets advise us to prepare ourselves and endeavor to the best of our ability to appease God's anger as much as possible. The only prayers that will be readily heard by God are those for dying sinners. The most effective prayers that can be said are the five sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary.
     To sum up and considering all these prophecies as referring to one and the same great war. I would say that a German conqueror will continue his successes over a period of about two years (against Russia). Then. from internal dissension and external "pressure" he will start his inevitable decline, culminating in his death and the loss of all his gains. His conqueror would be Russia, and possibly Turkey and Japan. England would be involved but doomed because of her past injustices. Among other disasters to befall her would be the loss of her fleet and with it her possessions, yet she would seem destined to continue a small but good, and likely influential nation. France would resurrect, but not as such; Poland would emerge free with St. Andrew Bobola as Patron. Russia, Japan and Turkey would be permanently weakened; all small nations of Europe freed, and Germany a smaller but peaceful and happy nation.
     Regarding the United States, I have encountered only contemporary prophesies. One of these says that the United States west of the Rockies will be ruled for a short time by the Japanese who are to succeed because due to sabotage or other reasons, American defenders will have, as it were, only "sticks and stones" to fight with. The rest of the United States would change its form of government as the result of a revolution, which would last only about three months. These events would occur concurrently with similar events in Europe. The United States is of course included in the countries of the world, all of which would be due for punishment during the short rule of evil.
     In conclusion it is worthy of note that the miracle which brings peace will destroy organized evil and very many evil individuals. but by no means all. At a future date there will be a reorganization of the diabolical remnant and others who have fallen from grace. but this new organization is not a revival of any destroyed on the fields of Westphalia.
     Whether events unfolding themselves in the present world  war fit in with these pictures or not. it is a little premature to say.

1 The Superior General of the Jesuits is sometimes referred to as the "Black Pope"

Heal our wounds, our strength renew,
On our dryness pour Thy dew,
Wash the stains of guilt away.
Bend the stubborn heart and will,
Melt the frozen. warm the chill,
Guide the steps that else would stray.

On the faithful, who adore
And confess Thee evermore,
In Thy sevenfold gifts descend.
Give them virtue's sure reward,
Give them Thy salvation, Lord,
Give them joys that never end.


Peace and Spread of Catholicism

     After the various wars and other disasters noted in the last chapter a good and great "lion monarch" will give the whole world peace and plenty. During his reign, which some say will last for approximately eight to ten years. the Church will make gains throughout the world. Christian fervor among both the clergy and the laity will be consoling. Priests will be esteemed as nobles. This great ruler will be called "a lion" because there will be a "rampant lion" on his shield (that is. a lion standing on bent hind legs with one foreleg raised above the other). He will have the sign of the cross on his breast and his flag will be emblazoned with a white lily.
     The Great Monarch will be of French descent (a Bourbon). He will have been an archduke. Some moderns would identify him with Archduke Otto of Hapsburg. The full name of the Archduke includes all the various names by which the Great Monarch has been called in private prophecy (Franz, Joseph, Otto, Antoine, Karl, Maximillian, Heinrich, Sixtus, Xavier, Felix, Renatus, Ludwig, Gaetan, Pius, Ignace, Prince of Hapsburg-Lorraine). Besides this. Otto is a Bourbon, a Catholic, and not a German1 as seems to be required by the seers. Such coincidents while interesting, need not be taken seriously. They have been noted in others who are now in eternity.
     Some say the Great Monarch will come from the east. others say from the west. This apparent discrepancy may readily be explained, for some apparently refer to his origin. others to the place of his exile previous to his assumption of power. I might note here that England in some way or other is to be instrumental in the original success of the Great Monarch.
     This Lion Monarch is to be a descendant of Pepin, Constantine, St. Louis, Francis I (of France) and Charlemagne. He will be greater than Alexander and more successful than Cyrus. He wil! be acknowledged as Emperor across the sea from Europe. He will begin his mission in the Iberian Peninsula. coming into power during the last year of the war (referred to in the preceding chapter). He will appear in the fourth year of the war. He, together with the Great Pope or Angelic Pastor. shall appear after socialism and a brief but terrible persecution of priests. but both of their reigns will cease before the reign of Anti-Christ.
     The selection of the true Pope. according to the prophets, will be: a) almost miraculous; b) soon after the terrible war and revolutions; c) the selectors will assemble under many difficulties; d) some prophets foretell the intervention of Saints Peter and Paul and angels (hence his name?); e) some say he will have temporal power over Rome itself; f) some say he will be a French pope; g) the Pope of unity and he will eradicate schisms and heresies.
     During the reign of the Great Monarch and the Angelic Pastor the Catholic Church will spread throughout the world, conversions will be innumerable, even many Jews will become Christians. The Blessed Virgin will be the chief one in gaining victory over all heresy and schism because of her power over the demons in the last ages of the world will be especially great. This will be recognized by her enthronement as "Mistress and Queen of Men's Hearts." The Great Pope will reign for approximately four years and will be followed by three other popes rich in wisdom and virtue, who will continue his great work. The successor to the Pastor Angelicus, according to one prophet, will be a Sabinian. The prophets mentioned that although the war pope would suffer much, beginning with his successor. the Popes hereafter will not be oppressed. Even the Pope chosen to rule at the beginning of the reign of Anti-Christ will not suffer. since he would die a sudden death by assassination before his coronation.
     The Great Pope, according to some, will be dressed in red. Whether the prophets refer to him as a cardinal before his election, or that he will change the papal garb from white to red, is not clear. (Note: this may symbolize his great devotion to the Holy Ghost.) In the former case it might be worthy to note that it has been only in comparatively recent years that the Pope is chosen from the ranks of cardinals. and the prophecy was written long before this rule was put into effect. This Angelic Pastor is called by the Monk of Padua, "Gregory XVII." The present Holy Father, although crowned on the feast of St. Gregory, chose the name Pius. Yet if there be no gaps in St. Malachy's list, Pius XII is the Angelic Pastor. The Paduan commentary on St. Malachy makes the pope chosen at the beginning of the reign of Anti-Christ Pius XII. However, the seers seem to destine him for assassination immediately after his selection so that he is not to rule the Church. This need not discredit the monk for other prophecies indicate that the Pastor Angelicus is rather a succession of three. four. or even five pontiffs. one to die in exile just before the era of peace. another (who could be Gregory XVII) who would replace an Anti-Pope. Two glorious successors and then the fifth would be the man chosen pope at the advent of Anti-Christ but destined to die before occupying his throne.
     Toward the end of the reign of the Great Monarch. because of wonderful inventions. etc., Christians will be living in peace and plenty. They will have very little work to do and therefore have much free time. This freedom and living in luxury. unfortunately, will be to their detriment. They will become lax in religious matters, many even refusing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, saying "it is unnecessary." At this time the precursor of Anti-Christ will gather these lax Christians to his cause (most of those having received Confirmation will not apostatize). Then will follow the terrible reign of Anti-Christ.

1 There are not wanting critics who claim that the prophecies which insist that the great monarch will be French and not German have been tampered with by Frenchmen.

Blessed Spirit, one with God above,
Thou Source of life and holy love.
O cheer us with Thy sacred beams,
Refresh us with Thy plenteous streams.

O may our lips confess Thy Name.
Our holy lives Thy praise proclaim;
With love divine our hearts inspire,
And fill us with Thy holy fire.

I. The Evils Which Bring God's Vengeance:
     A. The Time to expect them.
     B. Their Universality.
     C. Their Causes.
     D. The specific evils in the individuals, the family, and society generally.

III. Punishments Resulting Without a Special Divine Intervention:
     A. Some General Principles.
     B. Time for special chastisements.
     C. Sufferings of a serious and prolonged, but minor nature.
     D. A very particular War.

IV. Great Personages of These Latter Days:
     A. The Great Monarch.
     B. The Angelic Pastor.

V. The Age of the Church's Triumph:
     A. Church and State.
     B. Things Spiritual.

VI. The Sixth Epoc of Time.

VII. The Jews and These Latter Times.

VIII. Notions Specifically Referring to This Generation.

Holy Ghost, with light divine,
Shine upon this heart of mine;
Chase the shades of night away,
Turn the blackness into day.
Let me see my Saviour's face,
Let me all His beauties trace;
Show these glorious truths to me
Which are only known to Thee.


A. Time: In the latter or last days (8d, 27,1 28, 31, 33, 38, 41, 47, 69, 84, 105, Ill. 160d, 200); after the
    birth of Anti-Christ (36, 84. 106c, 119.132.188); near the second coming of Christ (20, 23, 32) ; or
    more precisely after 1931 (147b); and when the Jews begin to return to God or to Palestine (53b) .

B. Extent: Evil will so abound and be so widespread that it will appear unsuppressable and provocative
    of God's wrath. It will be a case of evil increasing from age to age so that at this time the good will
    be very few. Christians, of course, offend like the rest (8d, 19c, 27a, b, 38, 48b, 58, 69, 70, 106c,
    111, 114, 118, 132, 147, 153, 188).

C. Causes: False prophets,2 false Christs, scandalizers and seducers abound and have many followers;
    hence false doctrines and fruitless discussions are numberless (5, 8d, 9b, f, h, 11, 16, 19d, 20, 26, 
    29, 30, 33, 53,. 58, 61, 111). These evil leaders seek to turn men from God with their shallow 
    arguments (9c. 25, 141); nor is this difficult for men really prefer error, heresy and lies (4b, 27, 70,
    89, 106c). Evil spirits play their part (24. 27.61, 130, 135, 180, 185, 188b), and so does bad
    literature (44b, 70) and unholy enterprises (63). There is no human protection for wise men are few
    and silent since they would not be heeded (15, 41c, 70).

1 When no letter follows the number appearing in this index, the letter "a" is meant if more than one oracle bears the number.
2 Even if men work miracles or correctly forecast the future. they are. false prophets if they seek to turn man from God, so test them (2b, 19d, 29)
D. Specific Vices: a) RATHER IN THE INDIVIDUAL: Men will be uncharitable, unkind, inhospitable, hard-
    hearted and stingy  (33, 70, 149); proud. selfish. conceited, arrogant, ungrateful. and treacherous

    (27,  31, 33. 38, 47d. 58, 60d, 69):  envious, avaritious, covetous, thieving, and paracitical (5, 9, 15
    27, 31,  38, 60d. 70); liars, slanderers, perjurers,  deceivers, and betrayers (5, 8d, f, 9, 19e, 24,
    38, 44b, 48b.  69, 70); lazy, intemporate, degenerate. drunken (31, 36.  58. 60d, 149): murderers,
    pleasure mad  materialists, bribers (5. 15. 38, 58, 63. 89), Most people will possess something 
    stolen (38).

    b) AS AFFECTING THE FAMILY: People will be shamelessly immoral. even the women. Concubinage
    will flourish publicly and marriage be defiled (5, 19b, 38. 69, 70). Natural affections shall grow cold
    with innumerable family quarrels, betrayals, and even murders (19, 20d, 33, 41e, 53, 69, 70, 89).
    Apart from the notes on murders already given, abortion and birth control may be intended in (5,


    c) IN MATTERS RELIGIOUS: People will be impious. blasphemous, murmurers against God. Godless,

    and many even Anti-God (8d, 20, 27, 31, 36, 37, 38, 44, 47, 60d, 70, 89, 119, l47b, 188). Christians
    will be hypocrites. disrespectful to relics, adverse to feast days and Sunday observance (4c, 27, 60d,
    70, 183). Children will be scandalized and grow up ignorant of religion (15 b, 47, 58, 147, 173).
    Many Catholics will doubt some of the Church's teachings (84, 105). People will mock and ridicule
    honesty, humility, and other virtues (28, 70). The pious will be few, churches empty, neglected and
    even defiled. Priests and religion will not be respected The defection from the church will be general
    (37, 60d, 73, 105, 132,147, 149). Priests and religious will quarrel among themselves. lack zeal and
    be worldly. unjust. covetous, immoral.1 They will err from their reading and some will be tyrannical
    (9, 37, 38, 60d, 69. 70, 93b, 132, 147).


    1. Governments will be evil and Godless: they will scheme against other governments and opress
    their own subjects (38, 47e. 84c, 171, 189). Rulers, becoming all powerful. commit murders, outrage
    justice themselves. and permit underlings to do like-wise. They persecute, rob. and seek to
    overthrow the Church. They blaspheme. lie, have no respect for treaties, and provoke their subjects
    to hate and war against their neighbors (8e, 15,41c , d, 70, 78, 89, 95, 104, 106c, 147b, 159, 200).2
    2. Society is confused. There will be no standard to judge morals by. so laws are evil. changed by
    whim, and despised. as is also order and discipline. People will do and say what they please3 (5, 8e.
    27, 28, 31, 38, 41c, 58, 60d, 63, 68, 70, 78, 106c, 110, 112, 189). The common people will envy
    their betters; kings. nobles. and the wealthy will be overthrown; there will be many poor. much
    revolt and class hatred. Rulers will be befuddled (8b, 41, 47e, 60b, 70, 74, 89, 98, 116, 129, 147,
    149, 159). Lies make the just mourn and strengthen the wicked, while the violent possess all things
    and the good smart under the lash (5, 8f, 11 b, 19a, c, 20e, 21. 27b, 32, 38, 44, 63, 70, 147b). And
    worst of all, the people will call these evils and ignorances, peace (5, 8d. 9, 11b, 16,23).

1 It may be that this wide-spread evil among priests and religious describes conditions immediately before Anti Christ, that is after the Great Monarch (g. v.)
2 Anti-God symbols (4c); Secret Societies (147. 153)
3 This refers, also, to the attempts of religious sects to legislate.

                     i.e., which result without special divine intervention-

    A. Some General Principles: False prophets preach peace but wage war if they don't get their way
        (16). Darkness and destruction is the lot of sinners. While God proves the good with trials, he
        judges therewith the wicked. Falsehood and its consequences fall and ill-gotten goods vanish
        under God's lash (5, 9h, 15, 16, 25, 45, 59b, 61, 70). When a land, but especially when the
        nations generally rise up against God, he visits them in his anger with famine, war, and pestilence
        on man and beast (4, 11 c, 57, 150).

    B. Time for special chastisement: Same as above in I A, with the additional note that it will be in the
        3rd age and before the comet (3, 4, 9h, 11c, 14a, c, 20c, 38,41,45, 47c, d, 57, 59, 60, 65, 70,
        84b, c, 95, 116, 159).

    C. Sufferings to occur over some period of time and in various places: There will be affliction, terror,
        tumult, confusion, commotion, rumor, and carnage. Man will cause wars, revolutions,
        persecutions, and upsets in rulers and governments; and God will add earthquake, flood, drought,
        fire, bad seasons and consequent famine, pestilence and disease (3, 5, 19, 20, 32, 34, 38, 41, 45,
        47, 57, 59, 60, 63, 65, 69, 70, 72, 81, 84, 92, 95, 98, 111, 116, 122, 129, 138, 153, 155, 156,
        157, 168). There will be discord even in the Church (173).

    D. A very particular war or series of wars:
        a. Time: Same as above in II B, with these changes and additions; After the Comet, (some time
            after 1800, in the 20th century). specifically, after 1938 (84c, 98, 112, 147. 155); after the
            invention of moving pictures, submarine. airplane, telegraph. etc. (85, 122b, 126) ; after an
            English King resigns and George son of George rules, more than 700 years after England takes
            Ireland, and when various English buildings are destroyed and British power wanes (69b, 82, 
            85b, 70d, 137).

        b. Preliminaries to the conflict: One war ends in a false peace (75,86,115,149), The Kaiser leaves
            Germany; troubled peace follows; a low born leader replaces royalty, makes Germany strong,
            persecutes Jews and Christians and starts the war (76, 88). The conflict in Europe starts in
            Poland (81b. 123a, b) but has come out of Asia (200, 201). When France has been ravaged by
            one five year's war (1914-1918) she still has two blood purges to endure (102, 122c. 163. 167,

        c. General notions and extent: This conflict is described as Universal or near!y so; as a
            combination of war, revolution and persecution: as an era of no peace on earth, no trust or
            security with nation against nation, person against person; confusion, misery, terrible taxes, a
            dispoiled earth is seen on all sides and war is kindled on war (3, 8, 11, 14, 20, 23, 33, 38, 41,
            47, 49, 57, 59, 60, 65, 88,95, 98, 101, 122, 126, 137, 149, 150, 153, 159, 168c).
        d. Duration: Five years (32b, 86, 102, 168, a, e).

        e. Some particular features:

            1. The South and West is against the North and East. Jews are involved and loose. The North
                is victor. but on dividing the South it is decisively defeated. The last battle continues three
                days; two armies of the North-East are wiped out, the third flies to the far east (12b, 89, 98,
                122c, 133, 139, 162, 173, 174). Yellow and Red warriors are against Europe (184).

            2. Of three evil rulers who oppress the earth. one dies in bed, a second is killed by the third,
                and the third falls by the sword. They who raise the armies perish with them. A whole
                eastern nation fights for an evil man. Ten kings are involved. These nations have mighty
                fleets (9i, 41c, 47f, 60b, 92, 126, 155).

            3. The battlefield is half the earth. Death from the sky. poison gas, cities evacuated, cities and
                even whole provinces and nations destroyed; a northern nation has great air power; great
                battles on sea and in the air; blockades, injured food resources, etc. All are featured in this
                conflict. The Godless governments of Europe tear each other and the continent to pieces
                (59, 65, 85a, b, 86c, 88b, 92, 98, 116, 157, 171, 176).

            4. In 70d is what appears to be a description of a modern fleet and combined sea and air

                bombardment. This is a war where the weak must be strong (14c). Emblems and
                atmosphere are described thus: a headless, disgraced or hooked cross (85b, 175, 184); a
                hammer, red destroyers of the wealthy, yellow warriors (146, 168, 175, 184). It is a war of
                falsehood and enforced caution of speech (60b, 86, 102).

         f. Various nations involved:

            1. The German leader is at first victorious, then for half as long. while twenty nations clash. he
                holds his own. but in far less time, having been weakened in the East. his country is
                invaded, completely defeated, and the ruler crushed. Soldiers of seven nations are in the
                last battle which is in Westphalia. Russia seems to fall at the same time. It will take seven
                generations for Russia and Prussia to recoup the losses (65. 71, 76, 89b. 104, 108, 125,
                140, 155, 162, 167, 175).

            2. England in alliance with France is helped by a nation and fleet from the west but defeated at
                sea by a fleet from the east (this may refer to a later date). London is destroyed. France will
                aid when revolt breaks in England. Many lords and the king perish. The English casualties
                will be nearly as great as the Prussian. In Europe England "pays the piper."1 (69b, 70d, 84c,
                85, 86c, 87, 98, 122, 128, 129, 137, 155, 201.)

            3. France falls as a result of her alliance with England. She will have a triple blood purge (two

                wars and a revolt?) (87, 98, 122, 137, 173). Her leader will be destroyed (98). Paris,
                Marseilles, and many other cities will be destroyed. but the good will escape death in Paris.
                There will be civil war in which the communists control three-fourths of France. The result,
                however, is quelled, and France aids England suppress a similar uprising there (65, 67b,
                100, 102, 112, 137, 144, 156b, 163, 167, 173, 176, 201). Paris will be oppressed for a little
                more than three years (158) (This may refer to time of Anti-Christ). It is France that will
                have started all this antireligion trouble (141).

            4. Italy suffers terribly, chiefly during the persecution noted below. Many cities are ruined in
                northern Italy, but also Naples and Palermo. Her islands are evacuated. Lombardy is laid
                waste. Armies of the North, West, and East fight there. Rome is probably pillaged but not
                destroyed (65, 93b, 111, 123i, 139, I68e, 173, 184).

            5. Russia outrages and murders nobles, wealthy, and the clergy (157, 188). She seems to be
                on the side of Prussia in the Battle of Westphalia with France. Spain. Poland. Italy. and
                apparently Austria on the opposite side (l04b, 106, 163, 167, 175). She causes many exiles
                and fugitives (149).
            6. Greece will not be secure till she returns to Christian Unity (l06b). Spain survives civil war
                and trouble from the Godless (85.87. ]47. 184). Vienna is destroyed (] 57) .
        g. The Persecution:2

            1. In the fourth year of the war it becomes a religious conflict, with men and women fighting
                for the faith. The church will lack a protector for 25 months but the actual persecution lasts
                400 days (8Sb. 100. 101, 123h. 140. 173) (This may refer to time of AntiChrist) . The
                persecution will be terrible and directed chiefly against priests and religious. Many priests
                die not only for the faith but also for the country (19, 59b, 72, 84, 97, 111, 129, 134, 147a,
                b, 157b, 161, 164, I69b, 170).

            2. The persecution will be widespread. In France it is connected with civil war. In Italy it is

                especially severe and Russia and Prussia are responsible. The martyrs there are numerous
                (65, 111, 159, 16 8e), but the terror will spread even to where it is thought impossible
                (141). While a few Catholics. even some bishops. fall away. the clergy on the whole stand
                firm. Church and other Catholic property will be confiscated (67b, 139. 141, 153, 159).
            3. Because of three powers the pope will have to leave Rome. He will depart with four
                Cardinals. suffer much. and die in exile (65, 88, 100,101, 104, 124, 139, 142, 143, 147,
                153, 156c, 164). He will leave Rome 200 days after the persecution starts (173b) .
                Confusion and schism result (100, 124, 153), with German, Italian, and Greek Anti-popes
                (65, 72, 139).

            4. This persecution rather becomes acute and starts in the fourth year of the war. It started
                long before in France and is stepped up in 1931 (141, 147b). The pest foretold for Russia,
                Italy, Spain, Prussia, and Westphalia may mean a persecution (172 and cf, 173a for
        h. Evils concomitant with the War: drought, floods. tidal waves. famine, and plague with terrible
            mortality (41a, e, 59, 76, 84c, 128, 138, 167, 168e).

1 Tidal waves real or typical are spoken of as one of England's punishments.
2 This is often equivalent to civil war (147b, 157, 159, 159, 170).

     A. The Terrifying Event: -

             a. Time: When War and confusion reign supreme, when disorder and confusion is at its height
                 in France. when Rome is about to fall to the enemies of religion; after famine. pestilence.
                 war, fraud. and communism have left Italy in anarchy; when the humiliation of Sion (the
                 Church and/or the Jews) is complete; when in France, at least. public prayer ceases and
                 the churches close for 24 hours; when the white and the black (true and false?) pope die
                 the same night (47c, g, 93, 144, 158, 165. 168e, 173). Further. it will be at the end of a
                 terrible war, after one awful night in the midst of persecution in France, in the age which
                 preceeds the universal preaching of the Gospel. at the beginning of the third period of time
                 and more precisely in or near a year when Easter falls on April 25th (19a, 106b, 113, 123h,
                 144, 168b, d).

             b. Surprise: The Day the Lord comes as " thief in the night, when they (the forces of evil) say
                 peace and security, then suddenly comes destruction upon them (23, 161, 174); when all
                 appears lost for the Church, just then 311 is saved (118, 137, 138, 141, 144, 147b, 151,
                 152, 163, 168c, 169b, 173, 183) .

             c. Purpose: God will cleanse the world and return it to its ancient state (34, 44a, 149,
                164, 166, 191). It will be a case of Him adding to the destruction of man (65, 156). It is His
                Judgment on the Nations (8a, c, 24, 41b, 122), the time for t}1e mountain of the Kingdom
                of God to destroy all kingdoms and establish itself (12a). All that preceeds has not made
                man repent (32c) .

             d. General description of the event: a great, terrible, and most certainly and evidently
                 miraculous happening (70b, 76, 129, 137, 144, 150, 152, 153, 158, 160, 168b, d, 169b,
                 171, 173, 194). Nothing like it before or after (14a, 161). It will be world wide but probably
                 more severe in Europe (84b. 130, 137, 146, 150, 161, 174). A sorry event for those not
                 truly holy (70b, 153). Fear, the snare. and the pit consume man (8c, 41 f) .

             e. More specific descriptions:

                   1. A whirlwind of God's fierce anger scatters and destroys high and low (8a, c, 9d, 14, 24,
                       41b, 122); hurricanes (70a, 150, 173) ; winds, strong winds or storms (12a, 32, 63b,
                       65, 84c, 150, 155, 194).

                   2. A darkness (14a, c, 32, 45, 60b, 63b, 72b, 86b, 98, 162, 173b, 176) as the sign of
                       Jonas (19b) will last three days and three nights (154, 156, 159, 162, 165, 170, 174).
                       The heavens will be moved with frightful clouds, lightning and thunder. Then~ will be
                       earthquakes and tidal waves. (14a, c, 63b, 150, 174). A yellow fog, dust, flame, and
                       smoke from the north (14c, 41c, 63c, 84c, 92, 184). Pest in the air, an unknown and
                       frightful illness (76, 156). Demons infest the air and are visible (65, 88b, 150, 153, 156,
                       161, 165, 174, 177).

                   3. A numberless, strong, irresistable force described as an army of beings before whom all
                       is a garden, behind whom all is desert (14a, 32c, 411e). Also God comes to judge the
                       wicked with thousands of his saints (31).

              f. Results of this event coupled with those of the war, persecution, and upheavals in nature:

                   1. Apparently a three months' period is involved in a special way (152, 161). A famine or
                       plague seems to follow the darkness (174, 182) and likewise exploits of the Great 
                       Monarch and his forces (q. v.).

                   2. Whereas the vengeance of God is directed against the army of evil (92), which
                       completely defeated, flies to the Far East (162, 174); many men will lose their lives. In
                       other words, the enemies of religion chiefly, but not exclusively, shall perish, yet even
                       some of those enemies will be spared, become converted and be other St. Pauls (144,
                       147b, 150, 152, 154, 156, 174). But even so, the faithful shall have special protection,
                       especially during the darkness (45a, 150, cf, g below).

                   3. The casualties shall be appalling: There will be few men left (8c, 161, 173b). Seven or
                       even twelve women to every man (84c, 92). this apparently because there are more
                       faithful women than men (168, 185): innumerable deaths (41c, 60b, 65, 85b, 98,
                       104b, 112) : the earth covered with the slain (9d. 32d, 154. 174: individuals, whole
                       families, property, cities destroyed (150). One third, one half, three-fourths of mankind
                       destroyed (32c, 157, 170, 174). Afterwards Europe will be too large for its people

              g. Spiritual helps for the good during the evil times: Stay where God has put you. hope in
                  Him. pray and do penance (65, 88b, 137, 183). Communions of reparation. prayers for
                  dying sinners offered through Our Lady to the Sacred Heart ( 147). For Spain, prayers to
                  Our Lady of the Pillar should be said (147). Our Lady has obtained a mitigation of the evils
                  (168c) and she will protect the church (173b). Saints Peter and Paul will protect the
                  faithful during the darkness: only blessed wax candles will then give light, one burns the
                  three days: stay where you are, say the rosary, and don't look out or go out of the house
                  through curiosity (147, 150, 156, 165, 174, 184). Devotion to the Precious Blood and Five
                  Wounds is also recommended (178, 186).

     B. The Consoling Events or Event: Fire cleanses from below, love from above (168b): -

             1. Immediately after the Darkness there will be a great light as the sun shining with a special

                 brilliance (86b, 150, 173). This may be on a Feast of Our Lady (163).

             2. The demons will be collected and bound through the agency of Saints Peter and Paul. and
                 St. Peter may designate the person to be chosen as the new pope (150, 156).

             3. It would seem that now begins the third period of time. Our Lady under the titles of
                 Immaculate Conception. Queen of Men's Hearts. Queen of Heaven and Earth. but especially
                 Queen of the Angels would have been responsible for saving France and Spain. and
                 mitigating generally, God's Anger. She had been given especial power over hell for the
                 latter times. She may appear in the heavens with angels and saints (130, 135, 158a, b,
                 168, 169, 173, 184, 185, 189, 193, 197b, 198) (cf. concerning the coming of the Son of
                 Man 14a, 20b, 130) .

             4. The Kingship of Christ and the Sacred Heart are devotions which will flourish towards the
                 end (102b, 128b, 147, 177).

             5. In the times before Christ God the Father, as it were, ruled. In the second period God the
                 Son. In the third period it shall be God the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Love (114, 141, 168b,
                 177). This reign of the Holy Ghost begins with the defeat of Germany (104c, 117).
 IV. GREAT PERSONAGES OF THE LATTER DAYS: These are the Great Pope and the Great Ruler. The
      two appear frequently in prophetic writings. Their respective qualities and accomplishments are not
      always kept distinct, and many results which in one place are attributed directly to heaven, in
      others are attributed to either of these figures or both. This does not necessitate contradictions, for
      both work together and each is but a divine agent.

    A. The Great Monarch:

        a. referred to as: The Orient or from the East (17b, 60c, 63, 78, 85b); from the West (83); from
            the North (68, 72b, 95, 106, 131); a prince, knight, Emperor, King (60c, 67, 68, 72b, 83, 86,
            90, 97, 100, 117, 129): a Lion or an Eagle (63, 72, 81, 85, 93, 112, 124, 168); a Bourbon, Lily
            or white flower (64, 87, 94): a star (96); a duke (138); of Spanish origin (106): great Celt but
            not Irish (123m, 201); a scion of Charlemagne, Pepin, Clovis, etc.. of the French Kings (67,
            90, 91, 97, 102, 112, 114, 121, 129, 137, 139, 145): a great warrior (68, 70c); an exile or 
            captive in his youth (67, 100, 102: his features noted (71, 127); he will be a Catholic (88,
            157); not a German (129, 157b).

        b. Time: near the end of time (77, 87, 91). In the third incursion of time (113, 168b), during
            (155). and after a terrible war (96). as a result of which the world in general. but especially
            France. and in France the provinces of the North and East are in terrible misery (67). and also
            as a result of which Germany is decisively defeated (or wholly converted) (104c, 117, 167). He
            will come into power at the moment that the Anti-Christian forces are on the point of Victory
            (40), and will succeed as ruler of Germany an elected ruler of humble birth (140). All this will
            be after 1840 (121), and item 123m could mean that he would begin his rule in 1944 and
            reach the zenith of his power in 1951.

        c. First achievements: The great monarch is helped into France by England (94, 175), probably
           despite the unwillingness of America (175). The French are not expecting him (72b). He comes
           from north to west (106). There will be with him two aids (78, 87). He will turn out to be a
           great conqueror (92) and reformer (as noted below) but this because he has the very special
           aid of God (102. 106. 112. 117. 131. 141). It is he who puts down the revolt in France (168).
           He is in charge of the army of the south in the Battle of Westphalia (89) where he defeats the
           Prussians and Russians (76). He defeats the nation that for three years ravages in the north
           and the Emperor of the north who is the mystic Anti-Christ (76. 81b. 139). Spain and Poland aid
           him in some special way (86c, 96, 104c, 106). It seems to be after this phase of the war that
           women must do the farm work for one year (89b, 122a).

       d. His Army: Whether this army is organized before or after Westphalia is not clear. It is composed
           of soldiers of various nations (64, 72b, 139). It is called "The Army of the Church" (114, 139) or
           "of the Holy Ghost" because in that period of time the Holy Ghost dominates all things (114,
           141), "of the Cross bearers" because in that sign it conquers (106, 114, 189c). It is rather a
           religious congregation whose members are the earth's greatest soldiers, scientists, and saints.
           They are divided into three orders: military knights, contemplative monks, and active religious.
           The angels fight on its side; it upholds disciple both temporal and spiritual universally after it
           has cleansed the world of evil. It lasts till the end of time. Every ruler is a member of this militia

       e. His achievements, apparently after Westphalia: He is made king of France (67. 72, 79, 84d, 87,
           96, 97, 100, 112, 125,144, 159, 162, 168) by the Pope (156) but eventually dominates Europe
           as its Emperor (90, 9 I. 145). Various countries. e. g. England (64, 72b, 73b, 85b, 96, 122a),
           Germany  (76, 88, 106, 167, 157), Poland (86c. 104c), Italy (64, 83, 96). Greece (64). Ireland
           (68, 71), etc. He rules apparently through allied monarchs and after either conquering or
           relieving them of revolt. It would seem that he unites Germany. Spain, and France first. and
           only after much blood, the rest. His dominion eventually extends to the bounds of the Ancient
           Roman Empire (40, 66, 79, 129, 139). But apart from this he dominates the world (67. 100), 4
           and reforms it (111), that is, he restores order to Church. state, and family (133), and aids
           workmen (144). All other world forces he either destroys or enters into agreement with (63a,
           64, 71, 78). In this process it is likely that Russia, China (168), several European governments
           (131) , Japan (100). other Eastern leaders (64, 72b. 122c. 144). the Arabs (78, 86). and for a
           certainty the Turkish Empire and other Mohammedan countries shall feel the force of his arms
           to bring them into line (64, 104c, 106, 114, 122c, 131, 132, 138, 167). At any rate he relieves
           every land (63, 111, 112, 139), destroys evil laws (63c, 94, 102, 144). destroys all tyrants (III,
           114), makes it possible for all exiles, fugitives and captives to return home (140, 158b, 160),
           and ends war (63c, 94, 97, 101, 104d). It is no wonder then that the people gladly accept his
           rule (78, 160). His reform is apparently a gradual process (64, 134).

        f. His reign: Under him Peace reigns in all the earth (40, 84d, 85b, 86b, 87, 89b, 100, 102, 104c,
           106, 117, 125, 131, 141, 163, 165). Justice likewise (86b, 129), happiness (77, 140), and
           abundance (60c, 85b, 86b, 97, 104c, 106, 117, 151, 163). Iron is used only for tools (84a).
           New cities are founded (106). No taxes for twelve years! (78).

       g. Religion under the Great Monarch: His place in the divine scheme is to crush the enemies of
           Christ (40, 114, 132, 140), and to promote, and in cooperation with the Pope. achieve not only
           Christian Unity but also the conversion of all Mohammedans (106, 132) or Pagans, as well as
           many, if not all. Jews (64, 106). His good example is his chief weapon (151). Since this
           accomplishment results from the miraculous events and the Great Pope, as well as the Great
           Monarch, more details are given below. Suffice it to remark here that he restores the true Pope
           and church property (72, 138) and changes many kingdoms to strengthen the faith (129).

       h. The length of his reign is quite uncertain but at some time during it, probably after his defeat of
           the Turks and Arabs, he establishes the Kingdom of Jerusalem (72b, 91, 97, 106, 125). He
           abdicates his throne in Jerusalem (64, 77, 79, 83, 85b, 96). Thus ends the Roman Empire and
           apparently the kingdoms of France and of England (77, 79). At any rate He is said to be the last
           and greatest French King and Roman Emperor and the last King of England, but on the other
           hand it is said that France will exist till the end of time (66) and that there will be men of the
           stock of the Great Monarch also till the end of time (113).

   B. The Great Pope (or Popes): This divine agent is usually referred to as the Angelic Pastor (e. g., 82,
       113b, 136). He will be born before the end of the 19th century (112).  He is said to come from the
       North  (1l3b), to be French (125). Galician (168c), or a Sabine (124). Some think he will be  a
       Franciscan (131, 142). All agree that he will be a holy man (81, 99, 104, 109, 129). The Paduan
       Prophecy calls him Gregory (136). He is to be protected by the angels and to be a Prophet, a
       miracle worker  (83, 97).
            He will come after Pius XI (136) when the world is wartorn and the Church persecuted (81b,
       83, 96, 97, 112, 123, 125). also after the wicked have been or while they are being chastised
       (83, 97, 112), at the same time as the Great Monarch (101, etc.).
            It seems that here there is the question of a succession of popes who should rather be called
       the Angelic Pastors (97). The number would probably be five (95) who would all together rule 17
       years (123q). In another light. however. the number might be considered only four (81). Looked
       at this way the pope who ruled when the Great Monarch appeared would form one with his
       predecessor, i.e., his times, policies, and even name might be identical, so that it could be said the
       pope died and lived again (173c, 190). This pope would be the one who dies in exile, during the
       persecution. His successor (being the first of a series of four great men) would be chosen by
       divine intervention and probably by a method laid down by the exile (100, 139, 150, 173). This
       succession would last till the time of Anti-Christ (129).

    A. Church and State: When the Great Monarch has achieved total victory there shall be on earth only
        One Emperor and twelve monarchs. The Emperor shall be supreme in things temporal, the pope
        in things spiritual (67, 81, 97, 104d, 114, 129).

    B. Things spiritual:

           1. When God has ended the confusion a new world begins similar to its first state (34, 54, 65),
               a world dominated by the Kingdom of God (12, 28). Satan is bound many years (54, 129,

           2. The Church is reorganized (91, 93b, 97, 99, 113, 114, 150), Apostolic discipline is restored
               (113), and religious orders are reestablished and flourish, as do vocations, chiefly among
               the workers and poor (113, 150, 167, 173b), penance and good works abound (67, 140,
               151). At first the state helps finance worship but apparently the Pope puts the church on a
               freewill offering basis, for the most part (97, 139).

           3. It then falls to the lot of the Holy See and the Church to rebuild society (64, 104, 112, 160).
               Accordingly the Pope will lead the bishops in a crusade of instruction (144, 173). Some speak
               of twelve apostles of the new age and other marvelous things connected with a campaign of
               this nature (139, 156, 168b, 172, 184). It will be realized that failure to preach God's word
               previously had resulted in the punishments (173). Thus the Gospel will be preached in all
               lands (97). This is the age of the triumph of the Church, happy those who live to see it. The
               people will be like the primitive Christians and unbelievers seeing the Church's glory will flock
               into her (100, 107, 137, 144, 145, 149, 150, 161, 163, 164, 172). Heresy will disappear at
               least in so far as it is organized, also schism: certainly they will lose government support. In
               some instances whole nations will become Catholic (67, 83, 84d, 102, 104c, 114, 117, 129,
               130, 138, 156, 166, 169). Many heathen also will be converted (84d). (It would seem,
               however, that many, but not all Jews - q. v. - would join the church).

           4. Concerning specific nations then are the following items: Arabs or Asiatics or both make an
               attempt against Europe. Poland is in the fray. They fail and one army is driven into the far
               east while the other (Mohammedan) retires into North Africa. The Moslems become
               Christian, also the Chinese (Tartars) and other heathens (89, 99, 123d, e, 129, 130, 135,
               156, 157, 184). The Greeks and the Russians return to the Church (99, 156). England loses
               her Eastern colonies and ceases to be a great power but she returns to the Church which
               again flourishes there. Ireland is in some way instrumental in this (70d, 72b, 80, 82b, 84c,
               122, 128, 129, 156, 163). After Germany is defeated, disarmed, and dismembered. she
               returns to Christian unity and monarchy (103, 104b, 129). A four-nation Slav Federation with
               the Capitol at Warsaw and with St. Andrew Bobola as patron plays an important role against
               Asiatics and Moslems, and in the new Christian world (148, 157, 17k 175, 182). Belgium.
               Spain, France (despite her sins), and other Catholic nations laid waste in war and
               persecution, regain their sovereignty and something more (66, 69b, 74, 76, 147a, 173c), but
               nations which have irreparably lost the true faith disappear (147c).

               So, as the reign of the Great Monarch progresses Christian Unity is achieved, apparently
               even to the point where it can be said that there is but one Flock and one Shepherd (8, 16b,
               17b, 40c, 60b, c, 67, 72b, 81, 87, 90, 92, 93b, 97, 99, 100, 101, 104d, 109, 114, 125, 138,
               139, 146, 168, 169).

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