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February / March 2022

Dear Faithful, Soldiers of the Church Militant,

The Holy Ghost warns us not to be deceived by vain words but to stand firm in the profession and practice of the Holy Catholic Faith!

The Masonic Revolution, both in politics and the Conciliar Church, loves to swim in ambiguous terms and seemingly harmless-sounding phrases that tickle the ears and deceive many souls. A handful of examples are:

Pro-choice” which means the cruel slaughtering of millions of babies, backed by the Supreme Court laws since 1973 in the USA.

Comfort Care” which means injecting patients with numbing drugs that often hastens their death.

Brain Death” which is a deliberately misleading term. The signs of death are the following: no breathing, no blood circulation and no reaction to pain or to light shined in the pupils. “Brain Death” was a term invented to justify the murder of patients who are still breathing, still have blood circulation and react to light and pain, but are often unconscious or in a coma. Under these conditions, the highly paid murderers extract the patients’ vital organs while they are still living... What? While still alive?... Yes! because as Dr. Paul Burns said, “No one can receive dead organs as an ‘organ donation’.”

Family Planning” or “Responsible Parenting” are more deceitful phrases to justify the use of birth control, contraception, NFP and denying Almighty God the number of children that He wants and has grand plans for!

End Terrorism” or “Safety First” are often slogans used to imperceptibly pass the gun control laws and abolish the Second Amendment.

Liberty of Education” which really means the horrors of scandalizing the innocent by teaching explicit immorality, Evolution, Atheism, validity of other “faiths,” transgenderism, no absolute truths, etc., etc.

Economic Prosperity” a term used by Joseph Stalin and the Pulitzer Prize Winner, Walter Duranty, who wrote in 1932 for the New York Times. Duranty hailed as “Economic Prosperity” the thousands of Gulag internment camps and the mass starvation of over fourteen million people in Ukraine and Russia. Over thirty million people were starved and executed under Mao Tse-Tung in China, all in the name of “Economic Prosperity!”

Full Communion” is another buzzword marking those trying to reconcile Christ with Belial and Truth with Error, by accepting the Second Vatican Council, the Modernist Magisterium, the New Mass and sacraments as “legitimately promulgated” (cf. Doctrinal Declaration, April 2012). In other words, betraying Our Lord Jesus Christ and simultaneously being swallowed by the Conciliar Church!

Recognition” or “Justice For Tradition” are phrases which the Conciliar-SSPX leaders have coined to rally support for the Agreement with Modernist Rome before Rome converts to Tradition, contrary to the warnings of Abp. Lefebvre!

Establish a Climate of Trust, Mutual Respect and Dialogue” means not first to convert Modernist Rome back to the Catholic Faith, but rather, dilute the Truth in order to be acceptable into the New Pluralistic Conciliar Church! This “dialogue-fever” has succeeded to seduce “many Traditional groups to abandon their rigid positions” (Pope Benedict XVI) and accept compromise by shaking hands with Modernists! This is why Pope Francis could say, about Bishop Fellay: “Now that’s a man we can dialogue with!”

(No wonder Abp. Lefebvre insisted: “They are betraying us - betraying us! They are shaking hands with the Church’s destroyers! They are shaking hands with people holding Modernist and Liberal ideas condemned by the Church! So they are doing the devil’s work! They are now saying: ‘As long as they grant us the Old Mass, we can shake hands with Rome, no problem.’ But we see how it works out! They are in an impossible situation! Impossible! One cannot both shake hands with Modernists and keep following Tradition! Not possible! Not possible!” (Abp. Lefebvre, Address To His Priests, Écône, September 6, 1990 - just six months before his death).

Words are the new tools for Revolution. Words are meant to express Truth, but the Father of Lies uses them to trip-up and deceive souls. Let us examine briefly some of the words recently being used by the SSPX to make the agreement with Modernist Rome look more favorable. Firstly, the word “Agreement” which comes from “con-cordia” meaning a “harmony of hearts.” It means to have the same opinion, same view or the same intention while sharing the same common cause and walking united, as one person, in concord of thought or action. In an agreement each side makes accommodations for a perceived outcome. In the case of the Conciliar-SSPX with Modernist Rome, the concessions for the agreement (or rather, the thirty pieces of silver) were made in the Doctrinal Declaration of 2012, the “Six Conditions For An Agreement With Rome” and the “new attitude towards Rome” called for by Bp. Fellay among the members of the SSPX.

Since the Second Vatican Council, there has been a widening divergence between those faithful to Tradition and those adhering to the Council. Abp. Lefebvre saw that an agreement with Modernist Rome was absolutely impossible until Rome re-crowns Christ the King and returns to Catholic Tradition. Until that doctrinal conversion happens, it is clear that Rome is determined to destroy Tradition. Therefore, no agreement is possible!

Secondly, the dangerous phrase “canonical recognition”, which is the conferring of a canonical structure by the ecclesiastical authority to an entity without it. This is now hailed by the Society leaders as the solution to our “abnormal situation.” In other words, “canonical recognition” means the Pope recognizes the legal existence of communities which already existed. This means the Holy See considered the SSPX as unlawful and illegal before, and now, after granting the “lifting” of the excommunications (which didn’t exist), the granting of jurisdiction for confessions, marriages, extreme unction and holy orders, it is now “canonically recognized,” even if partially.

The danger of this “canonical recognition” is that, implicitly, it is to disclaim the state of necessity which had justified our resistance to Modernist Rome and the auto-demolition of the Church. The focus is now shifted from the real state of emergency and the survival of the Catholic Faith to getting canonical recognition. It’s putting the cart before the horse. A victory for the Devil!

The consequence of this new “canonical recognition” for the Conciliar-SSPX is the inevitable cooperation and submission to the local Modernist bishops, which Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre warned was the greatest danger to the faithful! It necessitates canonical dependency on the Modernist bishops for the priestly apostolate, since the bishop is responsible for all the faithful of his territory. Already, it is a fact that the Society priests have to submit all marriages to them.

From this flows the Personal Prelature which Bp. Fellay had introduced to the faithful in 2011 and 2012. The idea of a Personal Prelature first appeared with the document Ad Gentes, in the Second Vatican Council. Personal Prelatures are defined as “jurisdictional entities established by the Holy See, as instruments of the pastoral hierarchy of the Church, for the realization of particular or missionary activities.” Now, the snare hidden in all this is that the Personal Prelatures have to agree with the Episcopal Conferences before their erection and coordinate all their apostolates with the bishop’s approval (cf. New Code of Canon Law #294).

Since the Personal Prelature must have the prior consent of the local bishops to exercise their apostolate, it therefore becomes a mere “assistant” to the diocesan clergy and under the auspices of the Modernist bishops! Even if Bp. Fellay and the leaders of the SSPX try to defend it as having “freedom for apostolate,” nevertheless, it cannot be completely independent, since the Personal Prelature given to him is still subject to the diocesan bishops, who have canonical jurisdiction over their territories. In sum, the Personal Prelature of Bishop Fellay or the Superior General, will still be subject to the local bishops, who in turn, are subject to the Roman Congregation for the Bishops!

How well Abp. Lefebvre spotted this trap and sounded the alarm!

We would have to re-enter this Conciliar Church in order, supposedly, to make it Catholic? That is a complete illusion! It is not the subjects that make the superiors, but the superiors who make the subjects...Amongst the whole Roman Curia, amongst all the world’s bishops - who are progressives - I would have been completely swamped! I would have been able to do nothing! [As for the Pope appointing ‘conservative’ bishops] ...I don’t think it is a true return to Tradition. Just as in a fight, when the troops are going a little too far ahead, one holds them back - so they are slightly putting the brakes on the impulse of Vatican II, because the supporters of the Council are going too far…The supposedly ‘conservative bishops’ are wholly supportive of the Council and of the post-Conciliar Reforms… No! All of that is tactics, which you have to use in any fight! You have to avoid excesses… [When asked about ‘signs of benevolence to Tradition’, he replies] There are plenty of signs showing us that what you are talking about is simply exceptional and temporary … So I do not think it is opportune to try contacting Rome. I think we must still wait. Wait, unfortunately, for the situation to get still worse on their side. But, up till now, they do not want to recognize the fact … That is why what can look like a concession is, in reality, merely a maneuver to separate us from the largest number of faithful possible. This is the perspective in which they seem to be always giving a little more and even going very far. We must absolutely convince our faithful that it is no more than a maneuver, that it is dangerous to put oneself into the hands of Conciliar bishops and Modernist Rome! It is the greatest danger threatening our people! If we have struggled for twenty years [ now, in 2022, fifty-three years!] to avoid the Conciliar errors, it was not in order to, now, put ourselves in the hands of those professing those errors!” (Abp. Lefebvre, Interview, Fideliter, July-August 1989).

So again, the Revolution always succeeds by avoiding clear expressions. The Conciliar Church abandoned clarity of words, definitions and language. This was one of the accusations made by Abp. Lefebvre at the Council. So we must not be deceived when the leadership of the Conciliar-SSPX speaks of “canonical recognition”, when it really means an Agreement with Modernists!

In 2003, when Bishop Rifan of Campos signed the agreement with Rome, he confused the faithful with vague words and led them to believe it was a victory for Tradition when in fact, it was the opposite. He led the whole Traditional movement in Campos, Brazil into compromise with the Conciliar Church, who, ever since, accepts Vatican II and the New Mass! When signing the agreement, Bp. Rifan tried to camouflage his betrayal by saying “It’s not an agreement, it’s a recognition.” He tried to imply that Rome at last recognized the importance of Tradition, when it is obvious Rome has been trying to crush Tradition!

We must not be deceived by the novelty of words and vagueness of language. Call it what it is, both for Bp. Rifan and Bp. Fellay, this betrayal by “canonical recognition in gradual steps” or “proceeding slowly” is already the agreement with Modernist Rome!

Bp. Fellay recently boasted (in a Spanish Interview) of his frequent meetings with Pope Francis who promised him he would not condemn the New-SSPX and to “take it slowly towards Rome.” Who could possibly doubt the Pope’s good will? His epithets for the Traditional Catholics show his true colors: “nostalgics,” “imbalanced,” “moralistic debaters,” “Christians like bats who prefer darkness to the presence of the Lord!” etc., etc.

How is it that Abp. Lefebvre warnings seem to have fallen on deaf ears?

Persevere, little flock of the Lord! Our Lady has the victory!!

In Christ the King,

Fr. David Hewko
"So let us be confident, let us not be unprepared, let us not be outflanked, let us be wise, vigilant, fighting against those who are trying to tear the faith out of our souls and morality out of our hearts, so that we may remain Catholics, remain united to the Blessed Virgin Mary, remain united to the Roman Catholic Church, remain faithful children of the Church."- Abp. Lefebvre
Fr. Ruiz read's this newsletter of Fr. Hewko's in Spanish:


"So let us be confident, let us not be unprepared, let us not be outflanked, let us be wise, vigilant, fighting against those who are trying to tear the faith out of our souls and morality out of our hearts, so that we may remain Catholics, remain united to the Blessed Virgin Mary, remain united to the Roman Catholic Church, remain faithful children of the Church."- Abp. Lefebvre

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