Thoughts of the St. Cure of d'Ars (St. John Mary Vianney)
Page 10
WE ought to love what He loved on earth, and to
set no store by those things which He regarded as
of no account. 
- Sermon on the Incarnation, I.
DIRECTLY anyone feels they are losing their fervour,
they should at once make a Novena to the Holy
Ghost, asking Him to give them Faith and Love.
- Catechism on the Holy Ghost (D.).
We can only receive God once a day; a soul enkindled
with divine love makes up for this by the desire of
receiving Him every moment of the day.
- Catechism on the Holy Eucharist (M.).
GOD will forgive those who have forgiven; that is the law.
- Homily (Sp.)
In your work, offer your difficulties and troubles quite simply
to God . . . and you will find that His Blessing will rest upon
you and on all you do.
- On the Sanctification of Daily Life (E.).
A CHRISTIAN either rules his inclinations, or his
inclinations rule him. . . .
- Homily on Temptations (Sp.).
ONE serves God better by doing things in which one
takes neither pleasure nor delight.
- Saying (J.V.).

Page 11
A MERCHANT does not consider the trouble he undergoes
in his commerce, but the profit he gains by it.
- The Cure of Ars in his Catechism (Sp.).
THE more we know of men, the less we love them.  It is
the contrary with God; the more we know of Him,
the more we love Him.
- Catechism on the Love of God (M.).
"ARE we in alliction?" says St. John Chrysostom; "we shall
find all manner of consolation at Mass.  Are we tempted?
Let us hear Holy Mass, and we shall find there a way of
overcoming the devil."
- Eucharistic Meditation 24.
SOME people give alms that they may be seen, and praised,
and admired . . . . Some think they do not received thanks
enough.  That will not do!  If you give alms for the world's
sake, you are right to complain.  But if you do it for God's
sake, what does it matter if you are thanked or not?
- Love of M. Vianney for the Poor (Sp.).
ST. FRANCIS DE SALES, that great Saint, would leave off
writing with the letter of a word half-formed, in order to
reply to an interruption.
- On Mortifying Self-Will (C.).
TROUBLES melt away before a fervent prayer like snow
before the sun.
- Catechism on Prayer (Sp.).

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