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Giant Bergoglio Statue Unveiled - Stone - 06-08-2023

King of Kings: Giant Bergoglio Statue Unveiled

[Image: cgo5je8r31ep3xm5lan1qp79zctmxuu4vgopr7h....48&webp=on] | June 7, 2023

Three priests Juanino Díaz, Javier Bravo and Monsignor José Ignacio Herrera presided over a Eucharist in honour of the 10th anniversary of Francis’ pontificate in front of a giant Bergoglio statue in Aguilares, Argentina (, May 28).

The clumsy statue was created by a certain Rubén Pereira and unveiled in the presence of local politicians.

[Image: ukxn74ackf1gxwmhulutj8ypy14rrkit6ckw3mm....25&webp=on]

[Image: 7712dfrjiliuk3y4a4lxzo11pzb3e01kas0zfdk....56&webp=on]