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Kansas City: Invalid Eucharists for Years? - Stone - 06-06-2023

Kansas City: Invalid [Consecrations]for Years? | June 5, 2023

Two newly appointed Kansas City priests discovered in their three different parishes that they have used a "wine" that was an invalid matter for consecration for years, Archbishop Joseph Naumann wrote in a May 31 letter (

Therefore, the Eucharists were possibly invalid and the intentions not fulfilled. Naumann has asked Francis' Vatican for guidance - although Francis couldn't care less.

Naumann tells his priests that altar wine must be made from grapes, without additives, and be "vinified for sacramental use" (although the Vatican has said that the latter is not necessary).

It's unknown what the Eucharists have been celebrated with (grape juice?). Naumann simply states that many commercial wines contain additives like elderberry extract, sugar, alcohol, etc. which could invalidate the Eucharist.