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Attempts to Make Up Amazon Rite Presented - Stone - 09-03-2022

Futile Attempts to Make Up Amazon Rite Presented

[Image: ad4swfgoltt4s3pa0jbw1d1jxjbukqga9upzxl4....ormat=webp] | September 2, 2022

The Amazon Church Conference (CEAMA) has presented the results of first consultations for an "Amazonian Novus Ordo Rite" at Cardinal Roche's decadent Liturgy Dicastery.

According to (September 1) a working group of sixteen people studied the pagan traditions and customs of the Amazon people.

The goal is to elaborate a proposal for an "Amazonian rite" that would lead local parishes to celebrate "their faith" [=different religion] according to "autochthonous" expressions.

The challenge is to combine different "mystical forms of expressions" in an "Amazonian liturgy."

The working group has set up four (!) subgroups to deal with different questions - anthropological-sociological, historical-cultural, theological-ecclesiastical and ritual-legal.

The results of the study meetings will be resumed by a drafting group that should produce a first draft of an "Amazon Rite."

However, since rites cannot be produced out of thin air and the Novus Ordo is according to Francis "the only expression of the Roman Rite" any attempt to make up new rites is futile.