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Dr. Robert Malone: A true friend? - Stone - 01-18-2022

Most of us are aware of Dr. Robert Malone's speaking out about the dangers of the vaccines, his ensuing censorship from MSM, etc. 

But more and more we have to show discernment, we have to know that not everyone is as they say they are - or as we hope they are. 

The following are just some things to keep in the back of our minds going forward. 

[Image: c1f6f8e5000fd21d.jpeg]

And this is Dr. Malone 'peddling' his vaccine:

RE: Dr. Robert Malone: A true friend? - Stone - 01-29-2022

Dr. Malone answers these questions

‘False’ and ‘defamatory’: Dr. Robert Malone denies rumors about making secret COVID jab
Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology and an outspoken critic of the current COVID jabs which use this technology, 
responds to a 'hit piece' recently made against him to attack his 'reputation.'

RE: Dr. Robert Malone: A true friend? - Juan Diego - 01-29-2022

My question is: WHERE WAS DR. MALONE in 2020 AND LAST WINTER?
Whereas so many doctors, nurses etc. came forward risking everything they had to speak truth warning of the extreme dangers of death and side effects.
They said STOP the vaccines, stop the emergency authorization allowing this insanity. 
He doesn't say that at all.  He goes along with the lies and promoting MORE VACCINES.  He reminds me of Robert F. Kennedy who wants "safe vaccines" and "policies for FULL vaccination FOR ALL AMERICANS."  Yes those quotations are words from Kennedy, Jr.'s own mouth.
Many charlatans and con artists out there - beware!