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Ignatian Retreats 2021 - Stone - 03-29-2021


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Fr. Hewko is planning again to hold Ignatian Retreats (a week for the men and a week for the women) this year. 

Father expects to hold the retreats at roughly the same time as last year (end of June for the women to mid July for the men). He anticipates the venue will be the same as well - at the Red Rock Guest Ranch in Soldier, Kansas, USA.

There are still details to be finalized but this notice is to allow people to beginning making arrangements for those who are able to attend.

For a reminder of the retreat details from last year (of which there is little anticipated change for this year), please see here for the WOMENS and here for the MENS retreats.

Finalized details will be posted as they become available. May many graces flow from these powerful retreats!

Please contact Mr. Tim Cline at or 770-820-6476 with any questions.

*Fr. Hewko is also asking for generous souls to assist with the cooking for any portion of time during those two weeks!

RE: Ignatian Retreats 2021 - Stone - 04-19-2021

[Image: Capture.png]

[Image: Capture.png]

To download the above brochure, click HERE.

RE: Ignatian Retreats 2021 - Stone - 04-22-2021