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Fr. Ruiz: An Appeal to the Faithful [February 18, 2021] - Stone - 02-18-2021

by Fr. Hugo Ruiz

[Image: IMG_0004-Corregido.jpg]

“We must build again the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ in this Christian world which is disappearing. You shall tell me, “But Monseigneur, this is the fight of David against Goliath!” Yes, indeed, I know. But in his fight against Goliath, David won the victory! How did he win the victory? By a little pebble which he took from the torrent. What is this little stone which we have? Jesus Christ! Our Lord Jesus Christ! We shall say with our ancestors from the Vendee:  “We have no other honor than the honor of Jesus Christ. We have no other fear in the world than to offend Jesus Christ!” They went to their death to defend their God singing this! We also, let us sing with courage, wholeheartedly: “We have no other love than Our Lord Jesus Christ, no other fear than to offend Him!” 
- (Archbishop Lefebvre, 60th Ordination Anniversary Sermon, 1989)

Quote:Dear Faithful,

I would like to tell you of the need in which I find myself at the present time to find a new place to live; since I have to leave the place where I am currently renting as the owners have asked me to vacate my current house this March, next month.

We have found a good opportunity to buy a house at a very affordable price (3,750,000 pesos, about $187,500.00 in U.S. dollars). It should be noted that the land alone is worth 2,000,000 pesos. The house is spacious and could be adapted later for preaching retreats. Fr. Hewko suggested to me to make a presentation to see if we could raise the funds to buy it. I am therefore appealing to your generosity which God will surely reward. I would like to point out that we have only until the end of February at the latest to make a decision, since March would be already too late. Please count on my prayers to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph so that God may help you and bless you abundantly.

Father Hugo Ruiz V.

Donation Options:
To donate directly into Fr. Ruiz’s bank account in Mexico, contact Fr. Ruiz via his email address or phone # and he will give the necessary details for this transaction.
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Other Contact Details:
Fr. Ruiz’s phone #: 011 52 55 3367 9642 (from USA to Mexico)
Fr. Ruiz’s current address: Copan 9 Col. Vista Azul 76087 Qro.
                                                 Queretaro, Mexico

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- The PDF of this letter with accompanying pictures of the house Fr. Ruiz hopes to purchase can be found HERE.