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Full Version: Devotion for the Dying
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The following information is taken from the 2021 Traditional Liturgical Calendar from Canada.


"Will you not join with our dear Heavenly Mother Mary
in this work to save many of these souls who otherwise,
without our prayers, will go to hell?"
- Bl. Mother Mary Potter
Devotion for the Dying

The Month of the Holy Family - January
Mother Mary Potter and the Little Company of Mary
After making her total consecration to Jesus through Mary, Mother Mary Potter was drawn to praying for the dying.
She established an order, the Little Company of Mary, which cared for the sick and dying and prayed for all the dying.
She realized the importance of having persons in a state of grace near a deathbed.  A person in a state of grace carries
God with him and so their presence has a great power against the attacks of the devil at the time of death.
Her desire was to have people all over the world and at all times praying and sacrificing for the sols of the dying who had
lost sanctifying grace or who where about to despair of God's mercy.
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