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Full Version: Prayer for a Student
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To be recited during the school year

O Infant Jesus, eternal Wisdom made flesh, who shed Thy blessings so generously on all and most especially on schoolchildren and students who trust in Thee, please look kindly on me as I implore Thee to guide and assist me in my studies.

Thou, O God made Man, Lord of all learning, source of all understanding and memory, come and help me in my weakness. Enlighten my mind, give me a readily ability to acquire knowledge and truth and the capacity to remember all I learn. Be my light, strength and comfort in moments of special difficulty.

By the grace of Thy divine Heart may I do all my school tasks to the best of my ability and gain the utmost profit from them, so that I may get good marks and, most important of all, be moved up next year. To merit such favours, for my part, I promise to perform faithfully all my duties as a Christian and to love Thee more and more. O Sweet Infant Jesus, keep me always under Thy protecting mantle and be my guide, not only on the path of learning, but above all on the path to eternal salvation. Amen.