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Full Version: Special Dedications
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Special Dedications

The church recommends the dedication of certain days to special purposes. (Taken from the Book Our Quest to Happiness.)

The special dedication of the days of the week are:

Sunday                  The Lord’s Day: dedicated to the remembrance of the Resurrection and of the Blessed Trinity

Monday                 Dedicated to Holy Ghost and Poor Souls

Tuesday                 Dedicated to the Holy Name and to the Holy Angels

Wednesday           Dedicated to St. Joseph

Thursday              Dedicated to the honor of the Holy Eucharist and Priesthood of Christ

Friday                   Dedicated to the Passion and Death of Our Lord and to the Honor of His Sacred Heart

Saturday              Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin in memory in her unshaken faith on that First Holy Saturday

Not only does the Church recommend certain dedications for the days of the week but she also encourages us to make certain
dedications of the months of the year as aids to devout living.

The dedications for the months are as follows:

January               The Holy Family

February            The Purification

March                 St. Joseph

May                    The Blessed Virgin

June                   The Precious Blood

September        The Holy Angels

October             The Holy Rosary

November        The Poor Souls

December        The Nativity