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Quote:Greetings once again, fellow extremists, radicals and gulag-dodgers!

World Communism is almost upon us. Each day that passes we seem to be getting one step closer to the World Government through which the ‘Lord of the World’ will one day rule. The stakes, though still hidden from many, are nonetheless extremely high. Bear that in mind the next time someone looks at you disapprovingly for not wearing a face-muzzle in public. If only they knew. Bear in mind also, that Our Lord will, of course, have the last say. ...


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The Recusant - Issue 54 - Epiphany 2021
The Editorial

“There are situations in which a person is not only justified, but has a duty to stay away from Mass in order to take care of his bodily health […] I guess some people, seeing this coronavirus situation, are [saying]: ‘Shouldn’t I just sacrifice my body for the sake of my soul? I should just go to Mass and contract the coronavirus and die like a man!’ ”
(Fr. Paul Robinson, “Questions with Father #27” -

Greetings once again, fellow extremists, radicals and gulag-dodgers!

World Communism is almost upon us. Each day that passes we seem to be getting one step closer to the World Government through which the ‘Lord of the World’ will one day rule. The stakes, though still hidden from many, are nonetheless extremely high. Bear that in mind the next time someone looks at you disapprovingly for not wearing a face-muzzle in public.If only they knew. Bear in mind also, that Our Lord will, of course, have the last say.

As the nightmarish scenario unfolds, let us at least hope that lots of people who might otherwise never have woken up, will take note and remember that the SSPX for the most part helped enable this new state of affairs, and that certain of their priests (Fr. Paul Robinson, for instance) were as good as cheer-leaders for it.

Not only are these men not opposing what is now emerging, they actually helped bring it about.

So what is emerging? Those of you who are already subscribed to the newsfeed provided by the Telegram channel “gulag_2020” (or who visit its website, may already have seen plenty of open talk of a “Great Reset.” Not so very long ago, we would have been chided, ignored and looked down upon for even mentioning this “crazy, far-right conspiracy theory.” Now however, nobody has the right to say such a thing.

Within recent weeks, the proponents of this “Great Reset” have been bragging openly about it. Take, for instance, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau’s address to the United Nations where he talks of the “pandemic” as a wonderful opportunity for a social and economic “reset.” “The last six months have laid bare fundamental gaps and inequaliities within our societies,” he says, before talking about “climate change,” “government action” and something about the “G7 summit,” he goes on:
Quote:“This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre- pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.” (See:

In case anyone wonders whether the context might alter the apparent meaning of these words, the rest of what he says appears to be mostly about increased government spending via “trusted partners on the ground” (and who might they be? The sinister ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,’ perhaps? Or maybe George Soros’s ‘Open Society Foundation’…?). The other context is that Trudeau was addressing his remarks directly to the United Nations, a body with a consistent history of Communist sympathy and support for Communist terrorism, particularly in Africa and other third world countries, and whose first ever Secretary General, Alger Hiss, was later found to have been a card-carrying Communist party member at the centre of a high-level Soviet spy network within the United States government (see, for instance, the account included in the fascinating but now largely forgotten book by former Times correspondent Douglas Reed, ‘The Controversy of Zion,’ p.380 ff). Finally - and this too is surely important context - there is the fact that the man saying all this, as well as being the head of state of a western country, is also well known for being a man without principles, character or a single conviction of his own, an effeminate globalist mouthpiece who can be relied upon to grovel to the leftist media and whose speeches are an echo-chamber for whatever the trendy cause of the day might happen to be (climate change, gender theory, identity politics, and so forth).

In a similar vein a book was recently published by one Klaus Schwab, entitled…guess what? “COVID19: The Great Reset”..! It can be purchased for only a tenner on! And no, in case you were wondering, the book’s author is not a “far-right conspiracy nut” - quite the contrary! According to the blurb on the book itself, this man is “the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.” That would be none other than the same ‘World Economic Forum’ which meets at Davos every year to decide what should happen in the future and how global affairs are to be conducted, an elite clique of the obscenely wealthy, meeting to discuss how to rule the smelly, unwashed vulgar masses (us!). What could be sinister about that…?!

Likewise, Time Magazine even featured the very same “Great Reset” and dedicated an entire issue to promoting it.

[Image: ?]

Like Trudeau, Time is known for being a globalist mouthpiece for whatever new horrors “our masters” have in store - see for yourself by visiting their website: Above a picture of Klaus Schwab, the caption reads: “THE GREAT RESET The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future we want. TIME partnered with the World Economic Forum to ask leading thinkers to share ideas for how to transform the way we live and work.”

But don’t worry, it’s all just a far-right conspiracy theory! Don’t pay any attention, there’s no evidence! Go back to sleep! Don’t be “extreme” like the sort of people who believe this! Aren’t we lucky to live in a liberal, democratic society..?! Equality! Tolerance! Democracy! Progress!

A further clue as to what might lie in store for us can be found in a video put out by the very same “World Economic Forum,” entitled “8 Predictions for 2030.” As the title suggests, this is our self-appointed rulers telling us how we will be living in future, whether we like it or not, by the year 2030 (now there’s a curious thing! Why does that year in particular keep cropping up?!). These are not so much “predictions” in the sense that you or I would make predictions - these are “predictions” made by people with the power to bring them about. They are “predictions” in the sense that a parent might predict what presents their own children will be receiving for Christmas (if you can imagine such a thing…). The word “prediction” here is euphemism for “goals” or “plans.” Be that as it may, the first of their “predictions” is: “You’ll own nothing - and you’ll be happy.”

Read: We’re going to abolish private property… ...for you, though not for us.

And you won’t be happy, but we’ll only let you find that out for yourself when it’s too late. “Whatever you want, you’ll rent. And it’ll be delivered by drone.”

No private property any more, means no more purchasing: that part makes sense. But… rented from whom, one wonders? Doesn’t property, whatever it might be, have to belong to someone in the first place for it to be rented? They don’t explain that bit. Delivered by drone simply means that someone somewhere can control the transaction and permit or forbid it and record it. Shades of China’s “social credit” scheme where if you criticise the party, you can’t buy things or travel. (No, I’m not kidding, that’s a real thing. Look it up.)

The other “predictions” are in a similar vein. They seem to hint strongly at compulsory organ donation (as though the state owns your body, as though the government or some megacorporation had made you, and not God), at the deliberate and speeded-up merging of nations (“We’ll have to do a better job at welcoming and integrating refugees” - apparently because of “climate change,” or some other such nonsense). Fossil fuels becoming history means, in effect, energy becoming a luxury, a privilege of the elite. But then if there’s no more private property, then that presumably will include energy and whatever electricity you use will belong to someone else, which will in turn mean that they will be able to turn off the flow for any reason. 

Travelling to Mars and making contact with alien life is pure fiction, but a fiction which must constantly be kept alive in the popular mind as a means of propping up the bogus evolution hoax and all the baggage that comes with it. Finally, the bit at the end about “Western Values” being tested to breaking point and “checks and balances” on democracy, all seems somewhat incoherent, not least because “Western Values” are largely fictional too - whenever one expects it to mean something vaguely Christian or residually Catholic, it invariably turns out to be the “values” of Freemasonry and the French Revolution ( ‘equality,’ ‘tolerance,’ ‘liberalism’ and so forth). And anyway, what “checks and balances”..?

In the UK, our parliament voted in September to extend the unchecked power of the “Coronavirus Act” (and thus, in effect, to abolish itself) for another six months, with only 24 Members of Parliament voting against it. As a result, the country is now effectively ruled by ministerial decree. But then “democracy” was always the chant of Communists and other godless types.

For those who haven’t seen it already - the video used to be on the WEF’s own youtube channel, here: but appears to have now been taken down. Perhaps the backlash was too much and the video’s creators decided they didn’t want all the negative publicity? Who knows. In any case, various copies still exist elsewhere online where it can be seen (for instance here, or here.)

There is another video too which is still up on the WEF youtube channel (here: entitled - you’ve guessed it! - “The Great Reset” - which includes not only footage promoting the idea of a covid “pandemic,” as well scenes which have a general greeny/eco “climate change” feel, but also explicitly ties in Black Lies Matter (as though you couldn’t have guessed!). It ends with the words “Join Us” followed by the web address It has to be seen to be believed. I challenge anyone to watch either video or visit that web address, and not see global communism writ large.

The WEF’s “Great Reset” webpage, listed above, uses identical rhetoric to what was heard coming out of the effeminate, mealy mouth of Mr. Justin Trudeau:
Quote:“The Covid-19 crisis” [which was bogus from the start and based on media lies] “and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused” [it wasn’t covid which caused the disruption, you people caused it! The very same people now proposing your own ‘solution’ to the bogus ‘problem’ you yourselves created!] “is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making.” [What?! What’s that supposed to mean? And anyway, the same shady, unelected mega-wealthy elitists seem to be making the decisions, so… has anything really changed?]

It goes on to claim that the world is entering “a historic crossroads” and “a unique window of opportunity” - “...the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.”

Exactly what that “new social contract” might mean - we can only guess, though doubtless we will find out to our own cost sooner or later! In the meantime, ask yourself this: what honest endeavour would choose to cloak itself in unclear metaphor and euphemism like this? Doesn’t it just sound sinister and dishonest? And if they were intending to impose world Communism on everyone without our consent, how would this sound any different?

And before any smart-alec demands to know exactly who “they” are (there’s always someone smug person!) - well… in this particular case, I’m not sure. It’s not clear on the “World Economic Forum” website exactly who they are. There is a page entitled “Our Partners” which gives a long list of corporations and banks in alphabetical order. Bank of America, Barclays Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Blackrock, Bloomberg, Boeing, BP ...  and that’s just a tiny fraction of the Bs! But if they are “Our Partners” who is the “us” in the equation? Whose partners are they? If that information is on the website, it is well hidden!

A year ago anyone predicting world Communism imposed on the masses from above by the mega-wealthy elites would have been accused of being a conspiracy-theory fantasist. Well - who’s crazy now? The conspiracy theorists are the ones still meeting up with their family members for Christmas. The “normal” people are the ones wearing masks inside their own “socially distanced” homes..! Yes, world Communism is coming. No, it isn’t a conspiracy theory. If you value the welfare of your neighbour at all, never mind actually loving him as yourself, then you will try to wake him up and get him to see this. Forewarned is forearmed.

And if in the end he won’t listen, then at least you tried and there will be no doubt that it was due to any lack of effort on your part. The effort is what counts. How do we prepare for what’s coming? Let me repeat what has been said here before. The best way to prepare is to be in a state of grace, to say your prayers, to do your duty of state and to try as hard as you can each day to become a Saint. Yes, there may be little things you can do, but then there may not, and in any case what happens to you will be what Almighty God permits and has intended from all eternity. So don’t worry about the little worldly details too much: worry about it only insofar as neglecting something would be a dereliction of your duty of state, but don’t go out of your way to prepare for Armageddon, especially if there is a risk of it becoming selfish and getting in the way of your duty to Our Lord.

For all you know, being arrested and thrown in the gulag might be part of His plan: that might be how you convert some fellow inmates before dying a martyr. So don’t be too eager to save your own skin.

“Rulez is Rulez!”

On Saturday 31st October, vigil of All Saints, our glorious leader, “Prime Minister,” leading globalist puppet and unrepentant public adulterer Alexander (“Boris”) de Pfeffel (“Johnson”) announced a new set of government “rules” which we were all supposed to abide by, claiming that this was so as to combat a (by now) virtually non-existent virus, one which didn’t do that much harm anyway (are we now to witness a curious reduction in the flu virus at the same time as all these new “cases” of covid are being announced? Hmm...).

As 2020 drew to an end, the official figures were already showing that the total number of deaths for our country was almost exactly what it was in previous years, and if anything Source: ...oh look, UK deaths are pretty much the same as they were  twenty years ago, or if anything, slightly fewer! And even the official number of “covid deaths” stayed the same no matter what was going on! It’s almost as if we’ve been lied to all along…!so this must have been a pandemic in which no one  died! That is, no one died of the illness: plenty of people died of everything else, including those who died as a result of the ‘lockdown’ measures.

Be that as it may, new rules were imposed on us first in October, then were relaxed somewhat, before being reimposed just before Christmas. In October, amongst other things, “places of worship” (a term which includes Catholic churches and chapels) were allowed to be open for private prayer by individuals, but y “services” (which obviously would include Mass, Benediction, etc.) were forbidden. This had long been the case in other countries already. Before Christmas, this stricture was eased - now, at the start of January 2021, there is talk of “public worship” being forbidden once again.

When the first so-called covid “lockdown” happened last Spring, there was no Resistance priest here in London, so the question for us was an academic one. But perhaps now might be the right time to remind the reader of a few important and timely truths. I am open to correction if I err, but here is my understanding: The state has no authority to oppress the Church or to suppress the public worship of Almighty God, which is His right. Various Roman emperors as well as several English monarchs (Henry VIII, Elizabeth I…), as well as many Communist tyrannies, all tried to impose the power of the state upon the Church and to forbid by law the worship which is God’s right. They are all finding out their error right now, to their great dismay, and will be doing so for all eternity. The Church outlasted them all. This time, the Church’s official public worship is being forbidden on the grounds of a spurious, bogus health scare which even its main proponents know is nonsense. But the pretext given makes no difference: all authority comes from God, and therefore any law which claims to take away God’s rights and the rights of His Church by banning public Mass is a law without any force, invalid, and one to which no Catholic is bound to obey.

A Catholic priest can and probably should be clever about how he circumvents these wicked, unjust rules; but he must get around them, he must break them. What he absolutely cannot do is to go along with them. Earlier this year, in March and then again from the start of July, through August and the start of September and in late October too, thanks to Fr Rafael, Fr Hewko and Fr Vargas, the Resistance carried on regardless and many people came to Mass, including a few new faces. We would have done so during April, May and June too had a priest been available. And we will continue to do so in future, regardless of whatever phoney “rules” our government pretends to enact. The state cannot supress the Church, it has no authority to do so, the very attempt to do so is evil and must be resisted and the Holy Ghost will come to the aid of any good Catholics who are not cowed by the threat of the law.

It may well be that Mass in private homes, as in days gone-by, will now be the order of the day, at least for the timebeing. So be it. We simply trust in Divine Providence: adiutorium nostrum in nomine Domini. But we will not give in. We may have to be clever to get away with it, but there will be no disgraceful acceptance of a tyrannical abuse of power. Our illustrious ancestors have already set us a fine example to follow. Priests like St. Edmund Campion or St. Robert Southwell, and laity such as St. Nicholas Owen, St. Anne Line or St. Margaret Clitheroe, all show us the right attitude to have towards anti-Catholic laws which try to suppress the Mass. They all earned their glory by defying the corrupt, tyrannical Westminster government’s attempts to suppress the Mass and forbid Catholics from gathering. Even when arrested and tried, these Catholic heroes and heroines declared that they were not the least bit sorry and would do it again, and that they hoped their fellow Catholics would carry on defying the law in their absence! The British District of the SSPX recently seem to have been beginning to rediscover a little bit of backbone and a measure of sensus Fidei in this regard and are no longer as docile towards our rulers as they perhaps might have been before. Let us hope that this is not a fleeting fad.

Elsewhere, the SSPX has proven itself every bit as craven and cowardly as we feared, and has even been cheerleading the effort to imprison, restrict and vaccinate whole populations. Let the way in which the conciliar church, the indult, the SSPX, the sedevacantists and, for the most part, the Fake Resistance have all responded to government restrictions teach us all a valuable and edifying lesson.

One Step Closer…

With the arrival of Advent, two further events have brought us even closer to world Communism. Firstly, the non-results of the 2020 presidential election in the United States cannot but remind one of early 1930s Spain. A list of serious, credible evidence as long as my right arm exists of serious fraud and vote rigging in several key states, and includes video of poll observers being threatened, physically assaulted and then excluded from the count, secret drop -offs of vast numbers of fake ballots at counting centres in the dead of night after everyone was supposed to have gone home, proof (via public database) of dead people having voted, even something as simple as analysis of the raw data… all of which bespeaks massive fraud but which the “mainstream media” have uniformly refused even to report on, instead calling such accusations of fraud and rigging “baseless” and “without foundation” and even “conspiracy theories.” In places such as Philadelphia and Detroit, the presence of “Black Lies Matter” and “antifa” types and other violent agitators played a significant part in what went on. These people are the equivalent of the Red Guard who help Mao achieve power in China, or Robert Mugabe’s thugs who helped him to “win” the laughably corrupt 2002 Zimbabwe presidential election. Despite fitting the definition of “terrorism” like a glove, these people hardly ever seem to be arrested and when one of them is, they are never charged. (District Attorneys elected with George Soros money are often responsible for that!) In the meantime, polls in December showed not only a majority of Republicans but even a sizeable minority of Democrats believed that the election had been stolen by the Democratic Party.

As mentioned before, one difference with 1930s Spain is that in 1930s Spain the left did not control all the media - they at least had some “right wing” newspapers, even though these tended to be attacked and burned down. In our own day, practically all of the TV networks, national daily newspapers and giant internet companies are in the hands of the far-left.

Already in the months before this election, ‘Project Veritas’ and others uncovered undeniable proof of so-called “ballot harvesting” and other illegal practices. As usual, however, none of this was ever acknowledged by the “mainstream” media. Likewise, several press conferences given since election day were not properly reported on by the same media, despite containing specific details of fraud, including a lorry driver who came forward as a whistle-blower after he had been given the job of driving several pallets of fake votes (already filled-in, all for the same candidate!) across state lines from New York state to Pennsylvania. Those of us who remember the 2002 Zimbabwe election might recall the police car which crashed spilling tens
of thousands of fake votes already filled-in for Mugabe! In this case, however, the poor man might as well have saved his breath for all the good it did - despite being willing to swear under oath, he was never allowed his day in court and was universally ignored by the media.

And it was the same story with all the other evidence. The CCTV footage showing suitcases of ballot papers brought out from hiding in the dead of night after everyone had gone home and then counted in secret without witnesses, the secretly recorded audio of left-wing poll workers and civil servants, in the days and weeks before the election, laughing about what they were planning to do to defraud the electorate - all of it made not the slightest difference.

The very same media, the same giant corporate TV and radio “news” networks and newspapers, ignoring all of this entirely, continued to repeat like a mantra that there was “no evidence” for claims of fraud or vote rigging, and the social media giants, the mega-corporations which effectively control the internet, played their part by censoring any attempts to share such information person-to-person.

And yet, if a fraction of what has so far been claimed is true (and who can doubt it?), then the United States is now seen to be no better than Zimbabwe, South Africa or any of the other Third World tin-pot tyrannies which still pretend to hold elections. Even Venezuela pretends to hold elections. The old Soviet Union and the other Eastern-bloc countries used to “hold elections” - they just carefully controlled who you could vote for and what the outcome would be. They didn’t mind who voted or even whom they voted for, as long as they were in control of counting the votes. If the enemy are now going all-in to finally control the USA and close what was already a fairly tight grip, we probably ought to ask ourselves why that might be.

Perhaps none of us can yet be certain, but it does seem a remarkable coincidence. If “Agenda 21” and “Agenda 30” are real concerns, if the “Covid-19 Great Reset” is in earnest, if there really are wealthy and powerful individuals who wish to impose a form of world Communism on all of us, or to drastically reduce the world’s population (and they themselves have said so often enough!) then this must surely have been an important piece of the puzzle, another step towards that goal.

The 45th President of the United States, Mr. Donald J Trump, despite his many failings, and despite agreeing with these evil elitists on some points and acquiescing to their agenda on others, was nonetheless perhaps too much of a wild card for them to allow him to continue in office. He therefore had to be removed by hook or by crook.

The second development of recent weeks is the appearance of the so-called “vaccine”. Lest anyone should be naïve enough to think that we are being too hard on Mr Trump, consider the fact that he has been pushing the “covid vaccine” as much as anyone and is more than happy to take credit for its appearance, openly admitting that it was brought out in record time because the normal regime of trials and testing had been significantly relaxed and what few safeguards there were had been effectively removed, as though that were something to be proud of or brag about! Perhaps he is naïve and ignorant and nothing more, who knows. Be that as it may, the so-called “vaccine” is worth looking at a little more closely. If the baddies are so
keen on you receiving it, all the more reason for you not to receive it! Why might they be  so keen on everyone receiving it? No good reason, one suspects! The various public utterances from Bill Gates and others about the need to drastically reduce the world’s population are surely an important clue.

On pages 10-13 we provide several compelling reasons why a Catholic ought to refuse this “covid vaccine” completely. Once you are convinced, recall that you are your neighbour’s keeper and that you will only get to heaven due to Faith and works… and then resolve to do everything in your power to convince anyone who will listen - and even those whom you think won’t! - that they too must refuse it. Almighty God sees all hearts, and even the intention to do something good will count in the hereafter.

Finally, permit me to wish a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2021 to all our readers, friend and foe alike!

- The Editor

How to Prepare for the ‘Great Reset’

1. Be in a state of Grace. If you aren’t, get into it! And stay in it!

2. Offer each day and all its penances to Our Lord, through the Blessed Virgin Mary. Do this in your morning prayers, first thing when you roll out
of bed at the start of each new day. Renew this intention regularly throughout the day, whenever you think of it.

3. Make a point of ignoring any new government rules unless absolutely necessary. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t “socially distance.” Don’t “stay home.”
Attend an anti-lockdown rally if possible.

4. Absolutely don’t ever get the new vaccine! It almost certainly involves the use of cells from murdered babies, it’s not even a ‘vaccine’ anyway, it hasn’t
been properly tested yet, and is the closest thing to the mark of the beast we’ve yet seen! And if our evil rulers, the people inflicting this communist “lockdown”
on us, are so keen for you to get it, all the more reason for you not to get it!

5. Spread the truth. Don’t be afraid. If we’re going to lose our jobs, our homes and end up in a gulag, then it’ll happen sooner or later anyway. We
might as well gain some exposure for the truth in return, before that day arrives!