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A Collection of Quotes from Archbishop Lefebvre
[As one can imagine, this list is in no way comprehensive.]

Before one begins to read these great, clear words of the Archbishop, please keep in mind the praise his private theologian
at the Second Vatican Council, Fr. Berto, said of him:

"Archbishop Lefebvre is a theologian, and by far superior to his own theologian, and God grant that all the [Council] Fathers might be theologians to the same degree as he is! He has a perfectly sure and refined theological habitus, to which his very great devotion to the Holy See adds that connaturality that allows him, even before discursive thinking intervenes, to discern intuitively what is and what is not compatible with the prerogatives of the Rock of the Church."


On the Combat for Christ the King

On the New Mass

On the Indult

On the Second Vatican Council

On the Modern Orientation

The Conciliar Church

The Modernists in Rome Cannot be Trusted

On Freemasonry in the Church

On Ecumenism

On Obedience

Against Sedevacantism

On the New Oath of Fidelity which includes a New Profession of Faith

On the New Code of Canon Law

On Papal Infallibility

Against False Shepherds

On the Doubtfulness of the Conciliar Sacraments

On Collegiality

These quotes of the Archbishop were initially compiled and generously 'donated' by the forum member, Pulcheria.
We are very grateful for this gift!

"The Necessity of Religious Instruction"
from The Catechism of the Council of Trent

BUT while the preaching of the divine Word should never be interrupted in the Church, surely in these, our days, it becomes necessary to labor with more than ordinary zeal and piety to nourish and strengthen the faithful with sound and wholesome doctrine, as with the food of life. For false prophets have gone forth into the world to corrupt the faithful with various and strange doctrines, of whom the Lord has said: "I did not send prophets, yet they ran; I spoke not to them, yet they prophesied."

In this work, to such extremes has their impiety, practiced in all the arts of Satan, been carried, that it would seem almost impossible to confine it within any bounds; and did we not rely on the splendid promises of the Savior, Who declared that He had built His Church on so solid a foundation that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, we should have good reason to fear lest, beset on every side by such a host of enemies and assailed and attacked by so many machinations, it would, in these days, fall to the ground.

[align=left]For those who intended to corrupt the minds of the faithful, knowing that they could not hold immediate personal intercourse with all, and thus pour into their ears their poisoned doctrines, adopted another plan which enabled them to disseminate error and impiety more easily and extensively. Besides those voluminous works by which they sought the subversion of the Catholic faith—to guard against which (volumes) required perhaps little labor or circumspection, since their contents were clearly heretical—they also composed innumerable smaller books which, veiling their errors under the semblance of piety, deceived with incredible facility the unsuspecting minds of simple folk.