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Full Version: Rumors persist: Bishop Williamson may have conditionally reconsecrated Archbishop Viganò
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Archbishop Viganó Conditionally Re-Consecrated a Bishop[?]

[Image: qig6ikdhqx3qhoy8o7n5mtdszyw3ie4mif5b6nj....31&webp=on] [Emphasis mine]| January 10, 2024

Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò has been secretely re-consecrated a bishop by Bishop Richard Williamson in case his Novus Ordo consecration was not valid (sub conditione), writes (9 January). The ordination has been rumoured for at least two months. If the consecration did indeed happen, it has still to be officially confirmed by Archbishop Viganò or Bishop Williamson.

If true, Viganò has chosen to distance himself from the Church by doubting the validity of ordinations according to the new rite (of 1968). The Fraternity of Pius X (FSSPX), from which Williamson was expelled in 2012, does not consecrate bishops sub conditione.

Monsignor Viganò was ordained a priest in March 1968 in Pavia, Italy, and a bishop in April 1992 by John Paul II, Cardinal Macharski of Krakow and Cardinal Sodano.