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Full Version: Bishop Tissier de Mallerais to give Confirmations in Functioning N.O. Church
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We have heard rumors for a few weeks that Bp. Tissier would be giving the Sacrament of Confirmation in a Novus Ordo Church in Florida. 

If this were true, it would be yet further evidence of the SSPX's ongoing cooperation and alignment with the Conciliar Church, which was brought into the public's view with it's Doctrinal Declaration of 2012 though it was later revealed that the SSPX has been working secretly with the Conciliar Church much earlier through it's association with GREC

Here is the local SSPX church bulletin announcing the upcoming Confirmations for the parishioners of St. Thomas More Chapel in Sanford, FL:. 

[Image: Screenshot-2023-10-03-093203.png]

Disturbingly, the All Souls Church on Route 46 in Sanford, FL is a Novus Ordo Church, advertising Masses in English, Spanish, and Latin. Notice that the faithful are not (formally) informed the Confirmations will be in a Novus Ordo church. They are merely given an address. 

What is even more disheartening about this news is that this particular Novus Ordo parish has two churches, an older 'historical' Church, where incidentally the Latin Mass for that chapel is offered, and a newer church built in 2008. The SSPX Confirmations will occur in the new church, with the only altar facing the people. In the side niches flanking the altar there are only plants. Contrasting with that is the older historical church that has large statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph on either side of the altar.  In the older church, there are two altars, one facing the people and one facing the tabernacle, ad orientem

Here is the older, historical church: 

[Image: ?]

[Image: ?]

Here is the new church:

[Image: ?]

And oddly, here is the well-sized SSPX Chapel in Sanford, Florida:

[Image: img_9361_0.jpg?itok=Dn68RLuy]

It certainly doesn't appear that the decision to choose a Novus Ordo modern church is one related to size or space! And even if that were the consideration, the traditional SSPX never hesitated to move big events outdoors. The old/traditional SSPX was no stranger to Confirmations in unconventional locations, especially if the local SSPX chapel was too small to accommodate everyone. Here is an older SSPX Regina Caeli Report from June 2001 showing this very same Bishop Tissier giving Confirmations outside in Phoenix as the local SSPX chapel was indeed too small to house everyone.

[Image: Screenshot-2023-10-03.png]

This is how the traditional SSPX functioned, giving Sacraments where ever they were needed but without compromising with Conciliar Rome, without abandoning the traditional altar for the modern one, without blurring the lines in the minds of the faithful between the Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo (see also: The Recusant #60 - Easter 2023) on how the SSPX is moving ever closer to accepting the New Mass). And even prior to this, how could we so easily forget that the 1988 Episcopal Consecrations by Archbishop Lefebvre of the four bishops had to be moved outdoors to accommodate the 10,000 people in attendance.  There WAS NO COMPROMISE with the Conciliar Church under the old SSPX.  

And arguments about the appropriateness (and betrayal) of using a Novus Ordo chapel in the first place aside, how could the SSPX agree to use an altar facing the people when arguable the option of using a traditional altar was available. And if the argument could somehow be made the this parish refused to let the SSPX use the older chapel, then one would have assumed that the SSPX normally would have refused the venue if Bishop Tissier de Mallerais/the SSPX were then being forced to used a modern altar, facing the people.  Two major concessions to modernism in this one event by the SSPX. Most, most unfortunate.
Here is a recent Fr. Hewko sermon, addressing this same issue of the upcoming Confirmations in a Novus Ordo Church (begins this topic approximately the 11 minute mark):

Transcript of the above sermon related to this issue of the SSPX administering Sacraments in Novus Ordo parishes:

Quote:... For us, we are ordered to accept Vatican II, the New Mass, the whole errors of the New Code go along with the Diocesan Bishops. Bishop Tissier is going to have confirmations in a month or two in All Saints Parish Church Novus Ordo, in Sanford, Florida. And they're going to have New Mass that morning. Bishop Tissier is going to come in, do Confirmations, have Mass, and then they're going to have the New Mass later that afternoon, no doubt. It's a New Mass parish and same in Syracuse.

I hear they're having a regular Mass. It's a beautiful church. It belongs to Tradition. It was built before Vatican II, but sandwiched between indult masses and Novus Ordo Masses. Do you think Archbishop Lefebvre would settle for this? Do you think he would be approving of this? I doubt it. I doubt it because the Archbishop often said you want to avoid the ambiance, that is the environment, the toxic gas and the air that breathes in these Novus Ordo churches.

So if the priests of Syracuse are budd[ies] with the priests of the Novus Ordo diocese and the Novus Ordo Bishops, which they have to be to get their churches, do you think they're going to stand in the pulpit and condemn the New Mass and Vatican II in their Novus Ordo church, sandwiched between Novus Ordo Masses? Do you think Bishop Tissier, who we lament to see him sliding, do you think he's going to stand in the pulpit when he confirms these people in the Novus Ordo church sandwiched between Novus Ordo Masses and tell them the New Mass is evil, Vatican II is straight out of hell? Do you think he's going mention even Archbishop Lefebvre's name?

And this is why the Archbishop was very clear. You don't make deals with Rome. You don't put ourselves under these modernist bishops. And what's happening to the faithful? They're sliding and sliding and they're going to say, well, we're in the same church. New Mass was at 10, our Mass was at 12 and I can't make it to our Mass, so maybe I could go to the New Mass. After all, we're in the same church. You see, it makes the people slide in their faith. It's very dangerous. And this is why we have the saints, all these martyrs before us, they didn't play games with the faith at all.

...  With the matters of the Faith, you don't have to argue and debate. We don't go with the New Mass, we don't play with it. We don't approve the New Mass miracles because we know many of them are invalid. One of the priests of the Novus Ordo, who talks about the so-called miraculous multiplication of the hosts when he was giving Holy Communion. Well, one, maybe it's not even valid because a lot of these priests don't believe. And the priest said, "Yeah, it was really cool." He said it was really cool.

And it's all around the New Mass where there's no reverence, no genuflections, no center on the sacrifice of the cross. It's all man-centered. Is our Lord really even there? Most of them are not even valid today. Most of them are not even valid and the priests probably are not even valid because of the dubious consecrations of the Novus Ordo rite since 1968. It's for the Church to decide, but I have to ... You know as well as I, Archbishop Lefebvre admitted there is a doubt here. Maybe they're valid, maybe they're not, and that's the danger.

So if it's not valid, of course the devil could multiply fake miracles. He could get in there and make a fake miracle. And Christ warned us, 'Beware of the prodigies and errors towards the end of times because Satan will try to seduce if possible, even the elect.' And how can we be seduced to lose our faith? To accept New Mass, New Mass miracles, and accept Vatican II, which is exactly where it leads. So that's the danger of our times. And now traditional Catholics are in great danger with these traditional Masses in Novus Ordo churches sandwiched between Novus Ordo Masses, friendly with Novus Ordo bishops.

It's an extremely dangerous atmosphere. It's very toxic and dangerous to the faith and the faithful are in danger as well because they're not going to hear from the pulpits, you can't go to the New Mass, [the] New Mass is straight out of hell. Vatican II is from hell. You got to keep the Faith, persevere in the line of tradition and the Popes and Archbishop Lefebvre. They're not going to say that. No way. Not when they're getting favors from Pope Francis, from the local bishops and from the Novus Ordo priests.
SSPX Bishop Confirms In Novus Ordo Church | October 15, 2023

Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais of PiusX conferred Confirmation and celebrated Mass on October 14 in All Souls Church, Sanford, Orlando Diocese.

Mallerais had the permission from Bishop John Gerard Noonan and even from the Vatican in keeping with Francis' extreme centralism and authoritarianism which treats bishops like altar boys. The two collections went to the diocese and the parish.

[Image: j3lmjsabso5p5icwknyjx3xvbfqh6akxwqfv9z0....24&webp=on]

[Image: fkaezdicgttyfv8m79xn91tb1w3dwx6w02drpph....24&webp=on]
Below is a video of Florida SSPX confirmations and Mass taking place in a Novus Ordo church. They did take up collections for the new Mass church. But, the worst part is having the sacrifice of the Mass offered on the table from hell.

(10-16-2023, 12:24 PM)Ruthy Wrote: [ -> ]Below is a video of Florida SSPX confirmations and Mass taking place in a Novus Ordo church. They did take up collections for the new Mass church. But, the worst part is having the sacrifice of the Mass offered on the table from hell.

This poor bishop had to pay a high price (compromise in doctrine!) to gain permission of use of this Novus Ordo church.
I wonder if anyone else notes the hypocrisy of him singing the praises of St. Perpetua choosing death over loss of faith while he himself has digressed, and
not even under the threat of death!
St. Perpetua, please pray for this poor bishop
Dear God, have mercy on us and grant us strong & holy bishops...

The infamous Conciliar-SSPX 2012 Doctrinal Declaration can be found here (botttom of page):
Archbishop Lefebvre

That Conciliar Church is a schismatic churchbecause it breaks with the Catholic Church that has always been. It has its new dogmas, its new priesthood, its new institutions, its new worship… The Church that affirms such errors is at once schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is, therefore, not Catholic."

(Archbishop Lefebvre, Reflections on his suspension a divinis, July 29, 1976)

Can someone from the new SSPX explain how this event that took place, is in line with Catholic tradition? Having Mass on an altar that is used by schismatics and heretics. Collecting money for the schismatic and heretical church to help further their offenses against Our Lord Jesus Christ and His blessed Mother?