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Full Version: Traditional Propers of the Three Christmas Day Masses by the Monks of Notre Dame de Fontgombault
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The images chosen for this video are modern but the Gregorian Chant is beautiful:

Included in this collection of music are the traditional Propers (Introits, Graduals,Aalleluia's, Offertories, and Communions) from the Midnight and daytime Masses of Christmas. Plus a few other traditional Gregorian chants. All music is sung by the monks of Notre Dame de Fontgombault.

Dominus dixit ad me - Introit
Tecum principium - Gradual
Dominus dixit ad me - Alleluia
Laetentur - Offertory
In splendoribus - Communion
Hodie - Responsory
Quem vidistis - Responsory
Puer - Introit
Viderunt - Gradual
Dies sanctificatus - Alleluia
Tui sunt - Offertory
Viderunt omnes - Communion
Christe redemptor - Hymn
Ave maria - Sequence