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Full Version: Twenty-eight statues destroyed in Brazilian Church
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Massacre of Statues in a Brazilian Church

[Image: on41i102fat75pbsgwemo98lvtxg26tdzhl6zje....ormat=webp] | October 11, 2022

The São Mateus Church, the oldest place of worship in São Mateus do Sul, Brazil, was ransacked on Monday.

Criminals destroyed 28 statues and images. The tabernacle was not touched.

Security cameras were filming. The footage was handed over to the police.

[Image: rn2ina9alzkzl1horx6ke64qso9myhu5x7i24g9....ormat=webp]

[Image: 091fq7fl8nw543v8qhvhwuiq6ob0igeuup6g4u9....ormat=webp]