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Full Version: Fr. Hewko: 2020 Sermons on the Catholic Martyrs of England
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"England was Catholic!"
See also: Elizabethan Catholics and the Mass - The Angelus - December 1982

"The Battle Lines are Drawn!"

"A Hunted Priest, St. Edmund Campion"

"St. Cuthbert Mayne, Priest & Martyr"

 "Benedictine Abbot, St. Richard Whiting, Martyr in 1539 A.D."

"Underground Priests, Fr Henry Garnet, S.J."

"St. Edmund Arrowsmith, Priest & Martyr"

"St. John Houghton Offers His Heart!"

"St. Robert Southwell, Priest, Poet & Martyr"
Saint Robert Southwell - The Angelus January 1979

 "Three Saintly Heroines, English Martyrs!"

"Bl. Richard Thirkeld"

"Blessed John Kemble, Priest & Martyr 1679 A.D."

"St. David Lewis" (Wales)