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Full Version: Hymns in Honor of Our Lord
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Hymns in Honor of Our Lord
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Hymn: Quicumque Christum quaeritis
(Author: Prudentius, 348 - 413)

Quicumque Christum quaeritis,
Uculos in altum tollite:
Illic licebit visere
Signum perennis glorias.

Illustre quiddam cernimus,
Quod nesciat finem pati,
Sublime, celsum, interminum,
Antiquius ccelo et chao.

Hic ille Rex est Gentium,
Populique Rex Judaici,
Promissus Abraha patri,
Ejusque in aevum semini.

Hunc et Prophetis testibus,
Iisdemque signatoribus
Testator et Pater jubet
Audire nos, et credere.

Jesu, tibi sit gloria,
Qui te revelas parvulis,
Cum Patre et almo Spiritu
In sempiterna saecula.

All ye who would the Christ descry,
Lift up your eyes to Him on high:
There mortal gaze hath strength to see
The token of His majesty.

A wondrous sign we there behold,
That knows not death nor groweth old,
Sublime, most high, that cannot fade,
That was ere earth and heaven were made.

Here is the King the Gentiles fear,
The Jews' most mighty King is here
Promised to Abraham of yore,
And to his seed forevermore.

'Tis He the Prophets words foretold,
And by their signs shown forth of old;
The Father's witness hath ordained
That we should hear with faith unfeigned.

Jesu, to Thee our praise we pay,
To little ones revealed today,
With Father and Blest Spirit One
Until the ages' course is done.

Hymn: Lux alma, Jesu
(Author: St. Bernard, 1091-1153)

Lux alma, Jesu, mentium,
Dum corda nostra recreas,
Culpae fugas caliginem,
Et nos reples dulcedine.

Quam laetus est, quern visitas!
Consols paternae dexterae,
Tu dulce lumen patriae,
Carnis negatum sensibus.

Splendor paternae gloriae,
Incomprehensa caritas,
Nobis amoris copiam
Largire per praesentiam.

Jesu, tibi sit gloria,
Qui te revelas parvulis,
Cum Patre et almo Spiritu,
In sempiterna saecula.

Light of the anxious heart,
Jesus, Thou dost appear,
To bid the gloom of guilt depart,
And shed Thy sweetness here.

Joyous is he, with whom,
God's Word, Thou dost abide;
Sweet Light of our eternal home,
To fleshly sense denied.

Brightness of God above!
Unfathomable grace!
Thy presence be a fount of love
Within Thy chosen place.

To Thee, whom children see,
The Father ever blest,
The Holy Spirit, One and Three,
Be endless praise addrest.