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Full Version: From the Archives: Statements by The Catacombs Concerning Ambrose Moran
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Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 12, 2018

On the Decision to [Temporarily] Halt Public Discussion on Ambrose Moran and his affiliation with OLMC

My dear friends,

After much thought and prayer, I have made a decision on the manner in which to proceed with the discussion regarding Bishop Ambrose Moran on The Catacombs.

But before I talk about that, let me first and foremost repeat the position of The Catacombs in its purpose and direction. It seems from a couple posts that perhaps it has become forgotten. I quote from the Welcome message at the top of every single page of the forum:

Welcome to The Catacombs

Following our Lord who said, “Teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.”

We are Catholics born in the newest Catacomb within this grave crisis of the Church, stemming from the modernist revolution of Vatican II. A Revolution which has so encompassed and distorted the Catholic Faith throughout the four corners of the world so as to leave our Faith nearly obliterated. Our Lady had forewarned and lamented in La Salette and Fatima,  “Souls will be lost…for not listening to my Son…His hand is heavy.”

The Catacombs Forum is but another voice rising from the underground of this crisis, hoping to imitate Our Lord in His example in choosing to come into this world from the lowly manger in the Cave. Born in nothing…to herald the greatness of His Father,“Gloria in excelsis Deo: Glory to God in the Highest!”

This forum was created in view of serving the needs of those who desire to remain true to the Catholic Traditions that Our Holy Mother Church has taught and handed down, especially through the  guidance of our Lord’s servant, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. "Tradidi quod et accepi: I have handed down what I have received."

Upon the Rock of Christ conviction is set. May God bless our little effort that we offer for Him and His beautiful Mother.

The Catacombs Forum Rules

Only a few rules should be necessary among Catholics:

1. In all posts, there will only be allowed a prevailing spirit of charity. Persistent lack of charity in either posts or responding to the posts of others will result in being banned.

2. We focus on defined Church doctrine and Church teaching. We promote the apostolates of those bishops and priests who promulgate those doctrines and teachings. Promotion of clergy or laity who promote novel teachings is not allowed.

3. Movements and teachings as yet undefined by the Catholic Church, i.e. sedevacantism, will be cautiously tolerated but only to the extent that the errors of which, are pointed out.

With respect to Bishop Ambrose Moran, it is understood that OLMC is progressing towards a formal association with him. For ourselves and others who feel the same, there are doubts that linger and remain about his licitness and his character that have not been fully explained as yet by the OLMC Fathers. We look forward to this more complete explanation and a resolution of these doubts.

As we have mentioned previously, we are surrounded by valid bishops. That has never been the sole criterion upon which Resistance members have relied. If that was the case, many of us would never have left the SSPX in 2012. This discussion is much, much deeper than at the level of validity.

A word more about the Resistance. People who have been a part of the Resistance are there because of a deep love of the Faith. I think this is a point upon which we can all agree. It was this deep love for the Faith which forced them to place that Faith above persons and personalities in 2012 when they left the SSPX as it fell into modernism. This deep love of the Faith was again manifested when we did not join the false resistance and their bishops and adhered to the OLMC Fathers who preached the Faith uncompromised. We did this believing that God would provide a bishop in His good time.

In 2015, Bishop Ambrose Moran was introduced to us as a potential bishop the Resistance could work with. A veritable firestorm erupted almost immediately. Much of this firestorm had to do with many of Bishop Ambrose's claims being called into question in terms of their veracity and pictures appearing altered. Much could be said about this but that is not our intention at this time. Within a few short months, the OLMC Fathers disassociated with Bishop Ambrose when “he decided to canonically direct the seminary” as Fr. Pfeiffer mentioned in his second conference.

In 2018, Bishop Ambrose is again being reintroduced to us as a potential bishop. He is no longer interested in directing jurisdiction over OLMC we have been told. In July of 2018 he was utilized to re-ordain Fr. Poisson. In the months since that time there have been many questions and concerns that were reintroduced after they were dropped in 2015 when we were told that OLMC was not associating. But now they are again brought forward and again are a concern and a worry. Fr. Pfeiffer has given two conferences these past months to try to alleviate those concerns. But for some, this was only partially done.

It is because of our deep love of the Faith, of having fought for the Faith that many are careful and wish to have their doubts clarified and explained before absolute acceptance of Bishop Ambrose Moran. For some, they have already spoken at greater length to the Fathers, have had their questions answered but feel that they cannot go forward in accepting him as coming from God to be the bishop of the Resistance. Others are completely at peace with this association of Bishop Ambrose and OLMC. As we all know, it is an intensely personal decision.

With respect to The Catacombs, I have decided to close the public discussion down. It has been brought to my attention from multiple souls that several of the posts regarding Bishop Ambrose are creating scandal. A Catholic apostolate should bring souls to God and not drive them away by intimidating the weaker ones with vitriol and conflation. Those most in favor of Bishop Ambrose are doing great harm to his cause by the attacks against anyone who disagrees with them. It is making people turn away in disgust from the whole issue. Frs. Pfeiffer and Hewko have taught us better than this. The Church, in Her saints, have taught us better than this. And most importantly, Our Lord Himself has taught us better than this.

So in the interest of not creating more scandal and confusion, in the interest of letting the fruits of this association be made manifest more clearly and without distraction, The Catacombs will not publicize this confusion regarding Bishop Ambrose Moran. I have given Bishop Ambrose his own sub-board on the forum. The threads have been moved there and will remain available for all to see the arguments for and against this association. Any future conferences on this matter will be posted here as well.

I know that there are several members of this forum who have their own websites, especially among those who have been posting the most consistently on this subject. Perhaps if there are those who feel this deserves additional responses those sites can be utilized.

We all have to give an accounting to God on the day of our judgment for every bit of scandal we have either created or allowed.
"In all thy works remember thy last end, and thou shalt never sin." Ecclesiasticus 7:40

It is with this thought in mind that my decision has been made.

God bless you all on this beautiful feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. May She who crushes the head of the serpent, guide us, poor pilgrims, on the narrow and thorn-strewn road to Her Divine Son.
January 14, 2019

Statement from The Catacombs regarding Ambrose Moran

Dear Friends and fellow Faithful,

I wish to share with you the decision of The Catacombs regarding Ambrose Moran.

Like many of you, we have long been praying for Our Lady to guide our hearts and minds with respect to this man. In Her sweet maternal solicitude, Our Lady has seemingly closed every door that could allow an association with this man. We humbly agree with Fr. Hewko that "for many reasons this is a dead end." May Our Lady protect and guide the good priests of OLMC. And may we all ever be found united in the True Faith and the True Church.

Quote:But today we must be very prudent. The devil is powerful; the devil seems unchained today. It seems that God has given him all power to do as he wishes on earth.  [...]  In these critical moments, we must remain with that which is surest. We must avoid doubtful things.

We must make our stand on things that are certain, absolutely certain, without a thousandth per cent of doubt: our Creed, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin. We cannot go wrong there. If we are firmly attached to these things we can work out our salvation. Our Lord willed these things for our salvation. So let us adhere to these things with all our heart. - Archbishop Lefebvre, Before an Association of Catholic Families

P. S. A note about Ecclesia Militans aka Tony la Rosa. It was because of his persistence that many of the facts regarding Moran came to light. He did not hesitate to shout out a warning that there were grave concerns about this situation. St. Thomas Aquinas tells us that 'against a fact there is no argument'. And St. Augustine tells us that it is better for the truth to be known than a scandal covered up. And whilst we did not always agree in the manner in which it was handled, in all fairness and justice, we are appreciative of Tony's vigilance and persistence.

God bless you all.