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Full Version: 'Canadians will be required to get a Covid shot every nine months for the foreseeable future'
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Canada's Health Minister: "You Will Never Be Fully-Vaxxed"

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ZH | JUL 05, 2022
Authored by Mark Jeftovic via,

This is the new ‘right way’ to think about vaccinations...

Despite increasingly compelling data and peer reviewed studies coming out detailing the harms and side-effects of vaccinations, Canada’s Liberal-Socialist coalition government is doubling down on vaccinations, and appear ready move the goalposts on what constitutes vaccine compliance.

As reported via Blacklocks Reporter (@mindingottawa on Twitter),

Quote:Canadians will be required to get a Covid shot every nine months for the foreseeable future, says Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos. Previous definitions of “fully vaccinated” made no sense, he told reporters.

“Nine months is very clear and will help people understand why ‘up to date’ is the right way to think about vaccination now,” said Duclos.

“‘Fully vaccinated’ makes no sense now. It’s about ‘up to date.’  So am I up to date in my vaccination? Have I received a vaccination in the last nine months?”

Duclos previously called for the provinces to make vaccinations mandatory and when asked by reporters if mandates would return this fall, he replied “We must continue to fight against Covid.”

Canada seems to be one of the few countries outside Communist China who is frantically clinging to the COVID narrative, relentlessly pushing largely ineffective  (and arguably dangerous) vaccines on an increasingly fed up population.

The Trudeau regime is increasingly unpopular, a recent Angus Reid poll finding those who “strongly support” the government falling into single digits. The largest single category was “strongly disapprove” at 41%,

Reeling with numerous scandals, corruption and gaffes,  Justin Trudeau holds power solely through the merger of his party with the  Canada’s Socialist NDP, headed by millionaire Jagmeet Singh.

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The deal ostensibly keeps him in office until 2025. Singh is also on the ropes, frequently being jeered in public even among his base constituency in Brampton, Ontario. His brother lost his seat in the recent Ontario election, and Sing himself was run out of a campaign stop by enraged Sikhs who called him “a sell out”.